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Meeting with the students of graduating groups of the departments "Curative Affair” and “Obstetrician Affair"

 vipusk2 On the 7th of November, 2016 at Dubno medical college there was the meeting with the students of graduating groups of the departments "Curative affair” and “Obstetrician affair”, at which executive secretary of the selection committee of Rivne state medical college Lysytsia D.L. introduced advanced medical professions "Nursing baccalaureate", "Pharmacybaccalaureate" and "Laboratory diagnosis baccalaureate". The meeting was held in a friendly atmosphere, the students were interested in the offered specialties.

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Halloween was celebrated at Rivne medical college ...

   Halloween, which is celebrated on the night of the 1st of November, is a national holiday of the English-speaking countries. Today the tradition of All Saints day is gladly adopted around the world - Halloween celebration became the part of life of European countries and penetrated into Ukraine. The students of Rivne medical college celebrate it with pleasure. The initiators of the celebration were The I-year students of the department "Pharmacy", group D, the group teacher Serheeva H.M. Originally this day the ancient Celts celebrated the harvest gathering and commemorated the dead in the world of shadows, but now this holiday is seen as a good opportunity of fun!

Regional methodical meeting of hostel educators of colleges in Rivne region

  On the 3rd of November, 2016 at Rivne medical college there was the regional methodical meeting of hostel educators of colleges in Rivne region, that was attended by hostel educators of the region.

  The participants were greeted by the director’s deputy on educational work of Rivne medical college, candidate of pedagogical sciences Svitlana Yevhenivna Bukhalska. The participants listened to very informative speeches and presentations. After that there were dialogues, summarizing the meeting results and decision making.

First Ukrainian championship in pre-medical help

   On the 29-30th of October at the educational-health complex "Chervona Kalyna" Ternopil State Medical University named after I.Horbachevskyi there was the first Ukrainian championship in pre-medical help.

  There were participants from twenty educational establishments of Ukrane: Ternopil, Vinnytsia, Ivano-Frankivsk, Odessa, Kremenets, Dubnoand others. The team of Rivne medical college, called "VIPERA", was represented by the students of the 4th year, department "Curative Affair", group V (11).

  Competition tasks included elements of pre-medical emergency assistance in road traffic accidents, drowning, heat injury, various types of bleeding, multiple trauma, organization of help in mass destruction situations. The tests on knowledge of theoretical material and correctness of manipulations on phantoms were conducted separately. According to the results of the competition, almost all the prizes went to representatives of Ternopil region, but the our team’s members Nevodnichyk Serhii, Marynych Viktor and Borovets Oleksandr showed excellent knowledge and skills in the tasks among colleges and universities, and received certificates, valuable prizes and invaluable experience with peers while participating in these competitions.

Literary and art project "Three times love appeared to me ..."

The eternal mystery of love. She creates beautiful and eternal on earth, exalts man and makes happy or brings heartache. On the occasion of the 160th anniversary of Ivan Franko’s birth the I-year students of the department “Pharmacy" A (9), summarizing the study of the biography and works of Franko, created the literary and art project "Three times love appeared to me...". They touched the personal life of the poet delicately and gently. Olha Roshkevych, Yuzefa Dzvonkovska, Tselina Zhurovska. All three his loves, scattered by the wind, like withered leaves, and only occasionally they will fly to him in the memoirs of already close "days of sorrow".

Excursion to the pharmaceutical company "Darnytsia"

   The pharmaceutical firm "Darnytsia" is one of the biggest manufacturers of various finished dosage forms and pharmaceutical groups in Ukraine. Leading role of pharmaceutical company "Darnytsia" is provided by the use of innovative technologies and equipment to ensure production of medicines in controlled conditions; compliance with GMP, introduction of quality management, a wide range of products, flexibility and mobility of production, reasonable prices with high quality and efficiency. The III-year students, group B (9) of the department "Pharmacy" of Rivne medical college attended pharmaceutical form "Darnytsia", accompanied by teachers of Pharmacology Burban O.I. and Pharmaceutical Chemistry Yelahina N.V. This made it possible to orient professionally and deepen knowledge in matters of pharmaceutical sciences, as "Darnytsia" manufactures more than 250 drugs in 30 different dosage forms.

             Championship in rapid chess and checkers

At Rivne medical college once again there was the championship of rapid chess and checkers among students. The competitions were held by Swiss system in 7 rounds.

According to the results of the competitions the college teams were formed to compete in the championship among educational establishments of I -II level of accreditation in Rivne. In the competition in checkers, our sportsmen became the champions of Rivne. Our students were the fifth in chess competitions.

 The winners of the contest "College is looking for talents"

There was the annual contest "College is looking for talent". The event is to identify the skills and creativity of students, youth development of amateur, art song and performing skills, promoting cultural and aesthetic education of the younger generation. The jury chose the best in such categories as "vocal genre," "choreographic genre", "instrumental genre," "recitation," "narrators’ contest." Congratulations to the winners!

