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Educational events to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the UPA and the 110th anniversary of Roman Shukhevych’s birth

During October 2017, the scientific-pedagogical staff and students of Rivne state basic medical college actively participated in educational activities to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the UPA and the 110th anniversary of Roman Shukhevych’s birth. According to the plan of college educational work, the following national-patriotic activities were carried out: thematic informational minutes in students’ groups on the topic: "Historical milestones of the UPA"; photographs, thematic book exhibitions in the reading room of the library and the cabinet of history for the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the creation of the UPA and the 110th anniversary of the birth of Roman Shukhevych; celebration in Rivne academic music and drama theater visited by the delegation of teachers of Rivne medical college; movie-lecture on the topic: "Roman Shukhevych: little-known facts from life"; a scientific-research conference of students and research workers of the Rivne state basic medical college and Rivne state humanitarian university on the topic: «UPA - the assessment of historical significance through the prism of our time realities. To the 110th anniversary of Roman Shukhevych’s birth is devoted».
Such events undoubtedly have a highly positive influence on the formation of the historical outlook, national-patriotic consciousness and the civic position of the young man.

Educational events to the Day against human trafficking ...

As part of a series of events to the fight against trafficking, launched on the initiative of the European Parliament on October 18, 2007, which is necessary to consolidate activities and raise awareness of the most ancient negative phenomenon – human trafficking, especially women and children, at Rivne basic medical college the number of events were organized and conducted to familiarize students with the identified problem: thematic informational minutes in students’ groups on the theme: "Combating human trafficking"; wall-newspapers "18th of October - European Day against human trafficking" were presented; movie-lecture on the topic "Destination station". The events were for the students from all departments. The students of the second year of the deprtment "Dentistry" distributed booklets "Memo for Ukrainian citizens traveling abroad", "Safe Travel". The students with the social teacher Melnychuk Nadiia Mykolaivna, reviewed and discussed a video called "The destination of life ", during which they received instructions on safe employment abroad, as well as answers to the questions: What is legal and what is illegal? What is "a living person for rent, and a living person for separate parts"? What actions can be illegal in a foreign country? Conditions for drawing up an employment contract?

International Day of Doctor

  International Day of Doctor According to the plan to celebrate the International Day of Doctor, the cyclic committee of medical-preventive disciplines on the 3rd of October for the students of group B (9) of the third year of «Pharmacy” department a visit to the bacteriological laboratory of the State institution of the regional laboratory center was organized. The students were able to get acquainted with the wonderful material base of the laboratory, modern laboratory equipment, with all the spectrum of microbiological research conducted in the laboratory, to work with the newest optical microscope of the company "NIKON" and to see different kinds of microorganisms.

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Heart on the palm"

  World Heart Day is being held at the initiative of the World Heart Federation with the support of the World Health Organization since 2000. Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading death causes in the world. The purpose of this day is the need to maximize the people’s attention to their health, the formation of an understanding that the emergence and course of the disease can and should be actively influenced. The main risk factors for development of cardiovascular diseases are arterial hypertension, elevated levels of total blood cholesterol and its fractions, overweight, hypodynamia, smoking and stress.
According to the educational work plan, cyclic committee of professionally oriented disciplines of the therapeutic profile held a series of events dedicated to the International Day of the Heart entitled "Heart to the palm".
  The teachers of the cyclic committee together with the students visited the cardiological departments of the city hospital, the Rivne affiliate of the Institute of the heart (Ministry of Health of Ukraine) on the basis of the Rivne regional clinical therapeutic and diagnostic center after V.Polishchuk.
  In order to prevent cardiovascular diseases, the students have talked with patients, made wall-newspapers (Arterial hypertension, left ventricular failure, harmful habits - no, etc.). The students of the department “Nursing Affair”, "Curative Affair" at college measured the blood pressure of all those who wished and provided recommendations for the healthy lifestyle.
  The teachers have prepared an exhibition of literature on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. The body is fairly paired and only a heart in solitude. Take care of your heart!


We celebrate the International Day of the Doctor

  The doctor’s profession is one of the oldest. The oath of the doctor was the Oath of Hippocrates. At the initiative of the World Health Organization on the first Monday in October the International Day of the Doctor is celebrated. It is a day of solidarity and active action of the doctors around the world.
  The teachers of the cyclic committee of professionally oriented disciplines of the therapeutic profiles № 1, № 2 and physical rehabilitation visited the clinical laboratory of the Rivne regional clinical treatment and diagnostic center named after V.Polischuk.    The head Krektun O.V. introduced the work and equipment of the departments of laboratories of clinical immunology, general clinical laboratory, laboratory of clinical biochemistry and told about modern methods of laboratory research.

