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With hope in your heart (charity event dedicated to the Day of Cancer)

 borotba z rakom17-3 According to the plan of educational work of Rivne state medical college for the World Day to combat cancer within the walls of the institution on the 7th of February, 2017 the children surgeon Korobko S.R. conducted the open session with the students of the department "Nursing Affair": “Organization of cancer service in Ukraine”.

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"Lesson of dental health"

17-6  On the 8th of February, 2017 the students of 2nd year of the department "Dentistry" of Rivne state medical college visited school №1 in Rivne. The purpose of the visit was to take part in the binary educational activity "Lesson of dental health". The meeting was sponsored by the school administration and the teacher of 4th grade Tetiana Chumakevych-Revuha. Preparation of event was done by the teacher of cyclic committee of dental disciplines Yulia Serhiivna Lysytsia.

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Rivne state basic medical college was visited by the Acting Minister of Health Uliana Suprun


  dsc 3310On the 2nd of February Rivne state basic medical college was visited by the Acting Minister of Health Uliana Suprun. She talked with students one-on-one, without the presence of representatives of the teachers or the administration of the institution. The current problems of the educational process was discussed at the meeting and the proposals on improving students' medical education were taken into account.

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73rd anniversary of Rivne liberation from Nazi invaders

vizvol17 1  On the 2nd of February, 2017 dedicated to the 73rd anniversary of Rivne liberation from the Nazis at Rivne medical college there was the open lecture for the first year students of the department "Dentistry," which was prepared by the teacher of History, candidate of historical sciences Melnychuk N.M. During the lecture there was the presentation "Rivne at the turn of the century", watched documentaries, listened to the poems, dedicated to the 2nd World War and memories of veterans who participated in the liberation of the city. The junior sergeant of reserve of National Guard of Ukraine Kukurudza A.R. made the final speech.

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The anniversary of the legendary Kruty battle

On the 30th of January, 2017 in the studying building number 2 of Rivne state medical college there was the celebration of the 99th anniversary of the legendary Kruty battle, in which Cossacks and students of UNR managed to detain the Russian invasion and allow the Ukrainian government to achieve international recognition and evacuate from Kyiv. The students of the department “Nursing Affair” watched a documentary about the feat and remembered the brave defenders of Ukraine, having parallels with today invasion and heroism of modern defenders.

Scientific-theoretical conference "Managing the development of teaching staff in terms of innovation activity of educational establishment on the principles of integration"

On the 26th of January, 2017 at Dubno medical college there was the scientific-theoretical conference of teachers of medical educational establishments of Rivne region with problematic theme: "Managing the development of teaching staff in terms of innovation activity of educational establishment on the principles of integration". The conference was attended by over 150 participants.

Unity Day of Ukraine

On the 24th of January, 2017 according to the letter of Education and Science department of Rivne regional state administration on the Decree of the President of Ukraine from 13th of November on the Day of Unity of Ukraine for students of Rivne medical college there was a lecture-presentation on the topic: "United. Free. My Entire Ukraine ", prepared and conducted by candidate of historical sciences, teacher Patiaka O.O.

Ukrainian law week

 From the 12th of December, 2016 at Rivne medical college according to the Ukrainian Law Week there were diverse range of events aimed at raising the level of legal culture of medical students, knowledge of the rights and freedoms of man and citizen and skills in their application. The informational conversations of educational nature were held for students.
So on the 12th of December the teacher of Law Lukashchuk S.Yu.held informational conversation on the theme "Stop corruption" among the students of the department "Orthopedic dentistry". On the 13th of December Lukashchuk S.Yu. talked to the students of the department "Pharmacy" group B (9) on "Human rights above all". College students also participated in the production of wall-newspapers on "Declaration of human rights".



 Events dedicated to the Day for people with disabilities

The students of our college with teachers Prymachok L.L., Klimchuk O.V., Kochubei O.M., Tymoshchuk A.S. made a friendly visit to the municipal institution "Klevan special secondary boarding school № 1 of I-III grades of Rivne regional council.
The team of students, teachers and parents of boarding school enthusiastically watched the concert ofour students. After it the children received gifts (stationery, backpacks for fitness) and sweets.
The warm atmosphere always reigns in this institution and children’s applause and smiles accompanied us throughout the holiday. Доброчинна акція до

Charity event for the Day of St. Nicholas


Traditionally on the occasion of St. Nicholas Day at Rivne medical college the charity event was held - medical students prepared gifts for sick children.
On the19th of December, 2016 the students who live in the college dormitories visited patients of Rivne regional children's hospital to greet children. College dormitories’ educators joined this event Shchulzhuk Yu.M., Stepaniuk N.V., Kazmiruk L.P., Korolchuk I.B., Tryhubets D.V. and Cultural Studies teacher and priest Kochubei O.M.

Before the New Year and Christmas holidays the rescuers conducted the classes on life safety for students

On the 7th of December the employees of the Main Department of State Service of emergency situations of Ukraine in Rivne region conducted the lesson on the basics of safe life for students of the departments "Curative Affair", "Pharmacy" and "Nursing Affair" of Rivne state medical college. In a few weeks the students will rest on New Year and Christmas holidays so the main task of the rescuers is to train future health professionals to properly act in any extreme situations of life character, and be able to save their lives.

Lecture-exhibition "Echoes of hunger in Volyn region"

  arhiv16-3 On the 28th of November, 2016 in the State Archives of Rivne region the I-year students of the department "Curative Affair" listened to the lecture and watched the exhibition "Holodomor of 1932-1933 in Ukraine", "Echoes of hunger in Volyn region". The students got familiarized with historical documents from Rivne, Mykolaiv, Poltava and Vinnytsia archives, which tell about the terrible events in Ukraine.
   Under the leadership of scientific department’d head Leonova Liudmyla Anatoliivna the students had a unique opportunity to visit document repository of the State Archives of Rivne region.

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A new town and a new fair of trades

 armarka16-1This time the representatives of Rivne state medical college visited a beautiful city Ostroh, which happened on the 22nd of November. That day in Ostroh the annual trades fair, organized by the regional employment center, was held. In this event the executive secretary of the selection committee, Dmytro Leonidovych Lysytsia presented to pupils of graduating classes the importance and necessity of the healthcare industry in Ukraine and informed them about the majors specialties, offered at Rivne state basic medical college.

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