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Educational work

Organization of educational work ar Rivne state medical college is done in accordance with current legal documents, including: the Constitution of Ukraine, the law of Ukraine "About education" from 23.05.1991№ 1060, with the changes from 11.06.2008; law "About higher education" from 17.01.2002№ 2984, with the changes 19.01.2010; State national program "Education" (Ukraine XXI century), approved by the Cabinet of Ministers from 03.11.199338; Concept of national education of students; Decrees of the President of Ukraine "About additional measures to improve the quality of education in Ukraine", "About measures to ensure the priority development of education in Ukraine," the orders of Ministry of education and science of Ukraine from 30.12.2010 №1313 «On execution of the order of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from 22.11.2010 №2140 (Action plan to implement the Concept of state policy realization in the sphere of combating drug addiction, combating illegal trafficking of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors for 2011-2015); Orders of Ministry of education and science of Ukraine from 30.12.2010№1312 «About approval of the action plan to implement the National Campaign"Stop Violence!"until 2015"; Ministry of education and science, youth and sports of Ukraine from 03.08.12 №888 «About approval of the action plan of the Ministry of education, youth and sports of Ukraine on crime prevention among children and youth for the period till 2015", Concept of development of higher medical education in Ukraine (2008), the concept of vocational education and training in Ukraine (2010-2020), the National Strategy for the Development of Education in Ukraine until 2021 from 25.06. 2013 34.

The main goal of educational work фе увгсфешщтфд штіешегешщт is to form the citizen, patriot, developed intellectually, spiritually and morally mature person ready to confront antisocial influences, exercise with personal problems, do yourself and the world around; and the development of social, vocational and life values ​​in future medical and pharmaceutical workers.

The planning of educational work at Rivne state medical college is based on the principle of competence-oriented personality development in the following areas of work:

• national-patriotic education;

• legal education;

• socio-psychological education;

• professionally oriented education;

health-preserving education;

• moral and ethical education;

• ecological and environmental education;

• family education;

• labor education;

• artistic and aesthetic education.

According to the purpose and areas of educational work at Rivne state medical college the main tasks are determined:

• education of the citizen - the patriot of Ukrainian state with an active social position, formation of national consciousness and thinking, love the motherland, respect for culture and traditions of its people;

• formation and development among students the culture of communication and speech competence;

• education of the best features of Ukrainian mentality (industriousness, individual freedom, tolerance, respect for women, a deep connection with nature);

• education of legal culture; compliance of the Constitution of Ukraine;

• establishment in the students’ team the humanistic and democratic principles as the basis of human relations, civilized coexistence;

• prevent the negative impact on the minds of students of information containing elements of violence, spirituality, promoting smoking, drug addiction, alcoholism, antisocial behavior;

• education of the high quality of life among the students, spiritual values ​​(compassion, humanity, charity, etc.);

• education of responsibility to professional duties of the medical, pharmaceutical employee; awareness of the prestige of chosen specialty;

• education of the spiritual values ​​of comfort, compassion for people with disabilities;

• making among the students the conscious attitude to labor as the highest value ​​of human society;

• promotion of healthy lifestyle, the formation of health-preserving competence;

education a sense of beauty, development of creativity, artistic and aesthetic abilities of medical students.

The educational work is managed by the deputy director on educational work, candidate of pedagogical sciences Bukhalska Svitlana Yevhenivna.

The focus on achieving the educational goals at college is carried out mainly through the implementation of educational objectives defined at the level of student groups and departments, coordinated by the department head and the class teacher. Accordingly the educational problem that is worked on by these structural units of Rivne state medical college is: "Educating  of the future medical and pharmaceutical workers with social, vocational and life value orientation."

Planning of educational work at the level of college structural units is based on the scientific and legal framework that provides effective use of mass and individual influence with age, sex and psychological characteristics of students.

Questions about the organization and realization of the goals and objectives of educational work are considered at the meetings of pedagogical, administrative, methodological councils and methodical council of group leaders.

The methodical council of group leaders of student groups, which is one of the main units in the system of coordinating the educational process at college that functions according the annual work plan. The methodical association covers 77 class teachers, who consider and studythhe topical pedagogical, psychological and social problems of students’ education, in particular: "The problems of social and psychological adaptation of new students to the studying year", "About the modern principles of national patriotic education of students. The spiritual unity of the Ukrainian people ","About speechculture as a condition of professional and personal growth of future medical and pharmaceutical workers ","About the pedagogical ideas of Vasyl Sukhomlynskyi as the basis of human and personal approach to education of students in the educational process "and so on.

