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Excursions to one of the leading pharmaceutical factories of Ukraine "Pharmaceutical firm" Darnytsia "

  A good tradition for the graduates of “Pharmacy” department of Rivne medical college are the excursions to one of the leading pharmaceutical factories of Ukraine, the pharmaceutical company "Darnytsia", which once again took place on March 22, 2018, under the leadership of the teachers of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Yelahina N.V. and teacher of Pharmacology Khomych M.M.
  From the first minutes of the excursion, the students were impressed by the extremely large area, where the production workshops are located, where a wide range of products is produced, as well as the scale of production and the education of workers.
They found out that Darnytsia's production facilities allow to produce annually more than 500 million ampoules, 4.5 billion tablets, 28 million sterile antibiotics and more than 40 million tubes of soft dosage forms.
  According to the company's managers, today "Pharmaceutical firm" Darnytsia "is interested in young qualified personnel, therefore they assured visitors that each of them has the opportunity to work in this enterprise. The excursion was held in a friendly atmosphere, the students received interesting answers to their questions, and communication was accompanied by benevolent jokes.
  We are sincerely grateful to the managers and staff of the Pharmaceutical Company "Darnytsia" for the unique opportunity to get acquainted with the facilities of the enterprise and a very interesting tour!

Educational event for the World Tuberculosis Day

  To the World and All-Ukrainian Tuberculosis Day at the IV building of Rivne medical college a number of activities were devoted to the problems of tuberculosis by Microbiology teachers.
  An hour of communication was conducted for students of the “Nursing Affair” department (II year, group "A" / 9), "Physical rehabilitation" (bachelors, I year) on "Tuberculosis as a medical and social problem of the present. Comparative effectiveness of methods for detecting a TB agent and its chemo-resistance while pulmonary tuberculosis "(teachers of Microbiology Reznikov A.P., Hrytsai O.V., Antoniuk M.M.).
  The educational event took place with the active participation of students of “Nursing Affair” department, who prepared reports: "Tuberculosis incidence in Rivne region", "History of tuberculosis and the discovery of its pathogen" (Vradii H., Zhehrai Yu., Kafidova O.). Among the students of the groups, the competition was held on the topic "What to know about tuberculosis", a science-cognitive film "Tuberculosis - a global danger for humanity" was shown.
At the end of the event the teachers focused on the prevention of tuberculosis, namely, healthy lifestyle!

Day of National Guard of Ukraine

  On 28-29th of March, 2018, the students of the department “Nursing Affair” of Rivne medical college visited an exhibition in Rivne State Local History Museum on the occasion of the National Guard Day of Ukraine, which is marked on March 26, taking into account the importance and role of the National Guard of Ukraine in fulfilling the tasks of ensuring state security. and defense of the state, protection of life, rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of citizens, society and the state from criminal and other illegal encroachments, protection the public order. The students with college teachers, the sergeant of the reserve of National Guard of Ukraine Kukuruzda Andrii Rostyslavovych and Sharapa Anna Fedorivna visited the exhibition "Heroes among us", which honors the heroes of Rivne region in protecting the territorial integrity of Ukraine in countering the Russian aggression 2014-18, listened to the speech of the guide, the memoirs of Kukurudza A.R. about the role of NGU at the stop of the Moscow aggressor in eastern Ukraine.

Educational events on realization of the educational project "I have the right!" ...

  MyCollagesAccording to the plan of educational work during January, February and March 2018, the following educational activities of the law-educational project "I Have the Right!" were planned and conducted with the students of the departments "Pharmacy" and "Curative Affair" at Rivne State Basic Medical College:

  1. 1. - hour of communication on the topic: "Family is me and you, we are a family" (according to the topic, legal definitions are found, got familiar with the human rights of each person from birth, who these rights are guaranteed and protected by; January);

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Students’ event - "Intellectual-Pharmaceutical Battle"

 farm dekadnik18-3On the 21st of March, 2018, under the direction of the teachers of pharmaceutical disciplines Burban O. I and Deineka A.S., the students’ event "Intellectual-Pharmaceutical Battle" was held. The event was attended by four teams of third-year students of the “Pharmacy” department (9). It was a holiday of knowledge, intelligence and emotions. Each group prepared a visiting card for its team in the form of presentations, where unforgettable moments of student life were demonstrated. And the battle itself consisted of two rounds: 1 round - question-answer, 2nd round - pharmaceutical "Alias". The students demonstrated knowledge, erudition, creativity and gave all the present the fervor, inspiration and minutes of laughter, which are sometimes so needed.

