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Educational events to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the UPA and the 110th anniversary of Roman Shukhevych’s birth

During October 2017, the scientific-pedagogical staff and students of Rivne state basic medical college actively participated in educational activities to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the UPA and the 110th anniversary of Roman Shukhevych’s birth. According to the plan of college educational work, the following national-patriotic activities were carried out: thematic informational minutes in students’ groups on the topic: "Historical milestones of the UPA"; photographs, thematic book exhibitions in the reading room of the library and the cabinet of history for the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the creation of the UPA and the 110th anniversary of the birth of Roman Shukhevych; celebration in Rivne academic music and drama theater visited by the delegation of teachers of Rivne medical college; movie-lecture on the topic: "Roman Shukhevych: little-known facts from life"; a scientific-research conference of students and research workers of the Rivne state basic medical college and Rivne state humanitarian university on the topic: «UPA - the assessment of historical significance through the prism of our time realities. To the 110th anniversary of Roman Shukhevych’s birth is devoted».
Such events undoubtedly have a highly positive influence on the formation of the historical outlook, national-patriotic consciousness and the civic position of the young man.

Educational events to the Day against human trafficking ...

As part of a series of events to the fight against trafficking, launched on the initiative of the European Parliament on October 18, 2007, which is necessary to consolidate activities and raise awareness of the most ancient negative phenomenon – human trafficking, especially women and children, at Rivne basic medical college the number of events were organized and conducted to familiarize students with the identified problem: thematic informational minutes in students’ groups on the theme: "Combating human trafficking"; wall-newspapers "18th of October - European Day against human trafficking" were presented; movie-lecture on the topic "Destination station". The events were for the students from all departments. The students of the second year of the deprtment "Dentistry" distributed booklets "Memo for Ukrainian citizens traveling abroad", "Safe Travel". The students with the social teacher Melnychuk Nadiia Mykolaivna, reviewed and discussed a video called "The destination of life ", during which they received instructions on safe employment abroad, as well as answers to the questions: What is legal and what is illegal? What is "a living person for rent, and a living person for separate parts"? What actions can be illegal in a foreign country? Conditions for drawing up an employment contract?

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