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Education and training “Multiprofessional approach in rehabilitation. The Experience of Canada»

  gospital19 5  On 6-8th of October education and trainings «Multiprofessional approach in rehabilitation. The experience of Canada” took place on the basis of "Rivne regional hospital of war veterans ".
  For three days, a team of Canadian doctors, including a neurologist, physical therapist, ergotherapist, speech therapist, psychologist and rehabilitation nurse, shared their experience with hospital and neurotrauma center physicians, students and teachers of the Rivne Medical Academy, students of Ukrainian Catholic University, practitioners.

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All-Ukrainian Olympiad All-Ukrainian Olympiad with international participation in simulation medicine "TernopilSimOlymp-2019"

  ternopil-olimp19 1 From the 3rd till 5th of October on the base “Chervona Kalyna” of Ternopil National Medical University after I.Ya.Horbachevskyi there was the All-Ukrainian Olympiad with International Participation in Simulation Medicine "TernopilSimOlymp-2019" (emergency and urgent medical aid) among students of higher education institutions of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. It was attended by the students of Rivne medical academy Serediuk Bohdan, Prykhodko Samuil,   Orel Vitalii, Bak Vladyslav. Teachers: Oksiuta Valerii - official representative of the team, Kyrnychna Anna and Povar Natalia - observers.
  During the Olympics, master classes for students were held: examination of non-injured patient, examination of the injured patient, basic resuscitation, massive external bleeding control, respiratory protection. In addition, a scientific and practical conference was held with the international participation "Topical issues of providing domestic care in Ukraine" (entered in the register of scientific and practical conferences in 2019).

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Meeting on the occasion of International Doctor's Day

  stomat19-1  On the occasion of International Doctor's Day, on the 8th of October the meeting of the 4th year students of the department ”Stomatology” with the leading specialists of the Central City Hospital of Rivne City Council, with the assistance and support of the administration of the medical institution, namely the deputy chief doctor in surgical work Ihor Dundiuk. The students had the opportunity to get acquainted with the organization and functioning of the department of maxillofacial surgery. They helped to make the meeting interesting and productive: surgeon-physician Viktor Lutsiuk, who is a former graduate of Rivne Medical College, and senior nurse of the department of maxillofacial surgery Yuliia Morozovska. The teachers of the cyclic committee of the dental disciplines of Rivne Medical Academy Lysytsia Yuliia Serhiivna, Sofia Dundiuk-Berezina and the head of the cyclic committee Dmytro Lysytsya organized and took part in the meeting.

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26th of September is World Contraception Day

  In the 4th educational building an open educational event dedicated to World Contraception Day was held. It was organized by the teachers of Obstetrics and Gynecology Nychyk B.V. and Skoreiko R.S., who works part-time at the Family Planning Center. The event was organized with the students of the 2nd year group A (9) of the department "General medicine".

Ecological quest “Climat action”

  Ecological quest “Climat action” for young people aged 14 to 18 was held at Rivne Regional Library for Youth. On the initiative of the group leaders Sternik V.M. and Burachyk O.Z. a team of 5 participants was formed. Our students were waiting for 10 stations of brainstorming and relaxation, 10 acquired eco-habits. The mega-saturated program was successfully passed and a well-deserved victory was obtained. Congratulations to our winners! I year students: Illia Boiarchuk, Oleksandra Rybinska, Illia Omelchuk, Nadiia Babak, Daryna Burych. We want you to strive for the best, to achieve excellence, to develop.

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"Give your heart a chance"

  serce-den19 4Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death in the world. Almost 9 million adults in Ukraine have clinical symptoms of coronary heart disease. This means that every fourth person is at risk of a heart attack. According to statistics, at least 40 thousand myocardial infarctions are recorded annually. Heart Day in 2019 is celebrated on September 29. The purpose of events on this day is the need to maximize the attention of people to their health, to form an understanding that the onset and course of the disease can and should be actively influenced.

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City championship in basketball

  basketbol19 5On the 24-25th of September, the City championship in basketball among girls and boys was held as the city sports competition among higher educational establishments of I-II accreditation levels. Eight strongest city teams, both girls and boys, took part in the competitions. Our girls managed to win the third place overall. But the guys managed to win the second overall team place. We are proud of our sportsmen and wish them only victories !!!



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170 years since the birth of the eminent physiologist Ivan Petrovych Pavlov

  anatomia19 7On the 26th of September it is the 170th anniversary of the birth of the eminent physiologist Ivan Pavlov. On this occasion, an open educational event was held on the 24th of September. The event is organized by the teacher of Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology Redko S.V. The students of the 2nd year of the “General Medicine” department Zhabchyk Anastasiia, Kotyk Diana, Merzliak Bohdana and Hryhorenko Artem actively participated in the event. The closing speech was made by the Deputy Director of Educational Work S.Ye. Bukhalska.

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Scientific-practical conference with international participation "Modern Pharmacy: history, realities and prospects for development"

 harkiv-konf19 1 On September 19-20, 2019 in Kharkiv at the National University of Pharmacy there was the scientific and practical conference with international participation "Modern Pharmacy: history, realities and prospects for development" and "International Exhibition of Achievements in Pharmaceutical Production" PharmUkraine-2019 ", dedicated to 20th Pharmaceutical Worker's Day Anniversary.
  The purpose of the conference is to summarize, discuss the realities and formulate the vectors and perspectives of the pharmaceutical sector of the healthcare industry.

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The 20th of September is International Day of Student Sport

  Every year, the 20th of September is International Day of Student Sport. This holiday was initiated by the UNESCO General Conference on the initiative of the International Federation of Student Sports (FISU) in 2015.
  This day is intended to attract attention and increase the importance of sports in educational institutions regardless of subordination and to attract to their ranks supporters of a healthy lifestyle, to promote its popularization and development. Moving lifestyles, physical culture and sports are a reliable source of good humor and optimism, health and longevity!
  Rivne Medical Academy was actively involved in the all-Ukrainian flash mob, which took place at 10.30 am in front of the educational building # 1.
To promote sport, the Physical Education Subject Committee ran a 1km race, organized a football tournament, a bicycle race and Health Day among the students.

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International Children's Day

ahict-dit19 1  Every year on the first day of the summer the International Children's Day, one of the oldest international holidays, is celebrated. The decision to hold it was approved by the International Democratic Women's Federation at a special session in November 1949. The UN supported this initiative and announced the protection of the rights, life and health of children as one of the priority areas of their activities.
  The family and child are original values that Ukrainian people profess, building their statehood and developing their own culture. Students of Rivne Medical Academy should know that care for children, awareness of the priority of their interests over the interests of adults must become the philosophy of our lives.
  This year, teachers and students of Rivne Medical Academy (M.V. Kaskiv, candidate of biological sciences, Serheieva H.M., teacher of the highest category, Kaskiv Ya.V., Khlypa O.O., students of the academy, Todos Talina, graduate of academies), visited Klevan sanatorium boarding school and held master classes as a gift for boarding school pupils. Yaroslav Kaskiv presented "Technique of Wellness Massage." Olena Khlypa introduced the children and their mentors to the rules of capillary blood collection for the determination of glucose, many of those who wished identified individual indicators. The graduate of academy familiarized the audience with one of the methods of physical rehabilitation in cosmetology "Snailtherapy".

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