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Doctor assistants’ department

he history of medical college began from the first post–war year when according to the Ministry of Public Health decree of former Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic on 28th of May, 1945 № 23318 Rivne doctor-assistant and midwife school was opened in the building of maternity home in Soborna street. This school prepared medium level medical specialists. Two classrooms, staff room, headmaster’s office, hostel’s rooms were equipped there. 

  In 1948 58 students successfully passed final state exams and got the speciality of doctor’s assistant and midwife; 8best graduates got the diplomas with honour. The need in medical workers caused constant increase the students’ number. On the 24th of June, 1954 according to the Decree of Ministry of health Protection № 404 doctor assistant and midwife school was renamed into Rivne medical school. 

  The declaring of the high preparation level of medical workers was that according to the Decree of Ministry of health Protection № 139 on the 10th of March, 1979 the school got the status ‘basic’ for Rivne, Volyn and Ternopil regions. From 1999 Rivne basic medical school acquired new significance, raised to a higher stair, having received the second level of accreditation. The State accreditation соmmittee on the 13 of April in 1999 gave it a status of medical college. 

  Three monographs were published by the efforts of research workers of college: “Treatment of chronic pulmonary heart”, “Treatment of chronic refractory cardio insufficiency”, “Treatment of hypertensive illness” (author – professor R.Sabadyshyn), four text books: “Latin with medical terminology” (P.Ivanytska), “Nursing in surgery” (R.Sabadyshyn, O.Markovych), “Medical psychology” (I.Khoma), “Biochemistry” (O.Datsun), “Medical Biology” (R.O.Sabadyshyn, S.Ye.Bukhalska), “Organic Chemistry” (R.O.Sabadyshyn, I.M.Khmeliar, M.M.Lukashchuk). The text books in Biophysics and medical apparatus was prepared by M. Koshchanovskyj, “Poetry and songs” (R.O.Sabadyshyn). The text book for group leaders “Path to the altar of over heart” was published (P.Ivanytska). The text book in pediatrics “Medicine of child’s age” and “Internal diseases”, and “College poetry”, prepared by the teachers of college under the leadership of professor R.Sabadyshyn was finished recently. 

  This department prepares junior specialist, medical assistants on speciality 5.12010101 “Medical affair” in direction 1101 Medicine. The term of education is 2 years and 6 months on the base of the complete general secondary (after 11 forms) and 3 years and 6 months on the base of secondary school (after 9 forms).

  On the base of basic general secondary education the department is headed by Sioma Orest Ivanovych, teacher-methodologist of highest category, excellent professor of Ukrainian education, doctor-dermatologist. On the base of complete general secondary education the department is headed by Khoma Igor Nestorovych, teacher of highest category, excellent worker of Health Protection in Ukraine, doctor-therapeutist.


Sioma Orest Ivanovych    Khoma Igor Nestorovych

  The teaching staff of this speciality consists of 130 people. There are 8 candidates of sciences, 61 teachers of highest category, 10 teachers of the Ist category, 6 teachers are senior teachers, 15 – teachers-methodologists, and 6 are excellent professors of Ukrainian education. The applicants on the base of complete general secondary education enter the second year of studies due to the rating of the points in Biology and Ukrainian language and Literature in their certificates. The applicants on the base of basic general secondary education pass the entrance exams in Biology and Ukrainian language (dictation).

  The graduates of this department have knowledge of bases of legislation of Ukraine about health protection and decisions of Government of Ukraine on the questions of health protection; they know methods of statistical researches on medical prophylactic directions. Junior specialists-medical assistants know modern classification, etiology, pathogenesis, clinical signs of the most widespread diseases of a person, methods of their diagnostics, principles of treatment, nursing, they have skills of manipulation technique, the first medical aid, principles of prophylaxis of diseases and methods of sanitary – educational work.

  714 students study on this department. All facilities are created for successful education: modern lecture-halls, educational rooms which are equipped with necessary instruments, technical means of studies at college and also at the bases of medical prophylactic establishments of Rivne and Rivne region. Modern computer technologies are widely used in educational process. Students work in subject groups and scientific societies, they take part in scientific practical conferences which are conducted at college, technical schools of district and Ukraine, medical prophylactic establishments of town and region. Every year before the prediploma practice the contests “Best in profession” is organized in college. 

53, Karnaukhova St.
Rivne. 33000 Ukraine
tel.(0362)22 69 58;


educational building №1-53, Karnaukhova St.
educational building №2-18, 16 lypnia St.
educational building №3-20,16 lypnia St.
educational building №4-29, Kalnyshevskoho St.


  Higher education is aimed at providing basic scientific, general cultural, practical training of specialists, at the formation of the intellectual potential of the nation and all-round development of the person as the highest value of society.

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