"We choose a healthy future"

 "We choose a healthy future" - this should be the choice of every modern young man.
   On the 26th of September, 2017 to promote healthy lifestyle and combat harmful habits for students of the I-II years of Rivne basic medical college, the coordinator of the public movement "Sober Ukraine" Yurii Orobets conducted a lecture on the harmful effects of smoking and the use of alcoholic and narcotic substances and presented an alternative - fitness classes , sports, dancing. The meeting took place in a casual format, interesting and informative.

"Ukraine is above all" ...
   "Ukraine is above all" - under such a slogan on September 21-22, 2017 the All-Ukrainian student conference on the basis of Kyiv city medical college took place for the third time. The delegation from Rivne, consisting of Rivne basic medical college, Dubno medical college and Rokytne medical school, joined the work of the conference. The students of medical educational establishments presented their research works, in particular: Ivanov Serhii on the problem: "Heroic-patriotic traditions of the Ukrainian army and their influence on modern Ukrainian history" and Melnychuk Oksana on the problem: "The role of military-political propaganda in war conditions on an example of Rivne region during the Second World War "(scientific supervisors: deputy director on educational work, candidate of pedagogical sciences Svitlana Bukhalska and the head of the cyclic committee Oleksii Patiaka, candidate of historical sciences).
   Conducting such events is an indisputable proof of the importance of national patriotic education in the formation of a personality, a citizen of Ukraine.

Celebration of students' bachelor's degree in pharmacy "Vivat Baccalaureate!"
   According to the series of events devoted to the Day of the Pharmaceutical Worker, the ceremony of congratulation of the bachelor's degree students "Vivat Baccalaureate!"
   The purpose of this event is to inform about the need for higher education in accordance with the Law "On Higher Education" (2014). College students were motivated by the successes and achievements of the graduates of the Pharmacy bachelor's department in 2008 - 2016. The solemn promise of a bachelor's degree students was announced. And in memory of this day, the students were presented with badges - visiting cards, as a symbol of the rank of a student of the bachelor of pharmacy.

 On Thursday, September 14, 2017 on the occasion of the Day of Pharmacist   

 Rivne basic medical college began its work with the morning emotionally developing greetings dedicated to the day of the pharmaceutical worker. The main initiators of this event were teachers of pharmaceutical disciplines: Matsiuk O.D., Burban О.І., Deineka A.S. and the students of the department “Pharmacy”, group B (11). Teachers and students of our college were presented with greetings and tasty “greetings” with wishes that can not only comfort, but also give pleasant memories and positive emotions.

"PHARMACY OF HAPPINESS" was opened to the Day of Pharmacist at Rivne medical college

    With the inspiration and desire to do a good job the students of the “Pharmacy” department and the teachers of the cyclic commissions of pharmaceutical disciplines Phylypiuk O.M., Nesteruk T.M. and Yelahina N.V. held a charity event - a presentation "PHARMACY OF HAPPINESS". The collected funds from the drugs sold in "PHARMACY OF HAPPINESS" will be used with a charitable purpose.

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Studying excursion-presentation to the production pharmacy № 121 of "Rivnepharmacy”

   In the context of the events devoted to the Day of the Pharmaceutical Worker, the teacher of the cyclic committee of pharmaceutical disciplines № 2 Podvorna Nadiia Dmytrivna conducted a studying tour-presentation at the production pharmacy № 121 of "Rivnepharmacy". The students got acquainted with the process of making sterile solutions. As a teacher of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Nadiia Dmytrivna paid special attention of the students to the quality control of manufactured solutions, the equipment of pharmacies and the relevant conditions for conducting manufacturing activities in the pharmacy. The meeting was held in a warm, relaxed atmosphere. Sincerely grateful to the team and in particular to the management of the pharmacy.

Training in tactical medicine

  To provide military-patriotic education of youth and to implement the major measures of civil protection at Rivne state medical college, working skills of the practical part of classes in military medical training and medical emergencies, namely the section "Tactical Medicine" in the field on the 26th of May, 2017 the group of teachers of medical-biological disciplines, students and volunteers-doctors conducted regular training in 223 training area.   The main stage of the exercise was to study the rules of behavior in conditions close to the fighting and the provision of primary health care and pre-medical help for the injured.

