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From the region's championship with awards

  On the 2nd-3rd of February in Sarny, Rivne region in order to popularize the free fighting in Rivne region, to increase the athletic skill, the championship of free fighting was held with the support of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine in Rivne region and the Youth and sports affairs department of Rivne regional state administration. 11 teams participated in the competitions with the total number of 112 participants. The honor of Rivne state basic medical college was defended by the students of the free fighting section, who won three silver and one bronze award. In the weight category (57kg), Domaretska Olexandra won the third place. The real drama unfolded in the weight category (61kg) represented by Stepaniuk Mariia, who, before the finals, gave his rivals three wins, in the final having lost the difference in 2 points to a fairly titled rival of the winner of the recent one of the most prestigious international tournaments in Kharkiv. After the girls' competition ended, the heavy artillery went to the battle, the weight category (92kg) was represented by the student of the first year of the "Curative affair" department, Vovchyk Bohdan, who, due to his physical fitness, brought silver to the treasury of our team. In the weight category (80kg), Prykhodko Samuil won the bronze award. The achievements of athletes multiplied the glorious sports traditions of Rivne medical college. We wish our athletes health and new victories.  

Educational event "St.Valentine's Day"

  Today, on the 14th of February, in the world of love and all the lovers the subject committee of foreign languages held an educational event "To St.Valentine’s Day"(Zubilevych M.I., Finchuk H.V.). The educational event started with the recitation of poetry in English, French and German. The students presented the audience the history and symbols of the holiday, played a drama scene with Romeo and Juliet, recalled the love story of the Titanic, and organized a song quiz. In the end, all the guests were presented with handmade valentine-cards.

The course of emergency medicine from the organization "Protection of patriots"

  Teaching is not only an opportunity to give new skills or knowledge. This is the ability to change consciousness. Each of our courses is an attempt to make changes in the country because of a change in people's consciousness. The latest "Emergency medical rescuer" course, which took place in Rivne, was a new step towards our dreams, with an emphasis on hope and effort. We conducted it for the students and teachers of Rivne basic medical college. We did not just want to convey knowledge and modern protocols to our students. Open communication and new approaches to learning, reforms that start not from ministerial offices, but from every day of our day to day affairs. Care for the health of our citizens begins with our medical education institutions. There are wonderful, incredible people working with them. In our memory, a training course with people whom are not ashamed of. Changes begin with each of us.


Topical issues of the modernization of the educational process at Rivne state basic medical college

  It was the topic of the open meeting of the cyclic committee of pharmaceutical disciplines № 2, which was held on the 8th of February, 2018. We are all excellent specialists in the field of Pharmacy, but since they have decided to connect our life with pedagogical activity, it should become an integral part of our constant development as a personality and self-improvement. Therefore, all teachers of the cyclic committee work on pedagogical problems, the majority reported on the results of their work. The importance of the use of integration and computer technologies for a qualitative educational process was spoken by the Ph.D. Shtrimaitis O. V. Podvorna N.D. prepared an interesting report on the implementation of cross-cutting content lines in Pharmaceutical Chemistry. T.V.Husaruk shared the results of his work on the motivation of students to work independently. T M.Nesteruk acquainted the audience in detail with the technologies and methods of inclusive education. Yurchuk N.V. has prepared an interesting report on the theme: "Using the problematic tasks in the preparation of a medical worker of II - III accreditation levels on the example of teaching Pharmacology". Honorary active guest at our meeting was the candidate of pedagogical sciences, teacher of Biology Bukhalska Svitlana Yevhenivna with a report on the importance of the interdisciplinary connection of Biology with pharmaceutical disciplines.





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