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An hour of communication "Women who changed the world"

  During the hours of communication the students of the deparments “Pharmacy” and “Curative Affair” (11) tried to refute the words of Henry Geine: "A woman creates history, although history remembers only the names of men", giving examples of life facts of the successful women of the world.
  Women-legends change politics, science, fashion, art, cinema; become a format and inexhaustible material for the works of biographers, journalists, directors. During the conversation, the wisdom of the great Ukrainian women was noted: Princess Olga, Anna Yaroslavna - Queen of France, Marusia Churai, Lesia Ukrainka, Olena Teliha, Lina Kostenko. No one left indifferent by the information about women-inventors: Josephine Cocreine, Mary Anderson, Grace Hopper, Yenn Tsukamoto, Stephani Kvolec, Elizabeth Meghie, Olha Brovarets.

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Master Class in Practical Skills "Working Day of a Nurse"

 farm zax18-2 On the 19th of March, 2018, under the direction of the teacher of pharmaceutical disciplines, candidate of pharmaceutical sciences Shtrimaitis Oksana Viktorivna, an integrated training session was held on the theme: "Working day of the nurse" with the participation of students-bachelors of “Pharmacy” department and the students of the department "Nursing Affair (bachelors)". The purpose of the lesson was to familiarize pharmacists with the work of a nurse, to acquire practical skills for mid-level medical personnel, namely: competent measurement of body pressure and temperature with the help of....

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Open lecture in the discipline "Marketing in Pharmacy"

farm vidkr18-2

  On the 16th of March, 2018, an open lecture in the discipline "Marketing in Pharmacy" for the students-bachelors of the 2nd year of “Pharmacy” department on the topic: "Marketing policy of medicinal products" was conducted under the direction of the teacher of pharmaceutical disciplines, candidate of pharmaceutical sciences, Shtrimaitis Oksana Viktorivna.

  At the beginning of the lecture, the teacher identified the relevance of the topic, its relationship with the previously studied material, both in the context of Marketing in Pharmacy, and from other disciplines. The aspect of interdisciplinary connections was at a prominent place throughout the class. The material presentation was in accordance with the plan and with encouragement of students to reasoning.

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Round Table "Modern approaches to organization of scientific and methodological work in the conditions of interdisciplinary integration"

  On the 3rd of March, 2018, a roundtable was held at Rivne medical college according to the plan of the methodological month. The college methodologists, the heads of study rooms and educational laboratories of Rivne medical college took part in the event. The round table has become a platform for communication, exchange of ideas and creative plans for further implementation of the formation ways of the professional competencies of a health worker. The participants received certificates.

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Discussion platform "Pharmacy through the eyes of college graduates"

  As a part of the decade of pharmaceutical disciplines, on the 1st of March, 2018 the discussion platform "Pharmacy through the eyes of college graduates" was held. The problems of adaptation of young specialists in labor collectives, problems of interpersonal relations, how to apply their knowledge acquired in college in practice, the deontology of the pharmaceutical worker, the future of the pharmacist through the eyes of the college graduate were discussed. The discussion was attended by students of the 2nd year (11), the 3rd year students group B (11) and college graduates I. Verstliar, P.Stibysh, I.Laba.

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Educational event "Working Day of a Pharmacist"

    Educational event "Working Day of a Pharmacist" was conducted according to the decade program, which was held by the cyclic committee of pharmaceutical disciplines. The main participants were the students of the third year “Pharmacy” department, group G (9). In the process of work in the first part of the event, the main principles of pharmaceutical care were discussed. At the second stage, the students simulated non-typical situational tasks, and they dealt with them demonstrating high awareness of the basic principles of ethics and deontology. After the analysis and conclusions, we reaffirmed the relevance of the main thesis of the event, "Understanding and an individual approach to the patient – a guaranty of successful treatment!"

