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Students-scientists of "Rivne Medical Academy" Dear colleagues!

stud-konf19 1  I am proud to inform you about the successful participation of our students in state and international scientific forums. To the work of the 88th scientific-practical conference of students and young scientists with international participation "Innovations in medicine", which took place March 28-29, 2019, at Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University, joined: Derkach Anastasiia (scientific adviser - Kishchuk V.M.) and Krasko Ivanna (scientific adviser - Shtrimaitis O.V.).
  The work of the XXIII International Medical Congress of Students and Young Scientists, held on April 15-17, 2019, at Ternopil National Medical University named after I. Ya. Horbachevskyi, was joined by: Hranovska Alina (scientific adviser - Ryzhkovskyi V. O.), Tymchuk Daryna (scientific adviser - Kaskiv M.V.), Krasko Ivanna (scientific advisor - Shtrimaitis O.V.), Denysiuk Ivanna (scientific supervisor - Nesteruk T. M.), Yevchuk Mariia (scientific adviser - Sadovnyk O. V.) , Vasylets Yanina (scientific adviser - Fylypiuk O. M.), Petruk Olha (scientific adrviser Korobko L.R.).
Congratulations to the students whose works were marked by the results of the conferences: Derkach Anastasiia, Vasylets Yanina, Tymchuk Daryna and their scientificadvisers.
  We thank the participants for a decent representation of our educational institution at the state and international level! Creative achievements, scientific advancements and never stop at the achieved!

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Representatives of Rivne Medical Academy at the All-Ukrainian Scientific Military-Historical Conference "The War on the Donbass. 2014-2018»

konf-kiyv19 1  On April 11, 2019, a conference "War on the Donbass. 2014-2018" was held in Kyiv at the National Military-Historical Museum of Ukraine. During the conference, the reports were discussed in a wide range of issues: the history of combat operations during the War in the East of Ukraine, the course of separate military operations, the activities of military units during the War on the Donbass, the formation of new brigades and battalions.
  The conference also mentioned the issue of the development of military medicine, including the representative of the Rivne Medical Academy. After the report, Kukurudza A.R. managed to exchange experience and views with representatives of military medicine: Candidate of Historical Sciences, Colonel Oleksandr Nikitiuk, representative of the Ukrainian Military Medical Academy and Doctor of Physical Education, Major Henadii Slobodianyk, associate professor of the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management.

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Methodical meeting of teachers of social disciplines in Dubno

 m-ob19 1   On the 9th of April, 19 the methodical meeting of teachers of social disciplines "Formation of an integral representation of the world of spiritual values in the process of studying social and humanitarian disciplines as an important factor of patriotic education of student youth" was held at Dubno College of Rivne State Humanitarian University.
  Rivne Medical Academy was represented by a delegation of teachers: Patiaka O.O., head of the cyclic committee of social disciplines; Melnychuk N.M. and Kukurudza A.R. The participants exchanged views on the state of teaching of social and humanitarian disciplines and their impact on educational processes. Representative of the Rivne Medical Academy Kukurudza A.R. made a presentation on the topic: Using the historical parallels of the OUN-URA struggle and the current confrontation between Ukraine and Russia in the Donbass in 2014-16 in modern teaching of the History of Ukraine. The event was held at a high level of organization and creative cooperation.

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Championship of Rivne region in wrestling

 The students of Rivne Medical Academy won the first general team place in the championship of Rivne region in wrestling. On March 14-15, the Championship in wrestling among junior boys and girls took place at Myrohoshcha Agrarian College in order to popularize wrestling in Rivne region, the selection of the best athletes for the Ukrainian Championship in Kharkiv. 9 teams participated in the competitions with a total of 97 participants. The honor of the Rivne Medical Academy was defended by the students of the Wrestling Section. Gold awards were won by:

  1. 1. - Bekh Sofiia (62 kg) "General Medicine"
  2. 2. - Merzliak Bohdana (59kg) "General Medicine"
  3. 3. - Udodik Oksana (68kg) "Nursing"

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Scientific-cognitive platform for World Day of Health: "Health is the greatest gift of nature!"

  The days of the cyclic committee "Anatomy, physiology, pathology and histology" were started by Andreieva O.B., teacher of Human Physiology, having held on April 2, 2019, with the students of the second year of the department “Pharmacy-bachelor”, and second-year students of the department “Nursing” group B (9) the scientific-cognitive platform "Health is the greatest gift of nature!". The event was attended by deputy director of educational work Bukhalska S.Ye., head of the cyclic committee of Anatomy, physiology, pathology and histology Kaskiv M.V., Haras O.V., Yeher O.Yo., Vynokur M.O.
  The purpose of the event was to make students aware of the need for a healthy lifestyle, responsibility for their health, to show ways to support and strengthen their health, and to teach students how to improve their ability to work. To educate the irreconcilable attitude to bad habits, lead a healthy lifestyle. The students talked about their health, public health, healthy lifestyles, nutrition, exercise, training, harmful and useful habits.
  We are sure that such educational measures contribute to the education of the vital and valuable characteristics of future medical workers and encourage the preservation and strengthening of their health!