Events dedicated to the Day of Science

  In order to improve research activities, improve the organization, propaganda of scientists’achievements, active participation of teaching staff and students who have the prospect of creative growth, from the 15th of May to the 24th of May, 2017 at Rivne state medical college there were the events to celebrate Days of science - 2017. The days of science have become a traditional event in the walls of Rivne state medical college and are the most important event in the academic calendar of the institution. During these days of science the researchers have an opportunity to summarize the research work, to present the results for the scientific community, to conduct workshops and exhibitions of scientific production.

Regional methodical meeting of Biology and Chemistry teachers of higher educational institutions of I-II accreditation levels

  According to the working plan of Rivne state medical college at Rivne state medical college on the 25th of May, 2017 there was the regional methodical meeting of Biology and Chemistry teachers of higher educational institutions of I-II accreditation levels on "Methods of forming the applied knowledge among the students: practical aspect (based on natural subjects) " At the end of the methodical meeting the participants received diplomas and certificates.

Congratulations to the winner of the Ukrainian contest in Pharmacy

  The teachers of pharmaceutical disciplines and all staff of Rivne state medical college congratulates the student of the department "Pharmacy" Zaichenko Olha with the victory (the second place) in the seventeenth Ukrainian contest of professional skills PANACEA 2017 among the students of higher medical pharmaceutical education institutions!!! We wish you success, good luck, and many victories on your path of life !!! We are proud of you !!!

Days of science at college

  On the 15th of May dedicated to the Days of science the teachers of cyclic committee of psycho-pedagogical and socio-economic disciplines conducted the open session. It summed up the annual scientific and technical activities of teachers of this cyclic committee, presented manuals and scientific analysis of the work for 2016 academic year. Speakers: Patiaka O.O., Kukurudza A.R., Linnik Yu.V., Melnychuk N. M .

Events to Europe Day

  On the 15th-19th of May the subject committee of foreign languages ​held series of events to Europe Day, hence the theme of scientific conference in English, held on the 16th of May, was "Cultural, historical and sociolinguistic aspects of learning foreign languages". During the conference the reports of students of the I, III years of the departments "Pharmacy", "Nursing Affair", "Curative Affair" were listened to and discussed. All participants were awarded with certificates. The students of the department "Nursing Affair-bachelor" took part in the quiz "The European Union – as the students see it" and made a virtual tour of Europe.

Meeting with future applicants


vidriti dveri17-4  On the 21st of April, 2017 at Rivne state medical college, there was a traditional meeting with future students and their parents. The visitors were greeted by the executive secretary of the selection committee D.L.Lysytsia. Guests were welcomed by amateur team of our college, whose members received applause in gratitude from the audience. The college was presented for the visitors, the conditions of entry in 2017 were explained. The discussion between the applicants and the executive secretary of the selection committee joined by deputy director, MD Oksiuta V.M. He spoke about the prospects awaiting future college students and noted that our college is the only institution of this level, which trains students from Poland. He also announced new opportunities for practical training of college students abroad (in Poland). Incidentally, during the tour, there were sessions in many rooms and future applicants could feel the atmosphere of students.

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Round table: "17th of April is World Day of hemophilia"

gemofilia17-2  Hemophilia as the most common and most severe form of hereditary coagulopathy belongs to complex medical problems and has an important social aspect. Under the coordination of the deputy director on educational work, PhD, teacher of Medical Biology Bukhalska S.Ye. and teacher of Surgery Turpakovai V.Ye. on the 19th of April there was an educational event: Roundtable: "17th of April is World Day of hemophilia". The purpose of the event is to draw attention of the future medical workers....

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Open competition of professional skills of the specialty "Nursing Affair "Aesculapius-2017”

  On the 6th of April, 2017 Rivne medical college hosted the guests. Everyone who masters the art of nursing was invited in order to identify best in the competition “Aesculapius-2017” . Five girls from Rivne medical college took part in it. Also the nurses of medical institutions from Rivne region took part in competition, in general there were 17 practical nurses. The judges were both college professors and senior nurses of major hospitals.

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Regional united meeting of the heads of cyclic committees on the theme: "Inplementation of innovative educational technologies into the educational process of medical educational institution"

rokit17-1  According to the plan of Rivne medical college at Rokytne medical school on the 30th of March, 2017 there was the regional meeting of heads of cyclic committees on the problematic theme: "Implementation of innovative educational technologies into the educational process of medical educational institution". For the first time the event was broadcasted online for teachers of medical schools from Rivne region with the possibility of feedback. The presented thematic reports and presentations were very informative and interesting.

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