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Mini-football competitions

  minf18According to the calendar of sports events at Rivne Medical Academy, the Physical Rehabilitation and Physical Education team together with the trade union committee from 24.09 to 19.10.2018 held mini-football competitions among the academy groups. 8 teams took part. During the intensive fight four strongest teams went to the finals.

  1.  Third place was won by the team of the II year of “Physical rehabilitation - bachelors” (11).

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Round table with heads of cyclic and subject methodical committees

  On October 18, 2018, a roundtable with heads of cyclic and subject methodical committees was held at Rivne Medical Academy on the theme "Pedagogical conditions of professional growth of teachers, stepped preparation and certification of pedagogical workers in the conditions of higher education reformation".
The meeting was attended by deputy director on educational work Babiak Volodymyr Ivanovych and the head of the teaching and methodical department Khmeliar Inessa Makarivna. As a result, the methodical recommendations for stimulating pedagogical workers to improve the organization of educational process in educational disciplines and professional growth were developed.

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James Cook's 290th Birthday

angl18  The teachers of the subject committee of foreign languages ​​Liashuk K.V., Malafei O.V., Netepchuk A.Yu. with the second-year students of group V department “Pharmacy” (9) organized a round table discussion on the occasion of the 290th birthday of James Cook, an English sailor, researcher, cartographer, member of the Royal Society of London, head of three worldwide expeditions on the study of the oceans. The students reported in Ukrainian and English about three world-wide Cook’s expeditions, about interesting facts from his life, about his death as a legend and in fact. The thematic presentations and video materials were extremely interesting, especially the students liked the video about the ship-replica, built in England. Each of the attendees wanted to visit it and see everything with his own eyes!

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Regional studying and cognitive trip to the Carpathians

 MyCollages-5On October 19-21, 2018, on the initiative of the third-year students (9) of the group "D" of the department "Pharmacy" and the leadership of the goup leader, Hanna Serheieva, a regional study trip to the Carpathians took place. During three days, the students were able to visit the picturesque city of Yaremche, to ascend to the Khomiak Mountain and Dovbush cliffs, ascents to Mount Bukovel; to admire the waterfalls of Huk (the Zhenetskyi waterfall, so it is called) and Probii in Yaremche; feel the beautiful feeling on the "Love" bridge and get something to remember in the Carpathian souvenir markets. The students, under the influence of the purity of the Carpathian air, the nature and beauty of the Carpathians, returned home waiting for new trips and emotions.

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Ecological education of a medical student of Rivne medical academy when teaching Anatomy, Biology


  ek vih18This is the theme chosen for discussion at an open meeting of the cyclic committee "Anatomy, Physiology, Histology, Pathology". During the presentation of the lectures the teachers shared their experience in teaching subjects, provided information on the methods, forms, techniques they use in their work. In the general discussion at the end of the presentations, it was emphasized that nevertheless the biological, anatomical, ecological and professional-oriented knowledge of medical students of the Rivne medical academy contribute to the formation of a whole system oriented towards the educational-educational goal in accordance with the branch standards of higher education in the direction of preparation "Medicine "(educational and professional programs and educational qualification characteristics).

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Meeting-conversation at Rivne central city hospital, dedicated to International Mental Health Day

 zdorov18On October 10, 2018, an interactive event - a meeting-conversation to the International Mental Health Day took place at Rivne central city hospital with the participation of the 4th year students of the group"B"(9) of the “Nursing affair” department and the psychologist of the hospital I.V.Drozd, who was happy to share her practical experience. The organizers were: Ph.D., deputy director on educational work Svitlana Bukhalska and teacher of nervous and mental illnesses, practicing doctor Oksana Kopanytsia. 

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Events to the 100th anniversary of V. Sukhomlynskyi's birthday

The subject committee of biology held the pedagogical readings on the topic "Be a person on the Earth" using the advice of Vasyl Sukhomlynsky, during which the students became acquainted with the literary heritage of the outstanding teacher. The teachers and students once again realized that such concepts as mercy, sensitivity, kindness, compassion, understanding are very relevant at any time and vital to every person.

