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"The Tragedy of the Ukrainian nation". To the Memory of victims of Holodomor and political repressions

  On the 28th of November the students of the first year of Rivne state basic medical college of the “Pharmacy” department, group “A” listened to a lecture and got acquainted with the book exhibition “Tragedy of the Ukrainian Nation” in the Rivne regional library. The head of the socio-cultural department Sliesarenko Liliia Serhiivna drew the students' attention to printed publications devoted to the tragic page of Ukrainian history. She encouraged young people to carefully treat the history of their country, to disclose its both white and black pages; to look back into the past. We must understand our own past, understand it, because history repeats itself.

"Candle of memory"

  On the 24th of November an hour of memory of the Holodomor victims of 1932-33 took place. The deputy director on educational work of Rivne medical college, Ph.D. Bukhalska Svitlana Yevhenivna addressed the students. They paid tribute to all the dead victims of Communist regime with a minute of silence.

In memory of Holodomor victims Each year on the fourth Saturday of November, the memory of the Holodomor victims is commemorated.

  On the 22nd of November in the cyclic committee of dental disciplines an hour of memory with students of the 2nd year of the department of “Orthopedic dentistry” was held. The teachers Husar Ruslan Tymofiiovych, Dmytro Lysytsia, Mykhailo Viktorovych Lukin held a conversation with the demonstration of themed films. WE’ll always remember the victims of the communist regime ...

Conference of the Regional Association of Therapeutists

  On the 21st of November the conference of the Regional Association of Therapeutists was held at Rivne medical college, where the problems of treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases were considered. Osipchuk Yu.Yu., the head of the health department of Rivne regional state administration, addressed to the participants with the introductory speech.

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