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International Day of Doctor

  International Day of Doctor According to the plan to celebrate the International Day of Doctor, the cyclic committee of medical-preventive disciplines on the 3rd of October for the students of group B (9) of the third year of «Pharmacy” department a visit to the bacteriological laboratory of the State institution of the regional laboratory center was organized. The students were able to get acquainted with the wonderful material base of the laboratory, modern laboratory equipment, with all the spectrum of microbiological research conducted in the laboratory, to work with the newest optical microscope of the company "NIKON" and to see different kinds of microorganisms.

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Heart on the palm"

  World Heart Day is being held at the initiative of the World Heart Federation with the support of the World Health Organization since 2000. Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading death causes in the world. The purpose of this day is the need to maximize the people’s attention to their health, the formation of an understanding that the emergence and course of the disease can and should be actively influenced. The main risk factors for development of cardiovascular diseases are arterial hypertension, elevated levels of total blood cholesterol and its fractions, overweight, hypodynamia, smoking and stress.
According to the educational work plan, cyclic committee of professionally oriented disciplines of the therapeutic profile held a series of events dedicated to the International Day of the Heart entitled "Heart to the palm".
  The teachers of the cyclic committee together with the students visited the cardiological departments of the city hospital, the Rivne affiliate of the Institute of the heart (Ministry of Health of Ukraine) on the basis of the Rivne regional clinical therapeutic and diagnostic center after V.Polishchuk.
  In order to prevent cardiovascular diseases, the students have talked with patients, made wall-newspapers (Arterial hypertension, left ventricular failure, harmful habits - no, etc.). The students of the department “Nursing Affair”, "Curative Affair" at college measured the blood pressure of all those who wished and provided recommendations for the healthy lifestyle.
  The teachers have prepared an exhibition of literature on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. The body is fairly paired and only a heart in solitude. Take care of your heart!


We celebrate the International Day of the Doctor

  The doctor’s profession is one of the oldest. The oath of the doctor was the Oath of Hippocrates. At the initiative of the World Health Organization on the first Monday in October the International Day of the Doctor is celebrated. It is a day of solidarity and active action of the doctors around the world.
  The teachers of the cyclic committee of professionally oriented disciplines of the therapeutic profiles № 1, № 2 and physical rehabilitation visited the clinical laboratory of the Rivne regional clinical treatment and diagnostic center named after V.Polischuk.    The head Krektun O.V. introduced the work and equipment of the departments of laboratories of clinical immunology, general clinical laboratory, laboratory of clinical biochemistry and told about modern methods of laboratory research.

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