Autumn is a special time

  osin18-1The change of the seasons brings diversity into our lives and serves as a source of creative inspiration. Autumn is a special time. The energy accumulated during the summer is looking for a positive outlet, and nature pleases with the abundance of bright colors. On the 9th of October the floristic exhibition of autumn compositions "The Breath of autumn" took place in Rivne basic medical college. The lobby of the college was decorated with tables with bright and positive products. The students of the first and second years managed to express the atmosphere of the Indian summer.

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Educational events on World Mental Health Day

  On October 10, 2018, at the educational building № 1 of "Rivne medical academy" the teachers of the cyclic committee "Health and rehabilitation" V.Yu. Prokopchuk and Ya.M.Cheredniak with the participation of second-year students of the department "Nursing affair - bachelor" B (11), head of the department, Ph.D. L.R. Korobko and II year of the department "Curative affair" A (11), head of department I.O.Turovska held the events to the World Mental Health Day: "Give a smile." The students and teachers were encouraged to conduct an express test for determining the state of mental health. Everyone would be able to test their luck and take part in a lottery and win one of the most useful products for improving mental health. 

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Educational events on the World Contraception

 Day According to the complex plan of educational work at Rivne Medical Academy, during the 25.09-29.09.2018 the educational events took place on the World Contraception Day (September 26), in particular: a lecture-meeting of students of the departments "Nursing-Bachelor", "Pharmacy-Bachelor", "Pharmacy"(9) with a practical psychologist of the public health center Tetiana Radchenko on the use of contraception in Ukraine and in Rivne, as well as representatives of the Rivne regional charitable foundation "Our Future"; preventive lecture-conversation "Contraception is the prevention of unplanned pregnancy" by the teacher Serhii Redko with the students of the department "Nursing Affair" (9). It should be noted that such integrated measures are effective, meaningful and positively effective for the promotion of a healthy lifestyle among young people.


Per aspera ad astra

  An extremely interesting meeting of the undergraduate students of “Pharmacy” department with the regional manager of the pharmaceutical company "Darnytsia" Vadym Hromiak took place on September 24, 2018. The meeting took place in a round table format. Vadym told about his interesting and difficult way. The path from graduate bachelor of Rivne Medical College to a leading manager and marketer of a large-scale pharmaceutical manufacturing company. Those, who dream of becoming medical representatives, came to this meeting. Vadym shared the experience, what is needed to be done to make the dream realize. He also talked about the optimal resume format, interview with the employer and the fastest methods of making interested the interlocutors. He emphasized those disciplines whose profound knowledge is an indispensable element of the medical representative's work, namely: Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology, Pathological Physiology, Management and Marketing in pharmacy. The meeting was held in a warm, friendly atmosphere, thanks to the great thanks to our graduate, an interesting non-ordinary personality, Vadym Hromiak.

Our students at the pharmaceutical company "Darnytsia"

 The pharmaceutical company "Darnytsia" is a leader of the Ukrainians trust and is the company, which annually conducts excursions for students of the branch "Pharmacy" from Rivne Medical Academy. On September 20, 2018, the teacher of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Yelahina Nataliia Volodymyrivna and the third-year students of the department “Pharmacy” (9), group B visited the enterprise. While staying in the factory’s territory, the students were impressed by an extremely large area where production workshops are located, where a wide range of drugs is produced, as well as the scale of production and the education of workers.
  Pharmaceutical firm "Darnytsia" adheres to European standards in all spheres of work: production technology, personnel qualification, quality of management and marketing communications. Quality, innovation, efficiency, partnership, customer orientation are the key principles that this company guides in its activities.

