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Scientific work

Progress of society is impossible without science development. Because of that there is no high medical educational establishment of the III-IV level of accreditation in the Rivne region, there was the necessity in search of possibilities for the scientific personnel training and introduction of progressive achievements of science in life. 

The contribution of college teachers to the treasure of scientific achievements becomes more important. They participate actively in regional, republican, international conferences and conventions; prepare the articles for scientific magazines, let out the monographs. 24 scientific works, 17 of which are placed in the confirmed by HAC editions were published last year. Scientific achievements of workers are witnessed in the form of author certificates on the inventions. The position of the deputy of director in scientific work was introduced in college for the scientific work coordination (since 2000), which is held by the doctor-endoscopist Volodymyr Olegovych Ryzhkovskyj. 

Three monographs were published by the efforts of research workers of college: “Treatment of chronic pulmonary heart”, “Treatment of chronic refractory cardio insufficiency”, “Treatment of hypertensive illness” (author – professor R.Sabadyshyn), four text books: “Latin with medical terminology” (P.Ivanytska), “Nursing in surgery” (R.Sabadyshyn, O.Markovych), “Medical psychology” (I.Khoma), “Biochemistry” (O.Datsun). The text books in Biophysics and medical apparatus was prepared by M. Koshchanovskyj. The text book for group leaders “Path to the altar of over heart” was published (P.Ivanytska). The text book in pediatrics “Medicine of child’s age”, prepared by the teachers of college under the leadership of professor R.Sabadyshyn was finished recently, and also the text-book “Organic Chemistry” (R.O.Sabadyshyn, I.M.Khmeliar, M.M.Lukashchuk). The teaching staff of college under the leadership of professor R.Sabadyshyn usual works above creation of own text books. Soon text books in surgery (“College surgery”) and therapy (“Internal diseases”) were published too. 

In the educational establishment the complex programme of scientific workers’ preparation is conducted. In college the scientific work is headed by the doctor of medical sciences, professor R.O.Sabadyshyn. The theme of his dissertation is “Clinic-pathogenesis grounding of using a new kind of antioxidants that have hemodynamic effect and peripheral vasodilators for patients with chronic cardiac insufficiency”. It was defended in Ukrainian cardiologic scientific research institute named after M.D. Strazhesko, Kyiv, 1996. According to clinical-instrumental and biochemical research data, it has been established that an important mechanism of CCI development is the activation of free-radical oxidation of lipids, impairment of intracardiac and central hemodynamics, the syndrome of capillarotrophic insufficiency. The results, obtained at the research, proved the possibility of correction the stated above impairments with the help of using the antioxidants like: krezatsyn, dalargin, emoxypin. High clinic effectiveness of the combined usage of capoten and prazozyn for patients with refractive CCI has been determined. The clinic introduction of the method of early diagnostics of the hidden edematous syndrome among patients with CCI has been implemented. 

Shcherbaty A.: Diagnostics and treatment of the first displays of brain blood supply insufficiency of the persons exposed to small doses of ionize radiation. Dissertation is an application for Candidate of Medical Science on specialty 14.01.15 – nervous diseases, Kyiv Medical Academy of Post-Graduation Education named after P.Shupyk, Kyiv, 2001. Examination and treatment of the patients with first displays of brain blood supply insufficiency who was undergone to chronic influence of under dose of the ionize radiation on some areas of Kiev & Rivne regions suffered from the accident at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station was carried out. It was ascertained that such patients have pronounced symptoms dysfunction unspecific brain systems. With that progressively vegetative damages on the initial stages evidence of suppression of adaptationic-trophic functions of organism appear and grow, in particular the system of autocontrol cerebral blood flow. The most effective and pathogenesis substantiated is the using in the complex treatment of the reflexotherapeutic methods of influence, especially of laseropuncture low intensive infra-red laser “Diomed-01” with wave-length 890 mm, that would allowed to achieve regress of clinical symptomatology with 74% patients and important improvement with the others. The using acupunctural diagnostics methods (Nakatani’s method) secures the maximum individual and flexible approach in therapy. 

