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Competition in basketball among boys as a part of Sport Events of student youth of higher education institutions of Rivne Region


 IMG 20191105 134053   On the 5th of November in the sports hall of Rivne economic-technological college of National university of water management and nature resources there were competitions in basketball 3х3 among boys as a part of Sport Events of higher education institutions of Rivne region. Seven strongest teams of the region took part in the competitions.
  Having taken second place in our subgroup, our team was opposed by a very strong and united technical college team, but all our guys, having shown incredible efforts, were still able to tip the scales to their side. We took the second overall team place.

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International Tolerance Day

den-ter19  The International Tolerance Day was declared by UNESCO in November 1995 on the occasion of the organization's 50th anniversary and is celebrated annually on the 16th of November.
  On the 5th of November, the educational event "Planet of Tolerance" was held at Rivne Medical Academy by the group teacher of the department "General Medicine" Svitlana Lukashchuk and the group B (9) on the occasion of the Day of Charity – dedicated to the International Day of Tolerance.
  The purpose of the event was to invite all participants of the educational process to peace, unity and respect for each other. The students were pleased to create their own Planet of Tolerance. The symbol of tolerance was chosen by the palms on which medical students wrote the qualities of a decent person. These palms were placed on the Tree of Wisdom. Future physicians have also been interviewed "How Tolerant Are You?", and everyone had the opportunity to see their own level of tolerance, as well as to compile the puzzle "Heart of Tolerance". Iryna Oleksandrivna Turovska, the head of the department “General Medicine” and the teacher of Foreign Literature Biletska V.S. were present at the open session.

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Roundtable “Self-coaching as a technology of teacher’s professional development”

krugl-st19 2  On the 31st of October, 2019 the round table on the topic "Self-coaching (self-teaching) as a technology of teacher's professional development" was held with the participation of deputy directors, heads of departments, methodologists. During the event the following issues were raised and discussed:

  1. 1. Rating system of evaluation of the work of scientific-pedagogical and teaching staff. - Candidate of Medical Sciences, director’s deputy of “Rivne Medical Academy” Volodymyr Ivanovych Babiak.
  2. 2. Role of research work in the professional growth of scientific-pedagogical and teaching staff. - Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences, director’s deputy in scientific work of “Rivne Medical Academy”, Oksana Viktorivna Shtrimaitis.

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Congratulations to the silver medalists of the Student Youth Sports Competition of higher education institutions of Rivne region

basketbol19 1  On the 29th of October at the sports hall of Rivne Economic and Technological College of the National University of Water Management and Nature Management there were 3x3 basketball competitions among girls in the competition of students of higher education institutions of Rivne region. Seven strongest teams of the region took part in the competitions. 
  Having beaten last year's silver medalists from Sarny Pedagogical College, as well as the students from the Technical College, and confidently got into the semifinals with the girls of Dubno Pedagogical College, our girls reached the finals of the competition and took the second place.

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Invitation to the conference

 Dear colleagues! We invite you to take part in the regional scientific-practical conference “Modern laboratory diagnostics: history, realities and prospects of development”? which will take place on the 14th of November, 2019 at 10 a.m. at Rivne Medical Academy (Rivne, Karnaukhova Street, 53).

The Carpathians are a place where mountains touch the sky

  The Carpathians are a place where mountains touch the sky. Where crystal clear rivers flow from mountain springs and fall as waterfalls from steep mountain slopes. And you stand, you look at the surrounding beauty, you listen to the magical silence of the Carpathians, your soul is filled with emotions. The students of the departments “Nursing”, “General Medicine” and “Dentistry” together with the teachers of Rivne Medical Academy Sternik V.M., Burachik O.Z. and Maksymiuk T.A. made sure that the Carpathians really is the place where you want to breathe full breasts and admire the extraordinary grandeur of the Carpathians. Our friendly team of students and teachers, with the help of an experienced tour guide, reached the Mount Makovytsia, located on the east of central part of Yaremche, then attended a cheese-making master class. A day earlier they were able to see the hydrological monument of nature of national importance - Maniavskyi waterfall about 20m high, the most interesting day was to visit Maniavskyi monastery, just under a kilometer behind the monastery lies the Blessed Stone. The stone itself is a large block that hangs over a small platform. Nearby there is a stream of water, which is considered therapeutic, especially for the eyes. At the end of the trip, Bukovel wasn’t left unattended, where everyone was able to ride on the lifts, to the summit, where the mountains pride are the Hutsul valleys, sung in songs and legends, from there we enjoyed the last day of our unforgettable journey, the true power of nature in the feelings it gives to the little one who stays in memory for life!

Medical exercises "Evidence-Based medicine in Internal Medicine and Family Medicine"

  On the 24th of October at Rivne Medical Academy the National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education after P.L.Shupyk conducted a cycle of continuous postgraduate medical training "Evidence-Based medicine in Internal Medicine and Family Medicine" for cardiologists, family physicians, therapists, pediatricians and endocrinologists of Rivne region with obtaining the certificate of the established sample.

