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Tunnels of love and positive emotions

  On the 6th of December the students of Rivne Medical Academy, the department of “Physical Rehabilitation” -Bachelor's Degree, “Nursing Affair” -Bachelor's Degree, and “Curative Affair” (11) (the heads of the departments Larysa Korobko and Iryna Turovska) visited the Love Tunnel, where the group teachers Yana Cheredniak and Nataliia Suprunets gave their hearts to their children.

Celebration of the 240th birth anniversary of "the father of Ukrainian prose H. Kvitka-Osnovianenko"

  The students of the first year of “Pharmacy” department, group H of Rivne Medical Academy joined the celebration of the 240th birth anniversary of "the father of Ukrainian prose H. Kvitka-Osnovianenko". The audience got acquainted with the little-known facts of the writer's life and work. The lesson was conducted by the teacher of the highest category, teacher-methodologist Sondak V.S.

Visit to the "Rivne Regional Hospital of Veterans of War"

gospital18 1  "Rivne Regional Hospital of Veterans of War". Where else can you feel so much warmth, kindness, trust, calm and confidence?! On the 6th of December, 2018, the students of the Department of Physical Rehabilitation-Bachelor's Degree, Nursing-Bachelor's Degree, and the Curative Affair are sincerely grateful to the head of the institution Andrii Burachyk for the positive emotions of communication.




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Educational event "Scientific Cream". "The Bloody" Award by Carl Landshteiner

  nav vihzax18-1At Rivne Medical Academy, a teacher of the cyclic committee of medical-preventive disciplines, Ph.D. Mialiuk O.P. for the students of II and III years of the specialty "Technology of medical diagnostics and treatment", department "Laboratory diagnostics" bachelor's degree organized educational event in honor of well-known immunologist, Nobel laureate, Austrian professor Karl Landshteiner, who in 1900 discovered blood groups. The event was attended by the members of the cyclic committee and doctors of the maternity hospital in Rivne, who held the master class: "Methods for determining blood groups in modern immunology". The students had the opportunity to define their own blood group, to get acquainted with reagents-novelties and to communicate with practicing specialists about the prospects for the development of immunological research in Ukraine. Everyone who defined his blood group received a gift bulletin, which contained interesting information of various nature about the owner's blood group.

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Round table "Creative use of Sukhomlynskyi's pedagogical ideas in the practice of teaching chemical and biological educational disciplines" "A man is not born to the world to disappear as an unknown dust.

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"A man is born to remain eternal track ..."

  These wise words belong to Vasyl Sukhomlynskyi, the leader of Ukrainian pedagogy, a humanist, an unsurpassed expert of children's and teacher's hearts, which left a huge teaching and scientific heritage to mankind. On September 28, 2018, the Great Teacher has celebrated his 100th birthday. The decision to celebrate this remarkable anniversary at the international level was approved by the 39th session of the General Conference of UNESCO.
  On November 27, 2018, a round table discussion was held on the creative use of Sukhomlynskyi's pedagogical ideas in the practice of teaching chemical and biological educational disciplines. During the event, many new interesting researches of Vasyl Sukhomlynskyi's works were made. The teachers of the subject committee "Chemistry" made a presentation and shared with their colleagues the experience of introducing V.Sukhomlynskyi's pedagogical innovations.

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Cognitive excursion to the Regional Public Health Center

 gromad zdor18-1 The World AIDS Day, which is annually celebrated on December 1, the teachers of the cyclic committee of medical prophylactic disciplines Mialiuk O.P., Reznikov A.P., Antoniuk M.M. organized an excursion for the students of the specialty "Laboratory diagnostics" of the 2nd and 3rd years to the laboratory of diagnosis of HIV / AIDS.
  The employees of the center acquainted with the specifics of the laboratory's work, from sampling to the delivery of analytical results. The students had a unique opportunity to see modern high-sensitivity equipment for the diagnosis of HIV infection by polymerase chain reaction. High-precision laboratory tests are carried out in the laboratory of the center in an automated mode, which avoids the error of the results, in particular, to minimize the human factor. Revolutionary software in one working space performs device configuration, data collection and analysis.

