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Students’ scientific-theoretical conference

  On December 11, 2019, the students’ scientific-theoretical conference according to the "Nobel Readings" plan was held at Rivne Medical Academy under the guidance of the head of the cyclic committee of biology and chemistry, candidate of biological sciences Sternik V.M. and teachers of the cycle. The participants talked about the history and methodology of the Nobel Prize, and who is eligible to win prizes. Particular attention was paid to Nobel laureates in such leading fields and sciences as Chemistry, Physiology, Biology and, of course, Medicine. Interesting topics for discussion were “HIV discoveries”, “Artificial insemination technology”, and “Karl Landsteiner - blood groups”. Equally interesting was the test of scientific theories about: "Alfred Nobel: scientist and personality", "The expediency and harmfulness of biologically active additives", "Nobel Prize winners in medicine-physiology for discovering the way cells react to the presence of oxygen", "Investigations of autophagy mechanisms" , “Nobel Prize winners in Chemistry”, “Magnesium is a mineral of life, energy and good mood”. At the end of the conference all the reporters were awarded certificates.


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