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Presentation of «Shevchenko encyclopedia" and creative meeting with Ukrainian literary critics and public figure

  Rivne regional association of All-Ukrainian association "Enlightenment" after Shevchenko on the 12th of February, 2016 invited teaching staff of Rivne medical college to creative meeting with Ukrainian literary critic and politician, doctor of philological sciences, director of the Institute of Literature after Shevchenko, academician Mykola Zhulynskyi, Sulyma Mykola - doctor of Philology, deputy director of Research Institute of Lliterature after Shevchenko, head of the department of ancient Ukrainian literature of Literature Institute named after Taras Shevchenko, Halchenko Serhii - Ukrainian literary critic, doctor of Philology, Honored worker of Culture of Ukraine, deputy director of the Institute of Literature after Shevchenko; Filipchuk Heorhii - Ukrainian politician and scholar, a corresponding member, member of the Presidium of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, deputy head of "Enlightenment" Kravchenko Andrii - Ukrainian teacher and literary critic, Ph.D., senior researcher of Ukrainian literature of the twentieth century, Shevchenko Prize winner
   All participants had a unique opportunity to join the presentation of "Shevchenko Encyclopedia" (6 volumes), chairman of the editorial board of Mykola Zhulynskyi and "History of Ukrainian Literature" (presented 1, 2 and 4 volume), Volume 4 is devoted T.H.Shevchenko, signed by academician Dziuba.
"Shevchenko Encyclopedia" is intended to represent a world figure of the creator of the nation, the brilliant Ukrainian poet and great artist, to show his role in the national culture in the struggle for independence of Ukraine. The publication offers a solid factual and interpretative framework for the study and promotion of Shevchenko’s heritage. "Shevchenko Encyclopedia" contains 6307 items of various sizes - from a brief reference to the monographic lengthy essay, 5,800 illustrations, 453 of them are on color inserts. The total volume of the edition is 5360 pages (646 accounting and publishing sheets).
  The meeting was held in the hall of Rivne regional institute of postgraduate education. At the presentation were present the deputy director on educational work Bukhalska S.Ye., teacher and a graduate student Dovhalets O.M., teachers of Ukrainian language and literature Biletska V.S., Ostapchuk R.A., Turovska I.O., Artemenko L.V. After the speeches there was a broad discussion. A large number of issues that arose in the audience showed genuine interest in the work of Shevchenko and presented edition. 

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