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Medical-prophylactic educational event for the World Tuberculosis Day

  On March 22, 2019, the teachers of the cyclic committee of medical prophylactic disciplines conducted an educational cognitive event on World Tuberculosis Day, which is celebrated every year on the 24th of March.
  To discuss the diagnosis of tuberculosis infection and tuberculosis in Ukraine and, in particular, in Rivne and Rivne region, the main freelance phthisiatrician of the Regional Health Organization, the deputy chief doctor on medical work of the regional anti-tuberculosis dispensary, Mykola Ordynskyi, was invited. The specialist in phthisiology focused the attention of medical students on the main measures for the prevention of tuberculosis by medical workers belonging to the main risk group, told about the situation with the incidence of tuberculosis in the region's population.
  The students of the department "Laboratory Diagnostics" Shabash Tetiana and Kovalchuk Sophiia under the direction of Candidate of Technical Sciences, teacher of Microbiology Mariia Antoniuk and Candidate of Biological Sciences, the teacher of medical prophylactic disciplines Oksana Meliuk presented interesting presentations, in which they introduced the historical aspects of the development of the doctrine of tuberculosis and the features of the diagnosis of this disease.
  At the end the deputy director on educational work, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences Svitlana Bukhalska and the head of the cyclic committee of medical-prophylactic disciplines, Candidate of Medical Sciences Anatolii Reznikov. Undoubtedly, such meetings of students with specialists in practical medicine are cognitive and effective.


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