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Presentation of «Shevchenko encyclopedia" and creative meeting with Ukrainian literary critics and public figure

  Rivne regional association of All-Ukrainian association "Enlightenment" after Shevchenko on the 12th of February, 2016 invited teaching staff of Rivne medical college to creative meeting with Ukrainian literary critic and politician, doctor of philological sciences, director of the Institute of Literature after Shevchenko, academician Mykola Zhulynskyi, Sulyma Mykola - doctor of Philology, deputy director of Research Institute of Lliterature after Shevchenko, head of the department of ancient Ukrainian literature...

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Cognitive excursion to pharmaceutical firm "Darnytsia"

  The pharmaceutical market is the powerful industrial sector, which is one of the five most profitable sectors of the global economic complex. Pharmaceutical market in Ukraine is one of the fastest growing. To keep pace with the times and to increase professional competence in the field of pharmaceutical technology the teachers of Rivne medical college made a cognitive excursion to pharmaceutical firm "Darnytsia".

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Educational event "Rational oral care"

 On the 10th of February, 2016 at the hostel №1 of Rivne state medical college there was an educational event "Rational oral care", initiated by the director’s deputy on educational work, candidate of pedagogical sciences Bukhalska S.Ye. The lecture of preventive direction was held, in which the head of the cyclic committee of professionally-oriented disciplines of dental profile Lysytsia D.L.covered the issue of selection and application of oral hygiene and oral care regulations.

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Day of Rivne liberation from Nazi invaders

  On the 2nd of February, 2016 to the Day of Rivne liberation from the Nazis at Rivne medical college there was the public lecture for first year students of the department "Dentistry" and the second year students of the department "Curative Affair", which was prepared by the teacher of History Melnychuk N.M. During the lecture the presentation "Rivne at the turn of the centuries," the documentaries were shown, the poems were listened to, and everything was dedicated to the 2nd World War.

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Scientific-theoretical conference of teachers of medical educational establishments of Rivne region: "Ways of formation of health-preserving competencies in terms of inter-subject relationship"

  On the 21st of January, 2016 at Rivne medical college there was scientific-theoretical conference of teachers of medical educational establishments of Rivne region: "Ways of formation of health-preserving competencies in terms of inter-subject relationship".
The conference was attended by over 150 participants. The representatives from Rivne, Dubno, Kostopil medical colleges and Rokytne medical school made their speeches and presentations. 

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Regional methodical meeting of teachers of Therapy and Pediatrics

     According to the plan of Rivne medical college at Rokytne medical school on the17th of December, 2015 the regional methodical meeting of teachers of Therapy and Pediatrics was held. The problematic topic was: "Seasonal diseases of adults and children, prevention and complications’ consequences". The following people made thematic reports and presentations: Sabadyshyn R.O., Povar N.A., Marchuk T.H., Babiak O.V., Chornobryva N.V., Yakymenko A.M.,

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Charity event "Children have the right for happy future"

  As a part of the charity event "Children have the right for happy future" volunteer group of teachers and students from Rivne medical college visited Klevan sanatorium boarding school. For the pupils of the institution a nice gift was the concert organized by college students, as well as sweets and radiated ultraviolet quartz tube.

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The 3rd of December is the International day of disabled people.

  On the 3rd of December the teachers and students of Rivne medical college attended Klevan specialized secondary school № 1 of the I-III degrees. The college students prepared the charity concert, presented kids the tube – quartz and sweets. The atmosphere was very warm, relaxed, the applause and cheerful children's laughter was heard. Responsible for the event – teacher of Anatomy and Physiology Klymchuk O.V. 

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For the Day of armed forces of Ukraine

  The students and group curators II-year “Laboratory diagnostics” and Redko Ye.M., II-year “Curative Affair” (11) group V and Hrytsai O.V., III-year “Curative Affair” (11) group A and Popovych I.I., III-year “Laboratory diagnostics” and Redko O.V. conducted an hour of communication with the combatants in the area of ATO, who are on treatment and rehabilitation at Rivne military hospital.

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Integrated lecture "Everyone’s health - healthy nation"

  On the 2nd of December, 2015 during the days of the cyclic committee of medical-prophylactic disciplinesthe teacher of Infectious Diseases Redko N.V. held an integrated lecture "Everyone’s health - healthy nation". The event was attended by: Redko Ye.M., teacher of Microbiology, head of cyclic committee, teacher-methodologist, who told the audience about the immune system and its importance in the prevention of infectious diseases; Redko S.V., teachers of Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology, who informed...

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24th anniversary of the referendum on the Independence of Ukraine

 24 years ago on the 1st of December, 1991 on the territory of former USSR there was the referendum on the Independence of Ukraine. In fact it was December 1, 1991, when Ukraine became a truly sovereign state. Now the independence was the will of millions, not just of the 346 deputies. Only after December 1 Ukraine began being recognized by other countries.

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