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Medical-prophylactic educational event for the World Tuberculosis Day

 tub19 On March 22, 2019, the teachers of the cyclic committee of medical prophylactic disciplines conducted an educational cognitive event on World Tuberculosis Day, which is celebrated every year on the 24th of March.
  To discuss the diagnosis of tuberculosis infection and tuberculosis in Ukraine and, in particular, in Rivne and Rivne region, the main freelance phthisiatrician of the Regional Health Organization, the deputy chief doctor on medical work of the regional anti-tuberculosis dispensary, Mykola Ordynskyi, was invited. The specialist in phthisiology focused the attention of medical students on the main measures for the prevention of tuberculosis by medical workers belonging to the main risk group, told about the situation with the incidence of tuberculosis in the region's population.

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21st of March - World Day of People with Down Syndrome


  Children with Down syndrome are really sunny children ... The students of the 1st and 2nd years of the department "General Medicine" (9) and "Dentistry" (9) visited the Rivne Educational and Rehabilitation Center "Special Child". The pupils of the form 3 "A" with their teacher and educator Yezerska Oksana Volodymyrivna welcomed the guests, prepared a concert, demonstrated their skills in reading, painting, singing, and dancing. The students were greatly impressed by the teacher's dedication to her work, the openness and sincerity of such children. The performance of the song "I'll give you the sun ..." was unforgettable. As a sign of gratitude, the students - residents of the hostel №2 gave the pupils and their teacher their "hearts". Such meetings with special children are unforgettable, positive and at the same time instructive.

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The contest of professional mastery among graduates of the department "Pharmacy"

  On March 13-15, an internal college contest of professional mastery was held among graduates of the department “Pharmacy”. 21 students attended the selection stage.
  The competition took place in two stages: the first - theoretical in the form of test control using the platform MOODL. In the second stage, five contestants competed, where they had the opportunity to demonstrate practical skills and skills in specialized disciplines.
  Illiashyk Tetiana won the victory – the student of the group B(9). The second place was won by Krasko Ivanna group H (9). The third place - Korotun Svitlana – the student of the group A (9). Congratulations!
  Tetiana, we wish you inspiration and success in preparing for the XlX All-Ukrainian Professional Competition among the graduates of the Senior Medical (Pharmaceutical) Educational Institutions PANACEA.


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205th anniversary of Taras Shevchenko's birth


  In the history there are names that people save in their memory and transfer with great love and respect from generation to generation. There is such a name for our people - Taras Shevchenko.
  For more than a century, the days of March are called Shevchenko's and we worship Kobzar - in the thoughts, in reading his works, in devoting him poetry, paintings, plays; in concerts and academies.
  The students of the II year (11) of Rivne Medical Academy of the department “General Medicine” (leader of the group Suprunets N.L.) prepared a theatrical sketch of poetry "Poplar", and the students of the 1st year of the department "Dentistry" (leader of the group Perekhodko N.M.) paid tribute to the great Ukrainian poet, having read Lina Kostenko's poems devoted to Kobzar.
  The best and most valuable treasure fate gave to T. Shevchenko only after life - immortal glory, respect and love of future generations.

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Methodological meeting of English language teachers

metod-ob-angl19 2 The purpose of the regional methodological meeting of English language teachers "Features of preparation of the junior specialist of the third millennium during the teaching of foreign languages", which took place on March 14, 2019, was to improve the professional and scientific and methodological training of foreign language teachers, to master the latest approaches in organizing the educational process in system of training of junior specialist. The tasks included: 

• to outline the importance of professional and methodological training of pedagogical workers;

• to familiarize with the prospects of the development of an educational institution;

• to reveal the importance of introducing the latest technologies into the educational process;

• to focus on the role of teachers' educational activities; to expand the experience of forming vital, psychological and pedagogical and substantive competencies;

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Let’s overcome the bullying together!

buling19 1   "Let’s overcome the bullying together!" is a slogan in organizing the educational process of an educational institution. We inform that during the period from January to March 2019 the following educational events took place:

1. open meeting of the methodical meeting of group leaders of the departments "General Medicine" (9,11), "Nursing" (9,11), "Pharmacy" (9,11), "Dentistry" (9,11), educators of dormitories on the theme: "On planning in student groups preventive measures aimed at preventing and countering bullying (harassment)";
2. - preventive educational hours in student groups on the topic: "On the responsibility of students for the implementation of the bullying";
3. - meeting of the student self-government bodies on the topic: "On the prevention of bullying in the educational process of an educational institution";
4. - meeting of students of hostels with employees of police.

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