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The department "Dentistry"

Orthopedic dentistry

   Rivne Medical College has entered the third millenium as a basic medical college. Together with the status change, since September 1999, the department "Orthopedic Dentistry" was renewed. Admission to this department is conducted on the basis of complete general education in the number of 30 people (15-state form of training and 15 people on contract). Term of studies - 2 years. The students study general medical disciplines such as "Anatomy with biomechanics of the masticatory apparatus", "Dental diseases", as well as subjects in the specialty:

  1. - dental materials science; - technique of manufacturing of removable prosthesis;
  2. - technique of manufacturing of non-removable prosthesis;
  3. - technique of manufacturing of a bristle prosthesis.

  Practical classes are conducted both on the basis of the college - the dental laboratory and its own dental office, as well as on the basis of regional and city dental clinics, which have rooms equipped with modern dental tables, other special equipment, educational laboratories.
  Classes are carried out by qualified teachers and experienced dental technicians with a long experience of practical work. The students of this department, already in the second year of study, able to perform, as they say, "live work", that is, they fully assist their teachers in the manufacture of various kinds of dentures.
  In practical, prosthetic dentistry, at the present stage, such kind of prosthesis is widespread as metal-ceramic. The students of our college have the opportunity to master this type of prosthetics, since recently a metal-ceramic furnace and its components have appeared on the department.
So, let's summarize. We want to note that in just two years of study you can obtain a specialist diploma, which can be competitive in a rather profitable branch.

 Hygienic Dentistry

  To develop prophylactic dentistry, to increase the quality of dental help to people, in Rivne state medical college a new department “Dentistry”, qualification “Dental hygienist” was opened in 2008. The main task in dental hygienist’s work is prophylaxis of dental diseases and hygiene of mouth cavity under the guidance of a dentist or individually. Dental hygienist’s responsibilities are:

  1.  •to make the prophylactic examinations of people (examination of mouth cavity, writing medical documentation);
  2.  •to take part in sanitary-educational work, propaganda of healthy way of life and correct diet;
  3.  •adhere to sanitary-hygienic regime, aseptic and antiseptic rules, sterilization of tools and dressing material, to take measures to prevent the spread of post-injection complications, hepatitis C, HIV infection, in accordance with the current instructions and orders;
  4.  •to help patients first aid when they have traumas, poisonings, allergic reactions, heart attacks, fainting, shock.

  The applicants are admitted to this department on the base of basic general secondary education and they pass exams in Biology (orally) and Ukrainian language (dictation). All the students at this department study at the state form of studies. The term of studies is 4 years.
During the first year of studies the students get complete general secondary education, and then they study general subjects together with specialty subjects. The main subjects are: prophylaxis of dental diseases, therapeutical stomatology, and surgical stomatology. Students also study such subjects as interior diseases, surgical diseases, eye diseases, diseases of an ear, throat and nose, so all the subjects that are studied at higher medical educational establishments of the III-IV levels of accreditation. On the basis of our college, laboratories and offices with the appropriate dental equipment and instruments necessary for the development of the dental hygiene profession are created. Lecture classrooms are equipped with modern computers and multimedia complexes.
  The graduates of the department "Dentistry", the specialty “dental hygienist” make a worthy competition to all middle medical workers who work in dental outpatient clinics and private dental offices, since it is not a secret that the need for qualified dental hygienists for dental services is significant.
At the department "Dentistry" the teachers are the experienced dentists with many years of practical and pedagogical experience, as well as young, progressive teachers with modern approaches to work in the field of dentistry. Theoretical and practical lessons are fully equipped with thematic material, situational algorithms, computer programs, demonstrative video material, slides, posters.

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  Higher education is aimed at providing basic scientific, general cultural, practical training of specialists, at the formation of the intellectual potential of the nation and all-round development of the person as the highest value of society.

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