   Round Table on the topic: Government program "Available Medicines"

  On the 27th of February, 2018 according to the plan of the decade of pharmaceutical disciplines a round table was held in the methodical office on the topic: Government program "Available medicines". The lecturers of pharmaceutical disciplines and leading specialists of the pharmaceutical and medical industry took part in the round table, namely, the head of the State Service for Drugs and Drug Control in Rivne region Lebed S.O., the Commercial Deputy of the Director of “Rivnepharmacy”, PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences Sadovnik O.V. , head of Cardiological Department №2, doctor of the highest category Sirko V.А. From April 1, 2017, the government program "Available medicines" operates in Ukraine, in which patients on a prescription of a doctor can receive medicines for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, type II diabetes and bronchial asthma at an additional cost. During the round table the issues related to the regulation of the drugs release to the respective categories of patients, the regulatory framework and prospects for the further regulation of prescription drug delivery and extension of the program were raised and discussed, and the results of the program implementation at pharmacies in Rivne and the region were summed up.

  Regional methodical meeting of Mathematics teachers of higher educational institutions of I-II accreditation levels

  On the 1st of March, 2018 at Rivne State Basic Medical College there was the regional methodical meeting of Mathematics teachers of higher educational institutions of I-II accreditation levels. The problematic topic was: "Exchange of experience in the organization of classes and assessment of students’ achievements"

  II stage of the IX All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Mathematics among the students of higher educational institutions of I-II accreditation levels

  On the 1st of March at Rivne State Basic Medical College there was the IInd stage of the IX All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Mathematics among the students of higher educational institutions of I-II accreditation levels. The first-year students of colleges and schools of Rivne region took part in intellectual competitions. Congratulations to the winners of the Olympiad! 1. Borodienko Anna Andriivna - I place, Sarny Pedagogical College 2. Lazaruk Anastasiia Vasylivna - II place, Rivne Economics and Technology College 3. Kaplun Taras Leonidovych - II place, Rivne State Basic Medical College 4. Kundas Ivan Oleksandrovych - III place, Kostopil building-technological college 5. Voloshyn Valerii Olexandrovych - III place, Rivne Transport College

  World Day of Rare Diseases

  World Day of Rare Diseases started with the participation of EURORDIS in 2008 and is celebrated annually on the last day of February. The main aim of the event is to raise the awareness of the general public about rare diseases and their impact on patients' lives. There are more than 7,000 different types of rare diseases and disorders in the world. The teacher of the cyclic committee of professionally oriented disciplines № 1 Shadyi S.B. prepared and conducted an educational event, round table "Modern aspects of diagnosis of rare diseases". The event was attended by the deputy director on educational work Ph.D., Bukhalska S.Ye., head of pediatric department - Oliinyk S.O., college teachers, students of the department "Nursing affair". An interesting and meaningful speech was made by the head of the pediatric department - Oliinyk S.O., who is the coordinator of the regional center for the support of patients with cystic fibrosis. The students of the department “Nursing affair” prepared newsletters on rare diseases, speeches and presentations.

  Motivational and informative event for the first-year students: "PHARMACEUTISTS! WE ARE NEEDED BY PEOPLE !!! »

  To get pharmaceutical education is cool, prestigious and extremely promising! First-year students, haven’t you made sure of this yet? The graduates of the pharmaceutical department of Rivne Basic Medical College then come to help. After all, who, if not they, know all the intricacies of a complex "pharmacy-science" and are ready to share the "secrets" of trouble-free and comfortable training. Under the direction of the teachers of the pharmaceutical department Phylypiuk O.M. and Matsiuk O.D., the graduates have developed presentations and told the "freshers" who are the pharmacists, about the importance of obtaining a bachelor's education and about the possibilities of employment on the modern labor market.

Competition of professional skills among the graduates of the specialty "Pharmacy" PANACEA

  On the 21st-23rd of February, 2018 the college competition of professional skills was held among the graduates of the specialty "Pharmacy" PANACEA. The competition took place in two stages - the theoretical part in the form of tests and the practical stage. According to the results of the competition the student of the III year of the group B (9) Shustyk Victoriia won the first place. The second place - Petrushyna Mariia; the third place - Hnatiuk Rehina. The winner will represent Rivne state basic medical college at the XVIII All-Ukrainian Professional Competition among graduates of the higher pharmaceutical (medical) educational institutions in the field of “Pharmacy” PANACEA. Good luck to you, Victoriia !!!

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International day of native language

   On the 21st of February all peoples of the Earth celebrate the International Day of native language. For a short time of its existence, it has become traditional, since it is one of the days when everyone has the opportunity to feel part of their great nation.
Mother tongue is a language that is first acquired by a child and remains understandable for the whole life. The language is native when it is the language of the nation, the language of the ancestors, which connects the person with his or her people, with the previous generations, their spiritual heritage.<br>

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