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Excursion to the pharmaceutical company "Darnytsia"

   The pharmaceutical firm "Darnytsia" is one of the biggest manufacturers of various finished dosage forms and pharmaceutical groups in Ukraine. Leading role of pharmaceutical company "Darnytsia" is provided by the use of innovative technologies and equipment to ensure production of medicines in controlled conditions; compliance with GMP, introduction of quality management, a wide range of products, flexibility and mobility of production, reasonable prices with high quality and efficiency. The III-year students, group B (9) of the department "Pharmacy" of Rivne medical college attended pharmaceutical form "Darnytsia", accompanied by teachers of Pharmacology Burban O.I. and Pharmaceutical Chemistry Yelahina N.V. This made it possible to orient professionally and deepen knowledge in matters of pharmaceutical sciences, as "Darnytsia" manufactures more than 250 drugs in 30 different dosage forms.

             Championship in rapid chess and checkers

At Rivne medical college once again there was the championship of rapid chess and checkers among students. The competitions were held by Swiss system in 7 rounds.

According to the results of the competitions the college teams were formed to compete in the championship among educational establishments of I -II level of accreditation in Rivne. In the competition in checkers, our sportsmen became the champions of Rivne. Our students were the fifth in chess competitions.

 The winners of the contest "College is looking for talents"

There was the annual contest "College is looking for talent". The event is to identify the skills and creativity of students, youth development of amateur, art song and performing skills, promoting cultural and aesthetic education of the younger generation. The jury chose the best in such categories as "vocal genre," "choreographic genre", "instrumental genre," "recitation," "narrators’ contest." Congratulations to the winners!

 Regional united meeting of the heads of cyclic committees with the theme: "Management of teacher’s pedagogical culture development"

According to the working plan of Rivne medical college at Kostopil affiliate on the 27th of October, 2016 there was the regional meeting of heads of cyclic committees with the problematic theme: "Management of teacher’s pedagogical culture development". The participants presented thematic reports and presentations.

After discussing the presentations and the break there was the united meeting of school of pedagogical skills’ improvement of teachers-beginners: "Pedagogical technology is the basis of teacher’s pedagogical skills".

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  Higher education is aimed at providing basic scientific, general cultural, practical training of specialists, at the formation of the intellectual potential of the nation and all-round development of the person as the highest value of society.

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