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31st of May is World Day against Smoking

  IMG 5971 Facetune  Rivne Medical Academy actively participated in the medical and prophylactic and educational events dedicated to the World Day against Smoking. Teachers, leaders of student groups, dormitory educators prepared and held informational minutes, thematic educational hours, a video-gallery "Your Choice is Your Healthy Life!", And the students of the second year went to a health tourism trip.

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Charity event for the Children's Day

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  A family holiday took place in the assembly hall of Rivne Medical Academy, which united children and parents, students and scientific and pedagogical workers into a large academic family.
  Doctors of Medical Sciences, Professor, Honored Doctor of Ukraine, Director of the Academy Rostyslav Sabadyshyn, greeted everyone and urged everyone to join the charity - to help patients of oncological and haematological department of Rivne Regional Children's Hospital. After all, a family holiday is a declaration of respect and love for your family: children and parents, students and mentors; the desire to do something nice and good for them.
The performances of the youngest members Zlata Marchuk, Daryna Fylypiuk, Artur Kyrnychnyi, Halynka Hashynska, Lida Melnychuk, Mariika Kazmiruk, Veronika Karpiuk were really moving.

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Scientific-practical conference

konf-zav19 13  On Tuesday, May 28th, 2019, according to the cooperation between the Rivne Medical Academy and Rivne Regional Institute of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education, a regional scientific and practical conference was held on the topic "Implementation of interpersonal relations in the training system for medical workers of the third millennium". The director of the Rivne Medical Academy, professor, doctor of medical sciences Sabadyshyn Rostyslav Oleksiiovych addressed the congratulatory words and wishes of fruitful cooperation to the participants of the conference and its organizers. The conference was attended by 55 scientific and pedagogical and 62 pedagogical workers. Participants of the conference got acquainted with the exhibition of educational and methodological achievements of teaching staff of the academy. The materials of the conference will be posted in an electronic collection on the site of the medical academy.

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International scientific and practical conference "Preparation of future teachers of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Natural Sciences in the context of the requirements of the New Ukrainian school"

 ernopil-konf19 2  On May 20-21 on the basis of the Ternopil National Pedagogical University named after Volodymyr Hnatiuk there was the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Preparation of future teachers of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Natural Sciences in the context of the requirements of the New Ukrainian School". Among the participants of this educational event there was a delegation of teachers of chemical and biological disciplines from Rivne Medical Academy. The following topics were presented in the discussion of the current issues of the conference:

  1. 1. - "Formation of the ecological competence of the education applicants through integration of educational disciplines" (Shahiieva R.R., Kaskiv M.V., Khmeliar I.M.)
  2. 2. - "Pedagogical conditions of professional competence formation of students in the process of studying Analytical Chemistry" (Zubenia N.V., Lukashchuk M.M., Lukashchuk I.M.)
  3. 3. - "Vital technologies as a means of upbringing the intellectual work of a future specialist in Biology classes in the educational process of medical institutions of higher education" (Bukhalska S.Ye.)
  4. 4. - "Organization of individual work of students in the study of disciplines of the chemical cycle" (Holobosh G.V., Stibysh A.P., Stibysh L.M.)
  5. 5. - "Individualization and the differentiation of educational process is one of the ways of formation of students' educational competencies" (Khmeliar I.M., Kushnir L.O., Onyshchuk T.D.)

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Day of Europe in Ukraine

  den-evro19 2 Day of Europe in Ukraine is celebrated on the third Saturday of May. On Day of Europe, the inhabitants of Ukraine celebrate the day of common values, the common history of all nations of the continent.
  Traditionally, the opening ceremony of the Day of Europe takes place in Kyiv. On Khreshchatyk, the so-called "European town" is equipped with the assistance of the EU Delegation in Ukraine and the embassies of the EU member states. At Rivne Medical Academy, in the period from May 15 till May 20, the subject committee of foreign languages conducted a series of events devoted to the Day of Europe. The European information panorama, the quiz "Attractions and historical places of Europe", the round table "Europe. History and Present ", discussion of the film "Europe " were cognitive and interesting. At the end the competition of wall-newspapers "Ukraine and Europe" was held and a photo-collage "Virtual journey to Europe" was created.

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Medical education and gaining new knowledge at Rivne Medical Academy

  eks-lviv19 1 Medical education and the acquisition of new knowledge in Anatomy, Physiology and Medical Biology takes place not only within the walls of the native alma mater of Rivne Medical Academy, but also through familiarization of future medical workers with the practical work of the departments of cytology, histology and immunology. So, after the summing up, the final lectures and practical classes in the study of Anatomy, Physiology and Medical Biology, under the direction of the head of the department "General Medicine" Turovska I.O., teachers Serheieva H.M., candidate of biological sciences Kaskiv M.V., the students were able to get through the practical excursion to the work of the Rivne Specialized Laboratory. 
  Continuing the acquisition of knowledge and expanding the students’ outlook, a trip to Lviv was organized to the interactive museum "The Secret Pharmacy", where students were able to hear interesting stories from the "last alchemist of the world" and buy their own pills for happiness. The students noted that "The Secret Pharmacy" differs from other museums by the fact that besides cognitive information, visitors can participate in different master classes and create something with their own hands. 

