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International Day of Mother Tongue

"Linguistic patrol"

Every year on the 21st of February the world celebrates International Day of Mother Tongue. The first-year students of the department of "Curative Affair" group A (9) chose an unusual approach to the celebration of the Day of Mother Tongue. "Linguistic Patrol" held for college students interesting, intensive informational speeches and recalled that the Ukrainian language was spoken by our grandfathers and great grandfathers and grandmothers and mothers sing lullabies in Urainian! Language is the story of the people, their outlook, intellectual and spiritual evolution of each ethnic group. Without their language, their original culture there is no people.

Lesson-requiem dedicated to the Heavenly hundred: "Heroes do not die" ...
On the 20th of February, 2017 the students of Rivne medical college honored the victims of bloody events of February 2014 on the Maidan. So coordinated by the director of the college, MD, professor Sabadyshyn R.O., deputy director on educational work, PhD Bukhalska S.Ye, senior teacher of Social sciences Kolinchuk V.V., educator of the hostel Stepaniuk N.V., students of the department "Pharmacy", "Curative Affair", "Nursing Affair", "Dentistry" Lukianets Daryna, Ivanov Serhii, Borysiuk Nataliia, Batenchuk Khrystyna the lesson-requiem dedicated to the memory of Heavenly hundred. The participants of the event mentioned historical events; read patriotic poetry; participated in the documentary chronicles of the Maidan; there was the minute of silence and they laid flowers to the stele of Heavenly hundred of heroes of ATO. 17 лютого

17th of February is “The Day of spontaneous kindness"

As part of “The Day of spontaneous kindness" on the 17th of February the students of Rivne medical college of the department "Dentistry" with the teacher Melnychuk N.M. visited the municipal institution "Rivne regional educational rehabilitation center". The students talked with the children who live there, as well as teachers and the director of the institution. After the meeting, school pupils received gifts (toys and children's bedroom sets).

 Methodical meeting of Therapy teachers

According to the working plan of Rivne medical college on the 16th of February, 2017 there was the methodical meeting of Therapy teachers of medical educational establishments of Rivne region with problematic theme: "Inter-subject integration as a means of professional competence of medical student".

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