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Anniversary of Soviet troops’ withdrawal from Afghanistan

To commemorate the 29th anniversary of Soviet troops’ withdrawal from Afghanistan, on the 16th of February, 2018 the cyclic committee of stomatological disciplines of the dental profile conducted a meeting of college students with the participants of the Afghan war, teachers of Rivne state basic medical college. The following people made their speeches: deputy director on educational work, Ph.D. Bukhalska Svitlana Yevhenivna; head of the cyclic committee Lysytsia Dmytro Leonidovych; Ph.D. Korolchuk Halyna Fedorivna, physician-therapeutist; Nychyk Bohdan Volodymyrovych, obstetrician-gynecologist; Denysevych Mykola Mykolaiovych, doctor of infectious diseases. They shared their memories of the war with the audience and greeted by the head of the union of workers of Rivne state basic medical college, Prokaziuk Serhii Vasyliovych. At the end the students watched a documentary about the Afghan war.

Students regional forum "Formation of the reproductive culture of the student's personality"

Recently, the teachers of the subject committee of Biology Sternik V.M., Herasymenko L. B., Burarych O. Z. and Korolchuk I.B. organized the students regional forum "Formation of the reproductive culture of the student's personality" together with a delegation of invited people led by a candidate of historical sciences, associate professor of the Department of special work and socio-humanitarian disciplines of Rivne Institute of the University "Ukraine" Yurchuk L.V. and partners from Rivne State Humanitarian University candidate of philological sciences, associate professor of the Department of theory and methodics of the primary education Bisovetska L. A. The participants of the discussion were: the head of the department of "Dentistry", candidate of medical sciences Palapa V. V., head of the educational-methodical subdivision, candidate of pedagogical sciences, teacher-methodologist Khmeliar I. M. and methodologist Shchupak O.Yu. The logical final phrase of the forum was: "Reproductive health is the opportunity to conceive, deliver and give birth to a healthy child"; with which all the participants agreed. After the cognitive and useful performances, the participants of the forum were given a minute of relaxation by the quartet of guitarists "Zoretsvit" under the direction of the poet and composer Brzhechko Yu.R. The forum ended with a speech by the director of the medical college, Sabadyshyn Rostyslav Oleksiiovych, who awarded the participants with diplomas and certificates. 


Day to commemorate the military actions’ participants

On the 15th of February it is the Day to commemorate the military actions’ participants on the territories of other states - Memorial Day. “The lesson of memory" was held at Rivne State Basic Medical College on the occasion of the commemoration of combatants in Afghanistan in 1979-1989. The head of the cyclic committee Dmiytro Leonidovych Lysytsia made a speech for the students of the department “Orthopedic dentistry”, who reminded of the causes, course and consequences of the Afghan war. The audience honored the memory of those who perished in the war, among which there are many Ukrainians, in particular our countrymen from Rivne and region.

Educational event to World Day of the Patient

On the 13th of February, 2018, the scientific and cognitive event on the topic "Microbial ecology of a person: modern possibilities of its support and recovery" was held, dedicated to the World Day of Patient, which is annually celebrated on the 11th of February. An introductory speech was made by the deputy director on educational work, Ph.D. Bukhalska Svitlana Yevhenivna, who introduced the participants with the historical preconditions for honouring the World Day of the Patient, recalled the content of the definitions of the disease (disease), the patient, pointed on the social significance of care for patients. The role of microbiotics of a person in maintaining his/her health was told about by the teacher of Microbiology, Ph.D. Antoniuk Mariia Mykolaivna, who pointed on the peculiarities of the formation of protective mechanisms of microbiota in the norm and familiarized with modern studies of a human microbial. The event was attended by a representative of the manufacturer of probiotics of "Prolisok" in Rivne, Samkevych Lidiia Amfonivna and a practicing doctor-therapist of the highest category of the Dispensary of radiation protection of the population in Rivne, Panas Valentyna Ulianivna. The present students-bachelors and college teachers had a unique opportunity to learn about modern probiotic drugs of domestic production, especially their application in the complex therapy of various diseases and for preventive purposes. The high efficiency of probiotic therapy in her medical practice was argumented by the invited physician-therapist Valentyna.


Valentine's Day 

On the 13th of February in the hostel №1 of medical college the entertaining event "Who is a weak half?” was held. The participants Moroz Svitlana, Gorskyi Roman, Klishch Serhii, Kovtunovych Liudmyla, Stovba Vitalii, Semenchuk Olena, Haichuk Yana, Diak Roman, Denusiuk Vlad, Yudko Iryna revealed erudition, wit, creativity during the performance of interesting tasks.    The event was attended by the teachers of the hostel Nataliia Vasylivna and Yuliia Mykolaivna, the head of the hostel Oksana Viktorivna, the deputy director of the college on educational work Svitlana Yevhenivna and college graduates of 2017 Fesovets Olesia and Polishchuk Petro, who objectively identified the winners. It was again confirmed that girls are the best, and at the same time, the "weak half" of humanity.


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