 60th anniversary of the murder of Stepan Bandera

  On the 22nd of October in the building number 4 of Rivne Medical Academy, an open session of the teacher of public disciplines, Kukurudza A.R. was held. The topic of the session was "The 60th anniversary of Stepan Bandera's murder and Russian state terrorism in the 21st century". The students and teachers of the academy attended the session. Kukurudza A.R. acquainted the audience with the peculiarities of the murder crime on October 15, 1959 in Munich, a prominent Ukrainian politician, revolutionary, OUN leader Stepan Bandera, reminded students of the main events and figures of Ukrainian national liberation competitions in the twentieth century and World War II. The lecture also analyzed Russia's criminal practice of killing known politicians and opponents through terrorist acts and poisoning as early as the 21st century. The lecture was very topical, multimedia tools were used, historical literature aroused interest and keen interest among students.

Visiting Rivne Regional Museum

muzei19 2  On the 21st of October the students of Rivne Medical Academy together with their teacher, Kukurudza A.R. visited the museum. The group B (9) of the department “General Medicine” watched the topical historical exhibitions "Heroes among us" on the fight for restoration of territorial integrity of Ukraine against the Russian invaders, battalion canvas "Battle of Orsha 1514", symbolizing the victorious confrontation of Ukrainians to Moscow encroachment, as well as a memorial plaque by professor Ivan Ohienko in connection with the commemoration of the events of the 100th anniversary of the Ukrainian National Revolution. The students remembered important events of Ukrainian history, local history, saw live historical exhibits, got acquainted with the fates of heroic defenders of Ukraine, features of medicine in the conditions of hostilities. The event was held at a high level of national-patriotic education.

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World Heart Restart Day

serce-zapusk19 1  On the 16th of October the World Heart Restart Day is celebrated. It is initiated by the European Resuscitation Council (ERC). Rivne Medical Academy did not stand aside. For example, for the students of the department of postgraduate education, cycles "Outpatient-polyclinic" and "Cardiology" and students of the department "Nursing-bachelor" the academy teacher - Anna Kyrnychna (instructor of the Military Medical Academy, instructor-candidate for BLS certificate from ERS, acting EMR (Certified Combat Assistant Instructor) gave a lecture on BLS (basic life support). Then the teachers: Kyrnychna A.Yu., Hashynska O.S., Horska O.V. and the students Bak Vladyslav, Prykhodko Samuiil, Serediuk Bohdan demonstrated and together with the students practiced skills at three stations: CPR, bleeding stop, extrusion and convulsions syndrome.

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Seminar "Formation of a fully-developed personality through the effective organization of physical and fitness work in an educational institution"

seninar-19  The students and teachers of Rivne Medical Academy are participants of the seminar "Formation of a fully-developed personality through the effective organization of physical and fitness work in the educational establishment".
  It is nice to note that the event is organized within the framework of cooperation between our institution and schools in the region. On October 18, 2019, the above-mentioned seminar was held. Olena Amelianovych, director of the Municipal Institution "Klevan Sanatorium School of I-III Degrees" of the Rivne Regional Council, greeted the participants with a welcome speech, wished the participants of the seminar new professional successes, realization of plans and future meetings in the beautiful town of Klevan. Reports of our students Kaskiv Yaroslav, the student of the department "General Medicine", scientific supervisor Serheieva H.M., Khlypa Olena, the student of the department "Nursing", scientific supervisor Kaskiv M.V., which were heard during the first part of the seminar, became the basis for the discussion. The school directors invited to join the master classes in the educational processes of Ostroh, Dubrovytsia, Dubno, Rokytne schools.

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We get to know the wonderful city of Lviv

lviv-eksk19 4  On the 17th of October, 2019 the students of the 3rd year of the department “General Medicine” B (11) and “Dentistry” (9) visited the city of Lviv as a part of the educational process. For the purpose of professional orientation, the students visited the museum of human diseases at the Danylo Halytskyi National Medical University of Lviv, where during the excursion they got acquainted with the museum exhibits; and the “Mysteriuos Pharmacy” Interactive Museum, where you can get acquainted with the history of pharmacy business in Lviv. In addition, the students had a guided tour of Lviv, the ancient city, rich in architectural and historical monuments.

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Winners of the competition “We look for talents”

  The annual competition "We look for talents" has ended. With great enthusiasm and satisfaction the first-year students competed for the victory in the nominations "Vocal", "Choreography", "Instrumental genre", "Artistic reading", "Contest of presenters". The purpose of the event is to showcase students' abilities and creativity, to develop youth amateur performance, song arts and performing skills, to promote the cultural and aesthetic education of the younger generation. The competition was judged by an experienced and demanding jury.

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Every year the 10th of October is the World Mental Health Day

  den-zdorov19 1  According to WHO, more than 450 million people are suffering from mental illness today. According to statistics in Ukraine, 1.2 million people (more than 3% of the total population) suffer from mental disorders and this figure is increasing every year. For the second consecutive year, Ukraine has been ranked number one in Europe by the number of mental disorders.
  Experts predict that by 2020, mental disorders will be included in the first five diseases, in the structure of morbidity, by the amount of human labor associated with these diseases. There is much that can be done to help increase mental retardation and prevent mental disorders in adolescents and young people. Psychosocial support should be provided in schools and other community settings, and, of course, training for health professionals will enable them to identify and control mental disorders. In order to raise students' awareness of topical mental health issues, a number of educational activities were held at the IV building of Rivne Medical Academy on the diagnosis and prevention of mental disorders.

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