The educational measures that are planned at Rivne medical college are worth attention, in particular:

- Organizational (meetings, consultations on the planning and implementation of educational activities at the level of students’ government, students groups, cyclic (subject) committees, departments, dormitories, cooperation with socio-psychological and methodical service of the college);

- Legal (round tables, meetings with representatives of law enforcement agencies, public organizations, сollege lawyer);

- Socio-psychological (questionnaires, interviews, individual counseling, diagnosis of social and psychological problems during adaptation, and socio-psychological work with students-orphans, students from single-parent families etc., socio-psychological training, individual interviews, and material support to socially vulnerable categories of students);

- National-patriotic (Informational minutes, thematic lectures, participation in the competitions of experts of the Ukrainian language, making wall-newspapers to the anniversaries of historical national events, thematic lessons, trips to the Rivne regional museum, museumof Ulas Samchuk, Lesia Ukrainka (village Kolodiazhne), excursions for historical and cultural monuments of Kyiv, Rivne (Ostroh, Dubno, Peresopnytsia, Berestechko), castles of Lviv, Ternopil, Volyn regions)etc.

- Professionally oriented activities that contribute to the formation of professional skills, principles of medical ethics and deontology, professional responsibility and mobility (thematic evening to the Day of health care worker (June), the Day of a nurse (May), the Day of a pharmacist (September), the Day of a dentist (February); excursions to the Museum of medicine (Kyiv), Anatomical Museum (Ternopil), Pharmacy Museum (Lviv, Lutsk),volunteer work - the participation of students in the unit "Mercy", charitable campaigns "Day of the heart", "Saint Nicholas", "Easter Bells" to help the pupils of Rivne orphanage);

- health-preserving (lectures, informative minutes for the International day of struggle against tuberculosis, HIV / AIDS infection, actions against the bad habits of smoking, alcohol and drug abuse, reproductive education, participation in promotions of Rivne regional branch of the Ukrainian Family Planning Association "Youth chooses Health");

- moral-ethical (hours of communication, debates, study of the experience of the class teacher with the problem "Moral and ethical development of the personality, combining the values such as: truth, beauty, goodness - the basis of the man creation" (Ivanytska P.F.);

- environmental and conservation activities (thematic hours of communication, organization and conduction of the Day of Environment, cooperation with Rivne House of nature, work on the areas of medicinal plants, floral competitions, trips to arboretums(Kremenets, Berezne), hiking on the Vyshneva mountain, Carpathian National Nature Reserve);

- family activities that promote education of family consciousness, culture of family relationships, respect for their family; cultivation of the best features of Ukrainian mentality: hard work, tolerance, respect for women; parental involvement into the joint educational process (general college and class parent meetings, thematic lectures for parents, individual interviews with parents, themed events for Mother's Day, Father’s holiday, etc.);

- measures of socially-useful work (planting of the area, training rooms, cleaning the territory, being on duty in academic buildings and dormitories, etc.);

- cultural events (parties, meetings with artists, educational excursions, literary and poetry competitions, music and dance competitions, visiting the concerts of organ music rooms, art exhibitions, exhibitions of photographs, watching performances of Rivne Academic Musical Drama Theater, watching the movies at the cinema center "Era").

The following educational measures became traditional at Rivne state medical college(informationslminutes, thematic evenings), dedicated to the international and public holidays, including Independence Day of Ukraine; Day of Knowledge; Teacher's Day; Day of International Literacy; International Day of Peace; Holy Virgin Mary Day and the Day of Ukrainian Cossacks; Day of the Student; Day of Ukraine; International Day of Women and Peace; World Tuberculosis Day; World Day to Combat HIV / AIDS; World Day against tobacco; World Health Day; Day of Chornobyl tragedy; Mother's Day; International Day of Families; Children's Day; Victory Day; Day of mourning and commemorating war victims in Ukraine; Day of Slavic Literature and Culture; Day of the nurse and health worker.

It should be mentioned that Rivne state medical college is working properly on crime prevention, which is aimed at the study of legal documents, the maximum involvement of students in clubs, sports activities and so on. To reach this aim the College Board of crime prevention exists at college, which coordinates legal education for the prevention of offenses among students and establishes cooperation with the social services for young people, including public organization "Seagull". So for college students the lectures "The rights, freedoms, duties of citizens of Ukraine", "Crime and Punishment", "Human rights during detention, arrest, search ... (if you are under 18)" were conducted.

According to the objectives of the Regional Programme of Implementation of ICT in educational institutions of the region for the period to 2015, at college there is the Internet club, the active participants of this club are the college students. Mastering of modern information technologies is the requirement of time. Participation in the Internet club facilitates the students’ search of educational information, promotes cognitive activity, formation of computer literacy and information competence.

Thestudents are active contributors to the Internet newspaper, the newspaper "Our medical college", "StudRadnyk." The college educational work is reflected in videos, photo albums, photo-rapid information of college newspaper, local press and on television.