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Educational event for the World AIDS Day

 snid18--1 Every year on December 1, according to the decision of the World Health Organization, the World AIDS Day is celebrated. The problem of HIV / AIDS is not only medical, but mainly social and spiritual. Worldwide events, charity concerts are held on this day in all countries.
  The students and teachers of Rivne Medical Academy joined the educational events on this occasion. Participation in the event was taken by the deputy director on educational work, Ph.D. Bukhalska Svitlana Yevhenivna, group leaders Pyshko O. M., Klymchuk O.V., Turpakova Yu.O., Antoniuk M.M., teachers of clinical disciplines, medical staff of the institution. The teachers Antoniuk M.M. and Turpakova Yu.O. made a presentation-report and demonstrated video films about the problem of HIV epidemic in Ukraine.



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Quick, free, confidential

  s18To pass the test and to know their HIV status was offered on November 30 and December 1 in Rivne in the shopping centers "Chaika" and "Zlata Plaza". The events were supported by the Rivne Regional Center of Public Health and the charity organization "Our Future". Volunteer support combined with professional orientation work was carried out by the students of the third year of the “Pharmacy” department and the teachers of pharmaceutical disciplines Nesteruk T. M. and Burban O. I. Volunteers invited the visitors of the shopping centers to test their blood for diagnosis and quickly and confidently find out their HIV status. In addition, happy and enthusiastic students invited to study at Rivne Medical Academy, handed out leaflets with a list of departments and specialties that can be mastered in our Alma Mater.

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Master-class "Urgent cardiology: rapid diagnosis, tactics of care, prevention"

 ma klas-18 On November 29, 2018, a master class on the topic "Urgent cardiology: rapid diagnosis, tactics of care, prevention" took place at Rivne Medical Academy. Family physicians, therapeutists, cardiologists and first-aid doctors from Rivne and Rivne region participated in this master-class. The greetings to the audience were addressed by the director of the Rivne Medical Academy, Doctor of medical sciences, Professor, Honored Doctor of Ukraine, Rostyslav Sabadyshyn.

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Jonathan Swift's 350th birthday

d sv18  The 30th of November is the 350th anniversary since the birth of Jonathan Swift, an English satirist, church figure, publicist, poet and writer. Teachers of the subject committee of Foreign Languages Ryshchuk O.V., Netepchuk A.Yu., Shkola A.M. together with the students of the department of “Curative Affair” held a round table "350 years since the birth of Jonathan Swift". The students reported on interesting facts from the writer's biography, about his most famous works, and his contribution to the English literature. The audience watched interesting videos, the students have prepared informative wallpapers.

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Literary meeting "All my words to you, free people, and the song of the heart, the music of the soul to you!"


  On the November 27, 2018, the teacher of the Ukrainian language of Rivne Medical Academy, L.M. Taborovets, conducted a "Literary Meeting" with students "All my words to you, free people, and the song of the heart, the music of the soul to you!" to honor of the 155th anniversary of the birth of Olga Kobylianska. The following honored guests were present at the festivities: deputy director on educational work S. Ye. Bukhalska , heas of the cyclic committee L. V. Artemenko, teachers Sondak V. S., Biletska V. S., Ostapchuk R. A., Turovska I.O.

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Candle of Memory


  To honor the victims of Holodomor, in accordance with the complex plan of educational work of Rivne Medical Academy during 19.11.-24.11.2018 under the coordination of the heads of student groups Holobosh H.V., Stibysh L.M., Sternik V.M.,Suprunets N.L., Matsyshynoi K.M., Nychyk B.V., Yakobchuk V.V. and educators of dormitories at the educational institution there were educational events: thematic educational hours in student groups on the topic: "We remember Holodomor"; film-lecture on the theme: "Historical chronicle of Holodomor events of 1932-1933"; musical and literary composition on the theme: "Remember Ukraine of the twentieth century in the 1930s", review and discussion of the documentary film "Bitter Harvest"; photos, thematic book exhibitions in the reading room of the library and the cabinet of history on the theme: "Holodomor of 1932-1933 - genocide of the Ukrainian people"; "Light a candle of memory, a moment of silence".

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