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Students’ scientific-theoretical conference "Nobel Readings" at Rivne medical college

  The students of Rivne basic medical college under the coordination of the scientific leaders of the cyclic subject committee "Biology" and "Anatomy, Physiology, Human Pathology" presented their studies of the legacy of the Nobel laureates in Biology, Anatomy, Physiology. The congratulatory word was spoken by the deputy director of the educational work Bukhalska Svitlana Yevhenivna, teacher-methodist, specialist of the higher category, candidate of pedagogical sciences.   The following students reported: Avramuk Oksana, Julia Shyshaliuk, Krupa Olena, Dobrynska Kateryna, Tymchuk Daryna, Kaskiv Yaroslav, Duliuk Anastasiia, Korobko Roman. The students’ scientific and theoretical conference "Nobel Readings" finished with the gratitudes to the scientific leaders for preparing the students for the conference, and for students-lecturers.


Open practical lesson in Pharmaceutical Chemistry

  On the 6th of December, 2017 an open practical lesson in Pharmaceutical Chemistry was conducted for the students of the third year of the department “Pharmacy”, group B (11) under the direction of the teacher of the highest category of Podvorna Nadiia Dmytrivna. The topic of the lesson, "II group of the periodic system of elements. Compounds of calcium, magnesium, zinc. Analysis of solutions of calcium chloride, magnesium sulfate and zinc sulfate”, the students discussed with the teacher in the context of interdisciplinary integrations and taking into account all the specialties of chemical analysis. They analyzed the solutions qualitatively and quantitatively, worked out situational tasks, conducted a final test control of knowledge. The lesson passed with the rational use of time and active teaching methods.

 Events to the Day against AIDS

  A number of activities were carried out at Rivne state basic medical college aimed at attracting students' attention to the problem of epidemic, tolerant attitude to HIV-infected people, to deepen knowledge about ways to transfer and prevent illness, and to promote healthy lifestyles among students. The students made a red ribbon out of lamps - an international symbol of the fight against AIDS. Everyone in the college could support the anti-AIDs company by hanging a red ribbon around the heart as a symbol of unity, support and hope for the future without HIV / AIDS. Ribbons and informational booklets were made by the students themselves and distributed to all the interested people. Information materials on HIV / AIDS were prepared and placed at the stands, and the video "Life in a full power" was broadcasted. The teachers of the college conducted communication hours with the students on HIV / AIDS. At the IV building an integrated lecture "The current state of the HIV / AIDS epidemic in Ukraine, Rivne region and ways to overcome it" was held. Karpovych N.V., the teacher of Infectious Diseases, informed the students about the current state of the disease, the possible ways of infection with HIV / AIDS, clinical manifestations and methods of prevention. Hrytsai O.V., the teacher of Microbiology, disclosed a number of questions about the peculiarities of the structure of the pathogen of HIV infection, its replication and laboratory diagnostics. Husaruk T.V., the teacher of Pharmacology, informed the students about the principles of treatment and the purpose of antiretroviral therapy for HIV-infected people.

 "Diabetes is a way of life, not a verdict of destiny"

  "Diabetes mellitus is a way of life, not a diagnosis" - under this slogan on the 30th of November at Rivne state medical college there was an educational event dedicated to the Day of Diabetes, which was attended by the teachers of the cyclic committee "Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and Histology" Kaskiv M.V., Serheieva H.M., internist of the ophthalmologic department of the Rivne regional clinical hospital Bukhalska S.O. The event began with a greeting speech of the deputy director on educational work, Ph.D. Bukhalska S.Ye. The scientific-pedagogical workers of National University of Water Management and Nature Resources joined the work of the round table: doctor of pedagogical sciences Krystopchuk T. E., Ph.D., associate professor Kochubei A.V, Ph.D., associate professor Shevchuk T.Ye.   





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