 Regional united meeting of the heads of cyclic committees with the theme: "Management of teacher’s pedagogical culture development"

According to the working plan of Rivne medical college at Kostopil affiliate on the 27th of October, 2016 there was the regional meeting of heads of cyclic committees with the problematic theme: "Management of teacher’s pedagogical culture development". The participants presented thematic reports and presentations.

After discussing the presentations and the break there was the united meeting of school of pedagogical skills’ improvement of teachers-beginners: "Pedagogical technology is the basis of teacher’s pedagogical skills".

Open session to the International Doctor Day

  The head of the cyclic committee of medical-prophylactic disciplines the teacher of Microbiology Reznikov A.P. held an open lesson with students at the college bacteriological laboratory of the regional laboratory center dedicated to the International Doctor Day. The students with interest acquainted with the work of the laboratory and had a chance to see modern laboratory equipment.

 The tour-presentation of work of cardiology departments of medical institutions of Rivne to the World Day to combat cardiovascular diseases

  The teachers of cyclic committee of professionally-oriented disciplines of therapeutic profile №1 of Rivne state medical college Boboshko T.I., Shadyi S.B., Smoliak V.R. together with the students of the department "Curative Affair" and "Nursing Affair" held presentations of cardiology departments’ work at city hospital.

  The students conducted interviews with patients on cardio-vascular diseases’ prophylactics; stressed the importance of nutrition in the prevention of heart disease; prepared charitable help to the patients of cardiological departments "Basket of vitamins". According to World Health Organization, each year worldwide more than 17.2 million people died from a heart attack or stroke. Cardiovascular diseases are the most common cause of death in Ukraine and in the world. However, the Ukrainian society’s awareness of risk factors is insufficient. Therefore it is important to live a healthy lifestyle and avoid the risk factors of cardiovascular system’s diseases.

 Excursion-presentation to International doctor’s day

  The cyclic committee of therapeutic profile №2 conducted the day dedicated to the International doctor’s day. That was the excursion-presentation for the students of 3-4 years of various departments in Rivne hospitals.
  The teachers of cyclic committee presented and described the structure of hospitals, clinics and therapeutic departments, told about the work and functions of doctors and health workers, because medical profession refers to one of the oldest. The first professional doctor’s oath was the Hippocratic Oath.
  The word "doctor" comes from old-Bulgarian word "lie." Today the word "lie" has negative meaning, but many centuries ago, until the XIX century, "lie" meant mumble, talk. Since at that time healers often used in the treatment conspiracies and whispering, hence the modern name of their profession – doctor - appeared.
  Having chosen this professional path, doctors devoted their lives to humane and noble deal - saving the lives and health of people. This mission is difficult and responsible work and does not know holidays and weekends.

 Representatives of Rivne state medical college took part in the "Fair of professions and educational programs"

  As part of professionally-oriented work the representatives of Rivne state medical college took part in the "Fair of professions and educational programs", which was held at the initiative of the Rivne City Employment Center, on the 6-7th of October, 2016 at Rivne palace of children and youth.
  The representatives of higher educational institutions of Western Ukraine and pupils of graduation classes, schools of Rivne and Rivne region were present at this event.

Participating in the meeting “Entrance campaign 2016”

  On the 13th of September, 2016 at Rivne Regional State Administration there was a "round table" on summarizing the introductory campaign. The meeting was attended by deputy of administration head S. Bohatyrchuk-Kryvko, the head of educationand science department H.Tarhonskyi and his deputy M. Korzhevskyi, M. Andreeva.

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Meeting with Liudmyla Stepanivna Marchuk, the author of "The Calling to fight for life"

  On the 8th of September, 2016 the teachers of cyclic committee of psycho-pedagogical and social-economic subjects met with Liudmyla Stepanivna Marchuk, the author of "The Calling to fight for life." Liudmyla Stepanivna spoke about the life and contribution to the development of surgical field of Rivne region and practical surgery in Ukraine of MD, renowned surgeon Yevhen Maksymovych Borovyi, as a man of outstanding large and bright soul.

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  "FROM INDEPENDENT UKRAINE TO NEW UKRAINE" this was the topic of educational activities in student groups of Rivne medical college on the 2nd of September, 2016. Scientists, historians, leaders of student groups reminded the students about the historical milestones of Ukrainian state; watched documentary photographs and films; acquainted with the history, traditions and achievements of Rivne medical college.

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Science days

 image021 From the 31st of May to the 5th of June, 2016 at Rivne state medical college the Days of Science were held. As a part of the week the meetings of permanent groups ( "Aesculapius", dental, pharmacognostic, literature and drama, science, history and local lore), at which the synthesis of scientific achievements of college students during the 2015-2016 academic year was discussed.

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