The first approbation in the history of Rivne medical college for candidate degree of college lecturer Gashynska O. under the direction of doctor of medical sciences, professor R. Sabadyshyn was done in 2002 year. This dissertation was successfully defended on March 25,2003 at the sitting of the specialized scientific council in the cardiological institute named after academician M. Strazhesko. The dissertation is devoted to studying of hypertension with heart failure and preserved systolic function of left ventricular. Patients with hypertension at absence of ischemic heart disease are characterized by formation of a concentric hypertrophy, and at patients with a combination hypertension and ischemic heart disease alongside with a concentric hypertrophy in 62% of cases it is formed eccentric type. At the given patients in 45,6% of cases it is revealed hypertrophic, and in 54,4% pseudo-normal type of diastolic dysfunction of left ventricular and according to an estimation of vegetative regulation of an intimate rhythm advantage of sympathetic making vegetative regulation of an intimate rhythm above parasympathetic was observed. On the basis of the analysis of influence of long action calcium dihydropyridine antagonists: amlodipine, felodipine and nifedipine (retard) on a structurally functional condition of a myocardium and vegetative regulation of a intimate rhythm criteria of the differentiated application of these medicines are developed hypertensive patients treatment with heart failure and preserved systolic function of left ventricular. 

Also in 2003 under the direction of doctor of medical sciences, professor R. Sabadyshyn the defense of 2 dissertations for a candidate degree took place: V. Ryzhkovskyj, theme of his work “Optimization of surgical treatment at patients with calculous cholecystitis and concomitant cardiovascular pathology” and L. Ilnytska, theme of her work “Systolic and diastolic dysfunction of left ventricle at patients with coronary heart disease in association with aortic stenosis”. 

The main subject of the dissertation written by V.Ryzhkovskyj is surgical treatment peculiarities of the patients with calculous cholecystitis and concomitant cаrdiaс-vascular pathology. The changes of the myocard electrical activity, of the myocard left ventricle contractive capacity were studied. A marked tachycardia, depression and elevation of ST segment, arrhythmia, depression of the myocard left ventricle contractive capacity were determined. The complex method of cаrdiaс-vascular complications prognosis was elaborated, the criteria for different surgical tactics and methods of cholecystectomy application to decrease frequency and significance of cаrdiaс-vascular complications in postoperative period were determined. It was shown that laparoscopic cholecystectomy with pressure of the pneumoperitoneum 8-11 mm Hg, laparotomic cholecystectomy by mini access are the most optimal methods of the surgical treatment at patients with compensative and subcompensative function of the cаrdiaс-vascular system and uncomplicated calculous cholecystitis. The group of patients to whom preparation by metoprolol (0,05 g per os) is necessary to prevent cаrdiaс complications during roentgenendoscopic interventions on the papilla duodeni major is defined. It was established that only the presence of syndrome of ventricles early repolarisation cannot suppress surgical activity. 

The main subject of the thesis for a candidate degree written by L.Ilnyska is systolic and diastolic dysfunction of left ventricle at the patients with ischemic heart disease and accompanied degenerative aorta stenosis and capacities of its correction. Appreciation and comparison of the results systolic and diastolic function of left ventricle, of central hemodynamic at patients with coronary heart disease with aorta stenosis depending on functional patients’ class and size of transaorta pressure gradient were carried out. It was proved that the presence of accompanied degenerative aorta stenosis at patients with coronary heart disease makes for greater frequency of diastolic dysfunction. It was carried out research depending of degenerative aorta stenosis development from disturbance of lipid metabolism and immunity changes. The expediency of inhibitor anaprilin using for such patients is based. It was established that the degree of accompanied generative aorta stenosis and the nature of diastolic transmitral blood circulation are criteria for the choice of drug dose. 

Year by year the number of teachers, who have scientific degrees, increases. Today the following teachers have the titles ‘candidates of science’: L.R.Korobko. The choice of curing tactics and the volume of surgical interference among the patients with acute pancreatitis with cardio-vascular pathology. O.V.Markovych. The formation of professional skills of future surgical nurses using the means of algorithmization. B.Z.Chyzhyshyn. Usage of the glue KL-3 for the curing of varicose veins of lower limbs. 

The competitors for a candidate degree are: V.Oksiuta, V.Palapa, L.Korobko, I.Gashynskyj, M.Lukashchuk, O.Markovych, G.Gusar. 

A scientific laboratory with necessary equipment for writing Candidate and Doctor’s thesis (spectrophotometers, photo colorimeters, analyzer of thrombocytes aggregation, etc) is opened in college. The staff of laboratory consists of two laboratory-assistants, who graduated from our college and went through proper specialization. The material security of the laboratory satisfies normative requirements. The instructions for carrying out of research work, experiments and manipulations were elaborated. The instruments and apparatus went through preliminary metrological control, which confirmed their suitability. The basic subject of investigations is free-radical oxidation of lipids.

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  Higher education is aimed at providing basic scientific, general cultural, practical training of specialists, at the formation of the intellectual potential of the nation and all-round development of the person as the highest value of society.

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