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Our books

Realities of life

The author: R.O.Sabadyshyn. The book is dedicated to people’s everyday life on the Earth. Life pleasure, well-being, spiritual balance, morality, state of health, goodwill among people, peace among countries, harmony in the relations between a man and a woman depend on psychological construction of person’s thinking. We are very different in our outlook, desires and wishes, methods of getting our happiness. The book “Realities of life” will help to look inside mysterious essence of your own “I” and regulate your individuality according to the high aim - - survival, peace, person’s prosperity, family and humanity. In the book “Realities of life” you will find methods of understanding of yourself and surrounding people. It will prompt you the right way of life, which will be individual and typical only for you. The book will help to avoid life collisions and troubles and will direct your mind onto the right way of solving the problems, which will arise in your life. 

Nursing in Surgery

The authors: O.L.Kovalchuk, R.O.Sabadyshyn, O.V.Markovych. The questions of asepsis, antisepsis, prevention of infections, transfusiology are raised in the book. The preoperative preparation and postoperative nursing, medical nurse’s role in the surgical ward are clarified in the book. The elements of surgical activity, operative and non-operative techniques are described in this book. The attention is accented on the methods and techniques of surgical manipulations’ performance by medical nurses, peculiarities of nursing in specialized surgical wards, emergency medical care. The book corresponds with the programme of Ministry of health Care, and is created for the medical students of higher educational establishments of I-II accreditation levels.   

 Internal diseases

The author: R.O.Sabadyshyn. Modern views on etiology, pathogenesis, clinics and treatment of internal organs’ treatment are laid out in the book chapters. Special attention is paid to clinics; the main effective methods of therapeutic pathology treatment are analyzed. 

College surgery

The authors: R.O.Sabadyshyn, I.V.Gashynskyj, O.V.Markovych. Modern data about etiology and pathogenesis of main surgical diseases are presented in the book; great attention is paid to the medical help given by medical personnel. The questions of asepsis, antisepsis, prevention of infections, transfusiology are considered in the book in detail. Great attention is paid to the surgical infection. The preoperative preparation and postoperative nursing are clarified in this book; the elements of surgical activity are described. Peculiarities of nursing in specialized surgical wards, emergency medical care are considered in the book. The book is according to the Ministry of health Care programme.


The authors: O.V.Datsun, O.A.Datsun. The tutorial “Biochemistry” is prepared by the teacher of Rivne medical college considering years pedagogical experience and by the doctor of Rivne city hospital; it is appointed for the students of higher medical educational establishments of I-II accreditation levels 

 Medicine of children’s age

The book clarifies anatomic and physiological peculiarities of children’s age, breastfeeding principles and children’s nutrition during the next periods of development, main children’s diseases. The book is written according to the Ministry of health Care programme and is recommended for the students of medical colleges and schools. 

 Heart failure therapy

The author: R.O.Sabadyshyn. The modern data about heart failure, which corresponding the achievements of scientific and practical cardiology, are represented in the book. Great attention is paid to the diversity of individual methodical approaches to the treatment of various variants of this disease. Not only scientific researches are used in the book, but also the results of the author’s own practical activity as a professor of therapy chair. The questions of swelling syndrome, lungs swelling, and reanimation in cardiological practice are discussed in detail. The book is for cardiologists and therapeutists. 

 Organic chemistry

The authors: L.M.Romanyshyna, R.O.Sabadyshyn, I.M.Khmeliar, M.M.Lukashchuk. The theoretical principles of organic chemistry and the most important classes of organic composites are clarified in this book. Great attention is paid to theoretical nature of chemical links, structure influence of composites abilities to react, phenomenon of isomerism. The book is for the students of medical educational establishments of I-II accreditation levels and can be used by Chemistry teachers.

 Medical biology

The authors: R.O.Sabadyshyn, S.Ye.Bukhalska. The book “Medical biology” covers general life patterns and levels of its organization from molecules and cells to biosphere level, which are organized in the doctrine about a cell, its chemical composition, energy organization; the questions of organism biology, its individual growth are considered; heredity and variation with the elements of medical genetics and formulated; general ecology questions are considered; data about poisonous organisms. The book is written for medical and pharmaceutical students of educational establishments of I-II accreditation levels.

 Chronic pulmonary heart treatment

The author: R.O.Sabadyshyn. The data about modern pharmaceutical forms, which are used when there is chronic pulmonary heart treatment, are represented in this book. The clinical and pharmacological peculiarities of antibiotics’ action, diuretics action and other medicines’ actions are described. The new methods of hypoxic condition treatment when there is chronic pulmonary heart are considered. The book is for doctors’ improvement, for practicing doctors, pulmonologists and cardiologists.

 Hypertension treatment

The author: R.O.Sabadyshyn. The book has the features of a monograph and a direction for practical work. The author lays out his own point of view and the generalized world’s experience in the treatment of the world’s most widely-spread disease of cardiovascular system. The different methods of treatment of this pathology are analyzed in detail in this book. The author paid great attention to the treatment of the basic forms of arterial hypertension. The monograph is for family doctors, cardiologists and practicing doctors.

 Medical psychology

The author: I.N.Khoma. The tutorial contains a course of lectures according to the programme “The elements of psychology and interpersonal communication” for the students of medical colleges and schools of “Curative affair” and “Nursing affair” departments. Besides, the book contains the chapters on main research methods in clinical psychology, psychodiagnostics, and the examples of psychological tests, problems, general questions of psychotherapy and its effectiveness estimation.

 Latin language

The author: P.F.Ivanytska. The tutorial consists of such chapters: “The main course”, “Word formation”, “Applications”, “Dictionaries”. Lecture principle of material statement is present in this book. Every lecture has grammar material, lexical minimum, exercises, recipes, and Latin words in Ukrainian language, Latin proverbs, micro-essay “Roman road”. There is rich terminological material, especially clinical terminology, in the chapter “Word formation”. There are texts for reading, translation and grammar analysis at the end of the chapter. The chapter is over with the questions “Get ready for the credit”.

 Chemistry. Tests and tasks for the IEA preparation

The authors: Liudmyla Romanyshyna, Inesa Khmeliar, Mykola Lukashchuk, Tetiana Romanyshyn. The book contains tests, exercises and tasks of different difficulty levels covering all chapters of school course Chemistry, and also approximate variants of tasks for IEA preparation in Chemistry. The book will be useful for the progress knowledge testing and while IEA preparation. It is written for the pupils and teachers of general educational establishments and for the first-year students of higher educational establishments of I-II accreditation levels.

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