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Open session to the International Doctor Day

  The head of the cyclic committee of medical-prophylactic disciplines the teacher of Microbiology Reznikov A.P. held an open lesson with students at the college bacteriological laboratory of the regional laboratory center dedicated to the International Doctor Day. The students with interest acquainted with the work of the laboratory and had a chance to see modern laboratory equipment.

 The tour-presentation of work of cardiology departments of medical institutions of Rivne to the World Day to combat cardiovascular diseases

  The teachers of cyclic committee of professionally-oriented disciplines of therapeutic profile №1 of Rivne state medical college Boboshko T.I., Shadyi S.B., Smoliak V.R. together with the students of the department "Curative Affair" and "Nursing Affair" held presentations of cardiology departments’ work at city hospital.

  The students conducted interviews with patients on cardio-vascular diseases’ prophylactics; stressed the importance of nutrition in the prevention of heart disease; prepared charitable help to the patients of cardiological departments "Basket of vitamins". According to World Health Organization, each year worldwide more than 17.2 million people died from a heart attack or stroke. Cardiovascular diseases are the most common cause of death in Ukraine and in the world. However, the Ukrainian society’s awareness of risk factors is insufficient. Therefore it is important to live a healthy lifestyle and avoid the risk factors of cardiovascular system’s diseases.

 Excursion-presentation to International doctor’s day

  The cyclic committee of therapeutic profile №2 conducted the day dedicated to the International doctor’s day. That was the excursion-presentation for the students of 3-4 years of various departments in Rivne hospitals.
  The teachers of cyclic committee presented and described the structure of hospitals, clinics and therapeutic departments, told about the work and functions of doctors and health workers, because medical profession refers to one of the oldest. The first professional doctor’s oath was the Hippocratic Oath.
  The word "doctor" comes from old-Bulgarian word "lie." Today the word "lie" has negative meaning, but many centuries ago, until the XIX century, "lie" meant mumble, talk. Since at that time healers often used in the treatment conspiracies and whispering, hence the modern name of their profession – doctor - appeared.
  Having chosen this professional path, doctors devoted their lives to humane and noble deal - saving the lives and health of people. This mission is difficult and responsible work and does not know holidays and weekends.

 Representatives of Rivne state medical college took part in the "Fair of professions and educational programs"

  As part of professionally-oriented work the representatives of Rivne state medical college took part in the "Fair of professions and educational programs", which was held at the initiative of the Rivne City Employment Center, on the 6-7th of October, 2016 at Rivne palace of children and youth.
  The representatives of higher educational institutions of Western Ukraine and pupils of graduation classes, schools of Rivne and Rivne region were present at this event.

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