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Championship of Rivne region in wrestling

  The students of Rivne Medical Academy won the first general team place in the championship of Rivne region in wrestling. On March 14-15, the Championship in wrestling among junior boys and girls took place at Myrohoshcha Agrarian College in order to popularize wrestling in Rivne region, the selection of the best athletes for the Ukrainian Championship in Kharkiv. 9 teams participated in the competitions with a total of 97 participants. The honor of the Rivne Medical Academy was defended by the students of the Wrestling Section. Gold awards were won by:

  1. 1. - Bekh Sofiia (62 kg) "General Medicine"
  2. 2. - Merzliak Bohdana (59kg) "General Medicine"
  3. 3. - Udodik Oksana (68kg) "Nursing"
  4. 4. - Balukh Svitlana (76kg) "General Medicine"

Silver awards were won by:

  1. 1. - Hranovska Alina (65kg) "Physical rehabilitation, ergotherapy"

2. - Mahrelo Alina (68kg) "Nursing" 3. - Oryshkina Olexandra (76kg) "Pharmacy"

Bronze awards were won by:

  1. 1. - Stepaniuk Mariia (55kg) "General Medicine"
  2. 2. - Ponomarenko Oksana (53kg) "Pharmacy"

  Among the juniors in the most prestigious weight category, "Heavyweight" (125kg), the student of the specialty "Physical rehabilitation, ergotherapy" by Munt Vasyl. Athletes have multiplied the glorious sports traditions of Rivne Medical Academy. We wish sportsmen health, inspiration for training and new victories.

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