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Charitable event "Pharmacy of Happiness"

  Dear colleagues! We are happy, inspired and proud to tell you about the successful charity event "Pharmacy of Happiness". It took place on March 4, 2019 in the hall of the Rivne Regional Academic Music and Drama Theater before the charitable play "The Road of Pamela, or the treasure in the dump". Guests of the theatre with great pleasure took part in the event. The pills of happiness were actively bought: "Hubozakotyn", "Pohudyn", "Creatyvin", "Shkarpetkoshukatyn", "Polovynkoshykatyn" and others. In general, 24 sorts of magic drugs were proposed. We did not restrict the cost, only emphasized that all the money would go for the treatment of Timofiiko. In general, we collected about 9000 UAH, which were donated for the treatment of Tymofii Polishchuk.

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