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Meeting with future applicants


vidriti dveri17-4  On the 21st of April, 2017 at Rivne state medical college, there was a traditional meeting with future students and their parents. The visitors were greeted by the executive secretary of the selection committee D.L.Lysytsia. Guests were welcomed by amateur team of our college, whose members received applause in gratitude from the audience. The college was presented for the visitors, the conditions of entry in 2017 were explained. The discussion between the applicants and the executive secretary of the selection committee joined by deputy director, MD Oksiuta V.M. He spoke about the prospects awaiting future college students and noted that our college is the only institution of this level, which trains students from Poland. He also announced new opportunities for practical training of college students abroad (in Poland). Incidentally, during the tour, there were sessions in many rooms and future applicants could feel the atmosphere of students.

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Round table: "17th of April is World Day of hemophilia"

gemofilia17-2  Hemophilia as the most common and most severe form of hereditary coagulopathy belongs to complex medical problems and has an important social aspect. Under the coordination of the deputy director on educational work, PhD, teacher of Medical Biology Bukhalska S.Ye. and teacher of Surgery Turpakovai V.Ye. on the 19th of April there was an educational event: Roundtable: "17th of April is World Day of hemophilia". The purpose of the event is to draw attention of the future medical workers....

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Open competition of professional skills of the specialty "Nursing Affair "Aesculapius-2017”

  On the 6th of April, 2017 Rivne medical college hosted the guests. Everyone who masters the art of nursing was invited in order to identify best in the competition “Aesculapius-2017” . Five girls from Rivne medical college took part in it. Also the nurses of medical institutions from Rivne region took part in competition, in general there were 17 practical nurses. The judges were both college professors and senior nurses of major hospitals.

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Regional united meeting of the heads of cyclic committees on the theme: "Inplementation of innovative educational technologies into the educational process of medical educational institution"

rokit17-1  According to the plan of Rivne medical college at Rokytne medical school on the 30th of March, 2017 there was the regional meeting of heads of cyclic committees on the problematic theme: "Implementation of innovative educational technologies into the educational process of medical educational institution". For the first time the event was broadcasted online for teachers of medical schools from Rivne region with the possibility of feedback. The presented thematic reports and presentations were very informative and interesting.

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Students-dentists visited Klevan specialized school №1

stom klevan17-2  On the 29th of March, 2017 the students of II year of the department "Dentistry" visited Klevan specialized school №1.The college teachers Lysytsia D.L., Lysytsia Yu.S., Klymchuk O.V.visited this school with the students. The purpose of the visit was to tell children about the rules of oral hygiene in the form of a game. The students prepared an instructive tale and funny contests in which children participated and received diplomas. The children got greetings from the director of college Sabadyshyn R.O. and deputy director on educational work Bukhalska S.Ye. and sweet gifts and hygiene kits of toothbrushes and toothpaste.

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Students’ scientific-search conference "500 years of the Reformation"

 konf patiaka17 In recognition of outstanding contributions of Protestant churches and religious organizations in the development of religious, cultural and social spheres’ development, the expression of respect for their role in Ukrainian history and formation of an independent state, and the celebration in Ukraine the 500th anniversary of the Reformation on the 24th of March, 2017 at Rivne state base medical college there was students’ scientific-search conference "500 years of the Reformation." Themed performances of students caused great attention and lively response among the audience. The conference was organized by the teachers of cyclic committee of psycho-educational and socio-economic disciplines.
The chairman of the organizing committee was the deputy director on educational work, teacher-methodologist, specialist of the highest category, Ph.D. Bukhalska S.Ye.I

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World Day against Tuberculosis

reznskov17-1  On the 24th of March this year, the World Day against tuberculosis, the cyclic committee of health-care disciplines held a series of measures to highlight the importance of TB - decorated wall-newspapers, conducted interviews with students and teachers. Also on this day there was a meeting of students and teachers with the main specialists of Health Department of TB of Rivne regional state administration Ordynskyi M.L., during which a video was shown about tuberculosis prophylactics.

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Excursion to "Ekofarm" in Slavuta

In order to focus on training of highly qualified specialists in the pharmaceutical industry the third year students of the department "Pharmacy" visited the pharmaceutical company "Ekofarm", which is being built now, in Slavuta. The students were able to witness the step-by-stepg establishment of pharmaceutical company that meets all the requirements of GMP (GMP - Good Manufacturing Practice, Good Manufacturing Practice is an international quality standard, according to which the production of medicines is done in countries with strict regulatory system such as the EU and the countries, whose regulation organs are members of the pharmaceutical inspection co-operation (PIC / S), US, Japan, etc.). It was professional and informative tour, as a result of which everyone clearly understood the way the production of medicines of European level should be. For pharmacists this tour has expanded the field for thinking about the future and the possibility of professional improvement.

21st of March is World Poetry Day

"Poetry could be the answer to the most pressing spiritual questions of modern man, but we need to attract wide public attention to it’ – says the UNESCO decision.
For this occasion medical students got acquainted with the wonderful translation of "Hamlet" W. Shakespeare. This is the first in the third millennium Ukrainian translation that was made by two significant figures of modern Ukrainian cultural space - a writer and poet Yurii Andrukhovych and illustrator Vladyslav Yerko.
The students had the opportunity to mention the brilliant work, to enjoy the great graphics, to comprehend Ukrainian interpretation, to feel the spirit of postmodern present.


21st of March is World Day of people with Down syndrome

On the 21st of March to the World Day of people with Down syndrome under the coordination of deputy director on educational work, PhD, teacher of Medical Biology Bukhalska S.Ye. and eacher of Biology Serheeva H.M. held an educational event "Discussion platform: Down syndrome: the fate or the way of life". The students of the second year group A of the department "Curative Affair" (11) as speakers - experts of healthcare industry responded to the questions: "What is Down syndrome? What is its reson? How many children are born into the world, Ukraine, Rivne region with the hereditary pathology? Is there future for people with Down syndrome? ".

203rd anniversary of Shevchenko "Shevchenko: Language. State. Nation"

shev17--4   Every great nation has its iconic figures. Taras Shevchenko is that figure for us, Ukrainians. He was and is a true artist, a man of extraordinary destiny and incredible talent that gained worldwide fame.
   On the 9th of March Ukrainians worldwide celebrated the 203rd anniversary of Taras Shevchenko’s birth. The students of Rivne state medical college, deputy director on educational work, PhD Bukhalska S.Ye., college teachers Perekhodko N.M., Serheeva H.M., Ph.D. Artemenko L.V. with the support of the Agrarian Party of Ukraine participated in the theme of the event - discussion platform "Shevchenko: Language. State. Nation.", held in the concert hall of the Ukrainian House. 

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Dental exhibition in Krakiw

From the 9th to the 11th of March in Krakiw the 25th anniversary dental exhibition took place. It was visited by the teachers of cyclic committee of dental disciplines of Rivne state medical college. On arrival to Ukraine, they will share the information about new products of dental market, advanced technology and modern trends in dentistry with their collegues and college students. 


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