According to the order of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine from the 3rd of April, 2001 №166 "About approval of the student self-government institutions of higher education" and the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine №687 from the 27th of February, 2008 "About the improvement of educational work in higher educational institutions of I-IV accreditation levels at Rivne state medical college the students’ government is functioning. The students’ government is an integral part of the educational process at college, based on a mechanism of precise interaction of government with educational, administrative council of the college, cyclic (subject) committees, methodical association ofgroup teachers, parent council.

The system of students’ government at college is based on the following principles:

- the structure of government and their interaction with the educational departments of the college;

- content and main activities of the students’ government;

- current issues and problems to ensure the effectiveness of the students’ government.

The tasks of the students’ government of Rivne state medical college are clearly stated in the Principles on students’council.

The structure of students’ government consists of the students’ Council, council of the dormitory, students’trade union committee, monitors’ meeting.

The highest executive body of the students’ government is College Students’ Council, whose meetings are held monthly. The main structural unit of government at College is an academic group that delegatesits representatives to the Council of the College. To solve the problems of the educational process as part of the Students’ Council the committees in areas of work are established, the students participate in the management of educational process at college. The committees realize their activity through in the following areas: academic work; socially useful work; informational work; cultural work; social sphere; sports and mass work.

Volunteering of college students should be mentioned, the main purpose of which is the opportunity to realize their spiritual qualities and help others. In particular, the students’ council is working with Rivne city organization of the Red Cross (charity event to raise funds for children - patients Rivne regional tuberculosis dispensary on the Day of St. Nicholas); initiating the collection of blood for hematology department of Rivne regional Children's Hospital; as a part of the week of palliative medicine and hospice care the fundraising for Dubno hospice is made; the charity events to support the pupils of Rivne Regional Specialized Children's Home; the Health lessons are organized at the children's homes and other institutions in Rivne.

The members of the students’ government work with youth public organizations "MolodDiie", "Center of volunteering training", "Public art formation", "Metro", as well as students’ government of National University "Ostroh Academy", Ivano-Frankivsk and Ternopil National Medical University , Rivne transport college. The members of the students’ government are actively involved in the activities of the Family, Youth and Sports department, participate in the conferences organized by the All-Ukrainian Council of students’ government, regional student forums. The priority directionof the students’trade union organization is social, namely providing various social aid to individual students.

As for the 1st of November, 2013at college there study: students-orphans - 15; students who suffered from the Chornobyl accident - 24; disabled - 60.

The students-orphans and those who were affected by the accident, have additional payments to their scholarships, every month some money are allocated to supply students-orphans and other preferential benefits in accordance with the law.

It should be noted that the educational process at Rivne state medical college is performed not only during studying hours. Much attention is paid to education of students living in hostels №1, №2, №3. So the educators of the hostels, the psychologist, the social pedagogue are trying to create favorable social and psychological conditions for students’ residence. After improving these conditions, self-organization and compliance with internal regulations, leisure organization - form the culture of behavior in life and everyday life. In the dorms there are the rooms of self-preparation, the branch of college library. Monitoring the students’ living conditions, internal regulations are entrusted to the students’ council of the dormitory. The thematic evenings, rest-evenings are held among the students who live in the dormitories. Every year the college dormitory takes part in the regional competition for the prize of the Best dormitory of our region.

At college there is cultural-sports complex (playground, gym). The students take active part in sports sections of table tennis, volleyball, basketball, athletics, gymnastics, chess and draughts. Every year the sports events are held at college: Olympics among the group teams in running, table tennis, volleyball, chess and draughts, mini-football, touristic hikes. The college teams actively take part in the city and regional competitions, win the prize places. The traditional sports holidays are held at a high level.

“The Service of trust” is functioning at college; its aim is to provide psychological help to the students and parents in educational questions. The high level of organization of work with parents of our students should be mentioned. According to the college plan, the parents’ council functions at college; it cooperates with the administration, group leaders and students’ government.

The group leaders inform students’ parents about the attendance and progress of the students and, of course, about their marks for the semester and the year (by sending letters); hostel educators, the heads of the departments, the director’s deputy in educational work constantly take part in parents’ meetings (which are held twice a year), have connections with the parents of those students who need special attention, conduct thematic lectures: “For parents about their children’s profession”, “About personal hygiene and sex education”, “About parents’ authority”, “About the influence of alcohol and drugs on children’s organisms”, and the educational evening to the Mother’s Day and the Father’s Day.

Taking into consideration everything that was written above, the organization of educational work at Rivne state medical college is effectively forming life and professional competence of the students- future medical, pharmaceutical and dental workers. 


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  Higher education is aimed at providing basic scientific, general cultural, practical training of specialists, at the formation of the intellectual potential of the nation and all-round development of the person as the highest value of society.

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