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Nobel readings: "Interesting facts from the life of the Nobel laureates"

"For the greatest benefit to mankind," Alfred Nobel On the 15th of December, 2017 at the IV building of Rivne medical college the teachers of the subject committee of Foreign Languages (Tsymbala M.O., Netepchuk A.Yu., Liashuk K.V.) held Nobel readings: "Interesting facts from the life of Nobel laureates". The following students took active part in the event: Kuryshko Yulia, Anna Popenko, Lutsuk Kateryna, Markevych Ivanna, Symonets Valentyna, Sirko Olena, Shevchyk Roman, Redko Kateryna, Kozhuh Snizhana, Ivaniuk Anastasiia, Prokopchuk Angelina, Melnyk Nataliia, Partoliuk Maryna, Yakymets Tetiana, Vovchyk Bogdan, Borysova Sofiia. The students reported in English and German. In addition to reports on interesting facts from the life of the Nobel laureates, the students presented materials about women-winners of Nobel Prize, the countries-leaders in the number of Nobel laureates and our compatriots who nominated for the award but did not receive it. The speeches were accompanied by interesting presentations and videos.

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"Nobel Readings" were conducted by the cyclic committee of the therapeutic profile № 2

The cyclic committee of the therapeutic profile №2 on the 4-5th of Decmber, 2017 there were "Nobel Readings" (in the form of a round table for teachers and students). The head of the cyclic committee congratulated all the present and drew attention to Nobel laureates in the field of Medicine and Physiology. The students prepared reports and presented them in the form of presentations and slideshows. All the reports contained interesting information. Teachers were mentors and consultants, the mutual work was at a high level.

Competition of individual researches in the discipline "Fundamentals of Management and Marketing in Pharmacy"

In the context of the events organized for the Nobel Readings, on the 7-8th of December, 2017 the teachers of the discipline "Fundamentals of Management and Marketing in Pharmacy", Shtrymaitis O.V. and Nesteruk T.M. held the competition of individual researches among the students of the third year of the “Pharmacy” department. During the academic semester all students were preparing the individual researches and reported on their work at practical classes, and the best works were delegated to the competition. The winners in the competition were chosen by secret ballot of students and guests of the event and awarded with certificates of the Nobel readings of І, ІІ and ІІІ degrees. Students Myronets Yuliia and Mariia Yeremeichuk were awarded with certificates of the 1st degree; certificates of the II degree - Kozachok Diana and Melnychuk Iryna; certificates of the III degree - Hnatiuk Regina and Sulzhyk Bogdana.

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