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Pharmacist’s Day at the Medical Academy

 The cycle of events dedicated to the Day of the Pharmaceutical Worker, which the Pharmaceutical Community of Ukraine celebrates on the third Saturday of September, has come to the end. The eve of the holiday was emotional both for the teachers of pharmaceutical disciplines, and for all students of the educational institution, who had classes on Friday in the main college building. The students of the group A (III) department “Pharmacy” made a festive anticipation for the staff of the institution and students with a sweet savor on the coming day, and developed the so-called "recipes for the soul". In the hall of the first floor the installation of laboratory dishes «Pharmaceutical rainbow» filled with color solutions of salts and pharmaceutical substances was presented (coordinator Zakharko N.V.), the photo session «Day of a pharmacist 2018» (coordinators Deineka A.S. and Burban O.I.) , and we also had the opportunity to watch a video interview in the form of a short film, which was taken on the eve among the students of the specialty "Pharmacy": "Why did they choose the profession of a pharmacist?"; "Who are the pharmacists?"; "Who do you see yourself in the future ... after 10-15 years?"; "How to diversify the educational process," "What advice will you give to the freshers" (coordinators Zakharko N.V. and Laba I.S.). The day was bright, emotional, full, which added mood, joy, warmth, because we have a friendly pharmaceutical family.
  On the 27th of September the students of the two first-year groups A and D (9) competed in the game - quest called "Adventures in the main building", in order to test whether they are ready to step closer to mastering their profession. It is also quicker to get acquainted with the walls of the educational institution, offices and laboratories, with future colleagues, and also to become more friendly. The game was organized and conducted by second-year students of the group A (9), department "Pharmacy", coordinator Zakharko N.V. It has become a good tradition in our educational institution to greet the students-bachelors in pharmacy "Vivat Baccalaureate" (18.09.2018), which began training at our Rivne Medical Academy from 2018!

Integrated educational-scientific event "Healthy Heart"

 At Rivne Medical Academy on September 19, 2018, an integrated educational and scientific anatomical and pharmaceutical activity "Healthy Heart" was held, dedicated to the Day of the Pharmaceutical Worker (this year it was on the 15th of September) and the World Heart Day (celebrated on the 29th of September). The students, young scholars presented interesting reports and presentations to the audience. Khlypa Olena (scientific advisor - M.V.Kaskiv), Kaskiv Yaroslav (scientific advisor – M.V.Kaskiv), Malchevska Mariia (scientific advisor - Serheeva H.M.), Phylypiuk O. M., a teacher of pharmaceutical disciplines, and a student Kozachuk Oleksandra, Mosnytskyi Pavlo (scientific advisor - Ph.D., Shtrimaitis O.V.) made their speeches.

Bullying is the socio-pedagogical, psychological problem of the present   

 Bullying is the socio-pedagogical, psychological problem of the present. This is a social phenomenon in predominantly organized teams, therefore, there are the main places of bullying distinguished: the bullying in an educational institution; bullying in the workplace (mobing); bullying in the army ("grandfather"); cyberbullying (violence in the information space), etc. For the first time, the term "bullying" (bully, bullying, slain, rude, rapist, "bullying" - harassment, intimidation, tremor) appeared in the early 70's of the XXth century in Scandinavia, where a group of researchers studied the phenomenon of violence between children at school.
    Unusual for our perception, the term bullying is closely related to such concepts as violence (the use of force methods or psychological pressure through threats deliberately directed at weak or those who can not resist, domination, power of man over man), aggression (actions aimed at violating the physical and mental integrity of a person or group of people). Aggression is organically linked to violence and is its natural basis.
    Nowadays, 67% of children in Ukraine aged 11 to 17 years faced the problem of bullying. 24% of children were victims of bullying, and 48% of them did not tell anyone about these cases. These are the main results of a study conducted by UNICEF. These are alarming figures, especially when Ukraine is in conflict,and about 1.6 million people, including 220,000 children, have become internally displaced persons.
   Therefore, during the week of bullying at Rivne Medical Academy, there were the students' meetings with the psychologist, social pedagogue and lawyer of the academy in order to prevent and overcome such a negative socio-psychological and pedagogical phenomenon as a bullying.

