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Department "Medical-Prophylactic Disciplines"

The Department of medical-prophylactic disciplines was founded in January 2019. The department is graduate in the field of knowledge 22 Health care for the specialties "Physical therapy, ergotherapy", "Nursing" of the first (Bachelor) educational level. The head of the department is the Candidate of Medical Sciences, associate professor Ryzhkovskyi Volodymyr Olehovych. The department has highly qualified specialists-scientists (Doctor of Medical Sciences, Honored Doctor of Ukraine, candidates of medical and pedagogical sciences) who have many years of experience in medical education and practical medicine:

  1. 1. - Sabadyshyn Rostyslav Oleksiiovych - Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Honored Doctor of Ukraine;
  2. 2. - Babiak Volodymyr Ivanovych - Candidate of Medical Sciences;
  3. 3. - Babiаk Olena Viktorivna - Candidate of Medical Sciences;
  4. 4. - Hashynska Olena Stepanivna - Candidate of Medical Sciences;
  5. 5. - Demianchuk Mykhailo Rostyslavovych - Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences;
  6. 6. - Korobko Larysa Rostyslavivna - Candidate of Medical Sciences;
  7. 7. - Kopanytsia Oksana Myronivna - Candidate of Medical Sciences;
  8. 8. Markovych Oleksii Volodymyrovych - Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences;
  9. 9. – Oksiuta Valerii Mykolaiiovych - Candidate of Medical Sciences;
  10. 10. - Palapa Vasyl Vasyliovych - Candidate of Medical Sciences;
  11. 11. - Reznikov Anatolii Petrovych - Candidate of Medical Sciences;
  12. 12. - Chyzhyshyn Borys Zinoviiovych - Candidate of Medical Sciences;
  13. 13. - Shcherbatyi Anatolii Anatoliiovych - Candidate of Medical Sciences.

  Educational programs

  Educational programs of specialties "Physical therapy, ergotherapy", "Nursing" of the first (Bachelor) educational level include a wide range of biological, medical and specialty disciplines.


  Much attention is paid to the practical training of students. Acquired professional competencies are fixed during clinical practice on a specialty on numerous bases.


  The department cooperates with the departments of the Institute of Health of the National University of Water Management and Natural Resources (Rivne), the Department of Human Health and Physical Therapy of the Faculty of Health, Physical Culture and Sports of the International Economic and Humanitarian University named after Academician Stepan Demianchuk (Rivne), the Department of Medical Diagnostics and Therapy of the Faculty of Post-Graduate Education of the Danylo Halytskyi Lviv National Medical University (Lviv), the departments and the scientific and educational institution of the Nursing Institutes after I.I.Horbachevskyi Ternopil State Medical University (Ternopil), the Department of Physical Rehabilitation and Biokinesiology of the Faculty of Health, Physical Education and Sports of the Borys Hrinchenko University of Kyiv (Kyiv), the Department of Physical Rehabilitation of the National University of Physical Education and Sports of Ukraine (Kyiv) and public organizations - the Association of Physical Therapists of Ukraine, the Association of Medical Sisters of Rivne Region and others. ====Employment of graduates Assistants of physical therapists, nurses can work:


  1. • in hospitals, dispensaries, clinics and other medical and sanatorium-resort establishments;
  2. • in rehabilitation, training and rehabilitation, treatment and rehabilitation centers of different departmental subordination;
  3. • in specialized pre-school institutions for disabled children, special boarding schools and general secondary schools, educational programs for adults;
  4. • managers of the department, services, laboratories, clinics, institutions or institutions, a management body whose activities are related to the nursing process and / or the rehabilitation of patients.

  Typical professional duties of a physical therapist assistant are the implementation of the program of physical therapy, or components of an individual rehabilitation program relating to physical therapy, observing the progress of their implementation, conducting operational and ongoing monitoring, maintaining relevant documentation. Applying physical exercises, massage, musculoskeletal and articular techniques, preforming physical factors aimed at improving the activity of the musculoskeletal system, the nervous, cardiovascular, other systems and the organism as a whole, balance, coordination, increase in strength, endurance and improvement of movement skills, recovery or compensation for broken or missing functions. Teaching self-examination, movement, independence in maintaining physical condition and health. Involving relatives and guardians in the program of physical therapy, providing them with the necessary advisory assistance.
  Typical occupational duties of a nurse are patient care in hospitals and outpatients, the implementation of such medical services and procedures as injections, blood pressure measurements, etc., the delivery of drugs to patients, work with specialized medical documentation, provision of urgent pre-care, assistance with carrying out of surgical operations, manipulations. Some specializations in nursing require additional postgraduate vocational education.

53, Karnaukhova St.
Rivne. 33000 Ukraine
tel.(0362)22 69 58;


educational building №1-53, Karnaukhova St.
educational building №2-18, 16 lypnia St.
educational building №3-20,16 lypnia St.
educational building №4-29, Kalnyshevskoho St.


  Higher education is aimed at providing basic scientific, general cultural, practical training of specialists, at the formation of the intellectual potential of the nation and all-round development of the person as the highest value of society.

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