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World day of well-fair

  The 13th of November is the World day of well-fair. "Well-fair things start with you ... You are good ... ... You are doing good ...", such words started the morning of Monday, November 13, at Rivne state basic medical college by the students of the 2nd year, group D "Pharmacy" (9) department (group teacher Serheieva H.M.), who presented greeting cards, sweets to employees and college students. On that day, the students of the first year of the department "Physical rehabilitation" under the coordination of the group teacher Kaskiv M.V. and teacher of Biology and Anatomy Serheieva H.M. held a charity campaign, namely: provided assistance to lonely, disabled and elderly people.

 Congratulations to the winners of sports competitions

  On the 10th-12th of November at Myrohoshcha agrarian college the championship of the free fighting among men and women took place in order to popularize the free fight in Rivne region, the implementation of the highest level of sports and the selection of the best athletes for the Ukrainian Cup, which will be held at the beginning of December in Brovary. 12 teams participated in the competitions with a total of 120 participants. The honor of Rivne state basic medical college was defended by the students of the free fighting section, who won one gold, one silver and three bronze awards. Athletes have multiplied glorious sports traditions of Rivne medical college with their achievements. We wish our sportsmen health, inspiration for training and new victories.

  Open practical lesson on Clinical Pharmacology

  On the 9th of November, 2017 an open practical lesson on Clinical Pharmacology with the basics of pharmaceutical care with the II-year students of the department “Pharmacy- baccalaureate” (11) was held on the topic "Clinical pharmacology of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs". It was conducted by the candidate of pharmaceutical sciences Shtrimaitis Oksana Viktorivna. At the beginning, the teacher drew attention to the fact that the lesson was held on the Day of Ukrainian Writing and Language and called on to study, honor, and take care of the purity of the language. In the course of work various methods of forming practical skills for the implementation of pharmaceutical care for patients who are to receive or take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs have been used. In the course of the lesson, with a careful outline of emphasis, the instructor frontally questioned the students, the project of student Dehtiarchuk Anastasiia "Features of taking medicines during pregnancy" was presented, a lot of situational problems with the use of gaming technologies were solved, video and interdisciplinary integration with Therapy, Gynecology was made.

  Day of Ukrainian Writing and Language

  The 9th of November is the Day of Ukrainian Writing and Language. It is celebrated to honor the Ukrainian chronicler Nestor, the follower of the creators of Slavic writing Cyril and Methodius. Researchers say that he started the written Ukrainian language. Traditionally, on this day at Rivne state basic medical college there was an event under the slogan "The Holiday of the native language", which was prepared by the teacher of Ukrainian language and literature, assistant professor Taborovets L.M. with the group A of the first year, the department "Pharmacy". The event has enabled participants and listeners to look at the history of their people, to understand the role of the native language in the establishment of Ukrainian statehood. The students of the department "Pharmacy" D (9), as well as students of the department "Curative affair" (9) Kyrylo Levchuk and Ivan Mizynets also followed this tradition. They prepared for the students of the department "Nursing Affair" group A (9) the literary-musical composition "Language is the greatest treasure of the people". Coordinator of the event was the teacher of Ukrainian literature, senior teacher Ostapchuk R.A. The students and teachers of Rivne state basic medical college joined the all-Ukrainian radio dictation of national unity "Our Songs". This year's motto of the all-Ukrainian radio dictation "There are a lot of us, we are different, we are all united by a common goal." The purpose of the events was to: bring the beauty and wealth of the Ukrainian language to college students; to form a feeling of native language; develop speech skills of students; enrich the vocabulary; to raise the love of the native language and understand its necessity for our lives. And so that each of us could proudly say: "We are Ukrainians!"

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