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Post diploma education

Rivne regional rada’s resolution from 25.10.07 № 504 ‘About the suspension of juridical person “Rivne regional permanent courses of qualification extension and retraining of nurses and pharmaceutists” and the Rivne regional state administration Health Care Department’s Decree from 12.12.07 № 335 stated that Rivne state medical college becomes the courses’ legal successor by the way of addition with the further educational activity. 

  Such reorganization is due to the European and world standards of the World’s Medical Education and Education Reformation Federation in the questions of better medical service for the citizens of Rivne region. 

  In 2008 the department of post diploma education in Rivne state medical college conducted 61 cycles (59 – qualification extension, and 2 – specialization). During this period 2348 students extended their qualification or went through specialization.

  The department got its License for educational activity in qualification extension of junior medical workers and pharmaceutists in the knowledge branches 1201 Medicine and 1202 Pharmacy. The department of post diploma education is headed by the teacher of highest category, doctor-therapeutist, and candidate of medical sciences Olena Stepanivna Gashynska. 

  General characteristics of scientific-pedagogical staff of post diploma education department in qualification extension and specialization of junior medical workers and pharmaceutists in Rivne state medical college. 

Number in the list Indices Indices’ number (quality)
1 The number of physical persons 135
2 Doctors of sciences and (or) professors, persons (%) 1 (0.7%)
3 Candidates of sciences and (or) senior lecturers, persons (%) 5 (3.7%)
4 Teachers with highest category, persons (%) 103 (76.3%)
5 Teachers with the first category, persons (%) 21 (15.6%)
6 Teachers with the second category, persons (%) 11 (8.1%)
7 Teachers with the category ‘Specialist’, persons (%) -
8 Persons, who work permanently or by inside pluralism, persons (%) 41 (30.4%)
9 Persons, whose scientific-pedagogical qualification is due to the subjects they teach, persons (%) 135 (100%)
10 The number of teachers of retirement age (%) 7 (5.2%)






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  Higher education is aimed at providing basic scientific, general cultural, practical training of specialists, at the formation of the intellectual potential of the nation and all-round development of the person as the highest value of society.

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