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Students-scientists of "Rivne Medical Academy" Dear colleagues!

  I am proud to inform you about the successful participation of our students in state and international scientific forums. To the work of the 88th scientific-practical conference of students and young scientists with international participation "Innovations in medicine", which took place March 28-29, 2019, at Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University, joined: Derkach Anastasiia (scientific adviser - Kishchuk V.M.) and Krasko Ivanna (scientific adviser - Shtrimaitis O.V.).

  The work of the XXIII International Medical Congress of Students and Young Scientists, held on April 15-17, 2019, at Ternopil National Medical University named after I. Ya. Horbachevskyi, was joined by: Hranovska Alina (scientific adviser - Ryzhkovskyi V. O.), Tymchuk Daryna (scientific adviser - Kaskiv M.V.), Krasko Ivanna (scientific advisor - Shtrimaitis O.V.), Denysiuk Ivanna (scientific supervisor - Nesteruk T. M.), Yevchuk Mariia (scientific adviser - Sadovnyk O. V.) , Vasylets Yanina (scientific adviser - Fylypiuk O. M.), Petruk Olha (scientific adrviser Korobko L.R.).
  Congratulations to the students whose works were marked by the results of the conferences: Derkach Anastasiia, Vasylets Yanina, Tymchuk Daryna and their scientificadvisers.

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