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Open meeting of the cyclic committee "Human health and rehabilitation"

  On the 21st of February, 2018, an open meeting of the cyclic committee "Human health and rehabilitation" was held. It was attended by the head of educational-methodical cabinet Khmeliar I.M. and head of the department Palapa V.V. The teachers of the cyclic committee: Ph.D. of Pedagogy Sharapa H.F., Prokopchuk V.Yu. and Horska O.V., on the basis of courses "Emergency Medical Rescuer" conducted by the public organization "Protection of patriots", made a presentation on the topic: " Protection of patriots - education through medicine ", which highlighted the competence of the first on-site event, taking into account the own safety and security of those nearby. The first on the scene is a person who performs basic manipulations to save the life of the victim using the minimum set of equipment or in its complete absence.

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