 World Day of Thyroid Gland

  The date entered the calendar in 2009 when the European Thyroid Association proposed to mark the World Day of Thyroid Gland on the 25th of May.
According to medical statistics, various problems in the work of the thyroid gland affect one third of the entire population of the planet. Nodes are found in 30% of adults, goiter (enlargement of the gland due to iodine deficiency) - 10-30%.
  On World Day of Thyroid Gland, medical organizations hold specialized events - conferences, forums, seminars, which discuss issues of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases.
  The head of the cyclic committee of the therapeutic profile № 1 Smoliak V.R. together with the students of the department "Nursing Affair" joined the events aimed at raising awareness about possible diseases of the thyroid gland.
The students with the teacher visited the Rivne Regional Specialized Dispensary of radiation protection of the population, met with doctors-endocrinologists Prylepa T.V., Koval L.V. and discussed modern methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of the thyroid gland.

The courses "Emergency Medical Rescuer"   

  Do you still think that the creation of a new Ukrainian medical system is impossible? And that there will never be qualitative emergency services in Ukraine? Everything will be, everything is possible - gradually, hard, but it is possible !!!
Because there are people in Ukraine who want to change the old system and make huge efforts, and believe that everything will succeed. We were convinced of this during the courses "Emergency Medical Rescuer" organized by the organization Patriot Defense, at Rivne Basic Medical College from May 11 to May 19, 2018.
  Due to the high level of professionalism of the instructors the students and college teachers had the opportunity to master the basics of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and provide emergency care for injuries and emergency conditions in accordance with international protocols and in accordance with best international practices.   

Scientific and practical conference "Priority directions of scientific research"

  On the 21st of May at Rivne medical college the students’ scientific and practical conference "Priority directions of scientific research" took place. During the section meeting, which included such disciplines as Biology, Chemistry and Microbiology, presentations of students' reports devoted to the consideration of topical issues of modern science, interesting discussions of the acute problems of the present day were held. Students presented their scientific work. The best among them were the following students: Cheliadyn Mariana, Kaskiv Yaroslav, Omelchuk Hanna, Sulzhyk Nataliia, Kapitaniuk Anastasiia, Lylak Mariia. At the end of the conference, the students and their scientific leaders were awarded with certificates.

The results of the scientific and theoretical students’ conference

  As part of the student's scientific conference, which took place at medical college on May 21, 2018, at the sectional meeting of clinical disciplines, the students from different departments of the educational establishment presented their scientific work. All reports were topical, accompanied by presentations, structured and laconic. Among the best were the speeches of Sochynska Alina, Horskyi Roman, Khomych Amina, Fesiuk Nataliia, Trotskovets Veronika.
  The results of the section "Clinical disciplines" were summed up the moderators Babiak O.V. and Antoniuk M.M. Consequently, the relevant topics of the conference have become a fruitful basis for the exchange of ideas on these problems and will contribute to the formation of the scientific outlook of future medical professionals.

The 31st of May - World Day without Tobacco!!!

  On the 31st of May the healthy lifestyle action was held at medical college "May 31 - World Day without Tobacco". The teacher of Pediatrics Turpakova Yu.O. together with the students of the first year of the department “Nursing Affair” B (9) organized and conducted an exhibition of thematic walls.
In order to promote a healthy lifestyle and prevent harmful habits (namely, smoking), an educational hour was conducted "Smoking kills. Changing the cigarette for a candy ... ". All those present at the event had an opportunity to get acquainted with interesting facts about smoking, the history of the occurrence and spread of this habit, statistical data, the influence on the body of nicotine and tobacco smoke, and also to watch video scenes with shocking experiments and clinical studies conducted in different countries of the world.

How to behave during the summer holidays

  Children are a bank in which it is needed to invest, in particular, to learn how to live properly, to be able to overcome obstacles. Summer is the most beloved season. Rest at the seaside, on the river, in the forest, in the mountains ...
  Children and summer !!! How to behave when you are bitten by a bee, a spider, a snake; in allergic cases; today is a thunderstorm, and I do not know what to do; teens played football and got injured ?!
  On the 3rd of June the student staff of Rivne medical college under the direction of the head of the department "Curative Affair" (11) Turovska Iryna and the teacher, doctor Kopanytsia Oksana instructed the children how to behave during the summer holidays.

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