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The department "Nursing"

  The department “Nursing” is headed by Khoma Ihor Nestorovych, a teacher of highest category, excellent worker of Ukrainian Health Care, doctor-therapeutist.
  The teaching staff of the department consists of 105 people. There are 5 candidates of sciences, 51 teachers of highest category, 10 teachers of the Ist category, 6 – senior teachers, 15 – teachers-methodologists, and 6 excellent professors of Ukrainian education. The applicants on the base of complete general secondary education enter the second year of studies due to the rating of the points in Biology and Ukrainian language and Literature in their certificates. The applicants on the base of basic general secondary education pass the entrance exams in Biology and Ukrainian language (dictation).
549 students study on this department. Medical nurses are well-orientated in theoretical material, show good results in professional subjects, can estimate and analyze situational tasks, make right decisions, and use their practical knowledge. The level of their knowledge is enough for practical activity of medical nurse. The students, who study at the state form of studies, 100% have a workplace after graduation.
  Medical college has necessary material and technical base and social infrastructure for providing fundamental professional, practical and scientific preparation of the students. Modern computer technologies, rooms with computer projectors are widely used in studying process for better presentation of the material. Besides, the classrooms are equipped with electronic computer demonstrational blackboards, and this gives an opportunity to get the information from the college electronic base library, the Internet for the lesson conducting. This methodic of practical lesson conducting not only makes the teacher’s work effective, but also helps to accept the information better for the students.
  The students of the department “Nursing” take part in subject groups and scientific societies, take active part in scientific-practical conferences of the region and Ukraine.

53, Karnaukhova St.
Rivne. 33000 Ukraine
tel.(0362)22 69 58;


educational building №1-53, Karnaukhova St.
educational building №2-18, 16 lypnia St.
educational building №3-20,16 lypnia St.
educational building №4-29, Kalnyshevskoho St.


  Higher education is aimed at providing basic scientific, general cultural, practical training of specialists, at the formation of the intellectual potential of the nation and all-round development of the person as the highest value of society.

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