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Methodological meeting of English language teachers

The purpose of the regional methodological meeting of English language teachers "Features of preparation of the junior specialist of the third millennium during the teaching of foreign languages", which took place on March 14, 2019, was to improve the professional and scientific and methodological training of foreign language teachers, to master the latest approaches in organizing the educational process in system of training of junior specialist. The tasks included: 

• to outline the importance of professional and methodological training of pedagogical workers;

• to familiarize with the prospects of the development of an educational institution;

• to reveal the importance of introducing the latest technologies into the educational process;

• to focus on the role of teachers' educational activities; to expand the experience of forming vital, psychological and pedagogical and substantive competencies;

• to form an interest in scientific knowledge, research; to develop communicative skills;

• to create favorable conditions for the search for foreign language teachers of their original innovative approaches to the organization of educational process;

• to raise the level of professional skills of pedagogical workers.

  The participants of the event were: methodologists, pedagogical staff of the educational-methodical department, teachers of foreign languages of the public institution of higher education "Rivne Medical Academy" of the Rivne Regional Council, teachers of foreign languages of colleges, technical schools of Rivne, Kostopil, Dubno, Rokytne.
  During the event, the following issues were discussed: formation of key competencies in higher medical education (Khmeliar I.M., head of the teaching and methodical office), subject committee of foreign languages: educational and scientific-methodical directions of work - (Melnychuk O.D., head of the subject committee of foreign languages), foreign experience in teaching English. (Husar H. Yo., Ricky B. Schultz, Master of Organization of Middle-Level Education, Texas), formation of foreign-language communicative competence in teaching grammar of English language students (Zubilevych M.I.), methodical and pedagogical peculiarities of application of test control in English lessons ( Finchuk H.V.), methodology for studying the films in an English language lesson (Redko L.I.), modern online platforms for the study of English by medical students (Dzhula I. Yu.), medical Latin terminology as the basis and the study of Latin medical terms (Ryshchuk O.V.).
  The attention of participants was focused on the study of a foreign language for special purposes in various fields in general and in the medical sector in particular. The presentation of Ricci Schultz's foreign experience in the context of a positive approach to learning was very interesting. The importance of studying grammar in foreign language classes and the peculiarities of application of test control was also emphasized. An analysis of up-to-date on-line resources, including a detailed instruction manual with video material, was great. The statement on the connection between English and Latin terminology was informative. The results of discussion of the above problems were highlighted in the methodical manual prepared by the subject committee of foreign languages. The practical value of the methodological meeting was the presentation by teachers of specific methodological recommendations for various types of speech activity.

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