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The Day of an embroidered shirt is an all-Ukrainian holiday

 vishivanka19 2 The day of an embroidered shirt is an all-Ukrainian holiday, which is intended to preserve the original folk traditions of creating and wearing ethnic Ukrainian embroidered clothes. We should mention that the holiday does not provide for obligatory measures other than embroidery dressing. The holiday itself invites every conscious citizen to an absolutely simple act - just wear an embroidered shirt and go to work or study in it.
  Every year on the third Thursday of May, the workers and students of Rivne Medical Academy join the All-Ukrainian holiday – The Day of an embroidered shirt. This year, on the initiative of the Student Council of the Medical Academy, the students Valeriia Pavlenko, Brychak Aliona, Kurin Kyryl, who came from east and south of Ukraine, were presented with the embroidered shirts.
  Rivne Medical Academy Director, Professor, Honored Doctor of Ukraine, Rostyslav Sabadyshyn, solemnly presented the students with embroidered shirts and noted that embroidery has a deep context, since it is about expression of your national and civic position, cultural enlightenment and spiritual consciousness.
As the experience shows, people on The Day of an embroidered shirt are always smiling, because in ancient clothes many symbols of strength, welfare, beauty and amulets are encoded.

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Meetings of the regional methodological association of teachers of Biology and Chemistry of higher educational institutions of Rivne region

 metod-ob-diolog19 2 On May 15, 2019, the meeting of the regional methodological association of teachers of Biology and Chemistry of higher educational institutions of Rivne region was held at Kostopil Medical College of Rivne Medical Academy, which was joined by the deputy director on educational work of Rivne Medical Academy, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Teacher-Methodist Svitlana Bukhalska and senior teacher Hanna Serheieva.
  From the congratulatory word of the methodologist Iryna Tarhonii, the scientific-methodical and, at the same time, creative-search meeting of teachers began. The college teachers, in particular, teacher of Chemistry Tetiana Borodavko and teacher of Biology Polina Perekhodko presented their pedagogical experience on the problem "Using integrated lessons in the course of studying natural and fundamental disciplines."

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Regional scientific and practical conference of students and gifted youth with national and international participation "Science news: research, scientific discoveries, innovative technologies"

  onf-nauka19On May 14-15, 2019, the Regional scientific and practical conference of students and gifted youth with national and international participation "Science news: research, scientific discovery, innovative technologies" was held at Rivne Medical Academy. Participants from more than 30 educational institutions have been registered: schools, colleges and universities. Young scientists from the Small Academy of Sciences took an active part. The work of the conference took place in the following areas: social and humanitarian, medical, chemical and pharmaceutical, natural-applied and physical rehabilitation. During the relaxation pause, the participants of the conference were able to attend master classes: "Basic support of life", "Soap by one's own hands", "Cosmetic face and facial massage", "Manipulation nursing techniques". Also the participants visited the thematic photo hall "Chemical-Pharmaceutical Rainbow", made an excursion into the world and taste of medicinal plants. Interesting scientific discussions took place, they shared practical experience, gained new knowledge and experience. The conference ended with celebrations devoted to the Day of Science.

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The memory candle to the Day of Chornobyl tragedy

  Chornobyl ... Black pain of our land. And no matter how many years have passed, this word will still flame the black hearth of grief. Thus, during the period 23.04-26.04, 2019, the scientific-pedagogical and student collectives of Rivne Medical Academy paid tribute to the victims of radiation accidents and disasters during the educational hours and information minutes of the training sessions.
  The students-residents of the hostel №2 Solomiia Klymchuk, Mariia Vasylyshyna, Mariia Halushko, Roman Romanovskyi, Kateryna Kovalchuk, Yuliia Yurchuk, Khrystyna Valchyshyn, Sophiia Honchar, Daryna Dovhal, Nataliia Rybak under the guidance of the educator Larysa Kazmiruk prepared an educational event "Courage and pain of Chornobyl". The participants of the event talked about the consequences of the Chornobyl tragedy: unprecedented pollution of the biosphere; the appearance on the territory of Ukraine of a dead thirty-kilometer zone; radioactive exposure to the population, etc. The heroism of Chornobyl health workers was also mentioned. The audience honored with a minute of silence the victims of radiation accidents and catastrophes, in particular of the Chornobyl tragedy.

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Trip to “Derman-Ostroh” park

gurbu19 An ecological-informative trip, which took place on the territory of the park "Derman-Ostroh", where there is the ecological trail "From Volyn to Podillia", was a cognitive and interesting one. The students were shown rare species of marshes, during the speech they learned about the flora of the park, which has 1001 species of vascular plants, of which 90 species have a conservation status, and the fauna, which includes 607 species of animals, of which 227 are protected. An ecological trail ended near the source "Zinkiv stone", where the students could rest and drink spring water. We had the opportunity to visit the Hurby Truct, where the Hurbynskyi Monastery is located, we saw the past at an angle of personal impressions and realized that no force could destroy or deprive us, Ukrainians, our land given by God, our heritage, our original history. 

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