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Discussion platform "Pharmacy through the eyes of college graduates"

  As a part of the decade of pharmaceutical disciplines, on the 1st of March, 2018 the discussion platform "Pharmacy through the eyes of college graduates" was held. The problems of adaptation of young specialists in labor collectives, problems of interpersonal relations, how to apply their knowledge acquired in college in practice, the deontology of the pharmaceutical worker, the future of the pharmacist through the eyes of the college graduate were discussed. The discussion was attended by students of the 2nd year (11), the 3rd year students group B (11) and college graduates I. Verstliar, P.Stibysh, I.Laba.

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Educational event "Working Day of a Pharmacist"

    Educational event "Working Day of a Pharmacist" was conducted according to the decade program, which was held by the cyclic committee of pharmaceutical disciplines. The main participants were the students of the third year “Pharmacy” department, group G (9). In the process of work in the first part of the event, the main principles of pharmaceutical care were discussed. At the second stage, the students simulated non-typical situational tasks, and they dealt with them demonstrating high awareness of the basic principles of ethics and deontology. After the analysis and conclusions, we reaffirmed the relevance of the main thesis of the event, "Understanding and an individual approach to the patient – a guaranty of successful treatment!"

   Round Table on the topic: Government program "Available Medicines"

  On the 27th of February, 2018 according to the plan of the decade of pharmaceutical disciplines a round table was held in the methodical office on the topic: Government program "Available medicines". The lecturers of pharmaceutical disciplines and leading specialists of the pharmaceutical and medical industry took part in the round table, namely, the head of the State Service for Drugs and Drug Control in Rivne region Lebed S.O., the Commercial Deputy of the Director of “Rivnepharmacy”, PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences Sadovnik O.V. , head of Cardiological Department №2, doctor of the highest category Sirko V.А. From April 1, 2017, the government program "Available medicines" operates in Ukraine, in which patients on a prescription of a doctor can receive medicines for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, type II diabetes and bronchial asthma at an additional cost. During the round table the issues related to the regulation of the drugs release to the respective categories of patients, the regulatory framework and prospects for the further regulation of prescription drug delivery and extension of the program were raised and discussed, and the results of the program implementation at pharmacies in Rivne and the region were summed up.

  Regional methodical meeting of Mathematics teachers of higher educational institutions of I-II accreditation levels

  On the 1st of March, 2018 at Rivne State Basic Medical College there was the regional methodical meeting of Mathematics teachers of higher educational institutions of I-II accreditation levels. The problematic topic was: "Exchange of experience in the organization of classes and assessment of students’ achievements"

  II stage of the IX All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Mathematics among the students of higher educational institutions of I-II accreditation levels

  On the 1st of March at Rivne State Basic Medical College there was the IInd stage of the IX All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Mathematics among the students of higher educational institutions of I-II accreditation levels. The first-year students of colleges and schools of Rivne region took part in intellectual competitions. Congratulations to the winners of the Olympiad! 1. Borodienko Anna Andriivna - I place, Sarny Pedagogical College 2. Lazaruk Anastasiia Vasylivna - II place, Rivne Economics and Technology College 3. Kaplun Taras Leonidovych - II place, Rivne State Basic Medical College 4. Kundas Ivan Oleksandrovych - III place, Kostopil building-technological college 5. Voloshyn Valerii Olexandrovych - III place, Rivne Transport College

  World Day of Rare Diseases

  World Day of Rare Diseases started with the participation of EURORDIS in 2008 and is celebrated annually on the last day of February. The main aim of the event is to raise the awareness of the general public about rare diseases and their impact on patients' lives. There are more than 7,000 different types of rare diseases and disorders in the world. The teacher of the cyclic committee of professionally oriented disciplines № 1 Shadyi S.B. prepared and conducted an educational event, round table "Modern aspects of diagnosis of rare diseases". The event was attended by the deputy director on educational work Ph.D., Bukhalska S.Ye., head of pediatric department - Oliinyk S.O., college teachers, students of the department "Nursing affair". An interesting and meaningful speech was made by the head of the pediatric department - Oliinyk S.O., who is the coordinator of the regional center for the support of patients with cystic fibrosis. The students of the department “Nursing affair” prepared newsletters on rare diseases, speeches and presentations.

  Motivational and informative event for the first-year students: "PHARMACEUTISTS! WE ARE NEEDED BY PEOPLE !!! »

  To get pharmaceutical education is cool, prestigious and extremely promising! First-year students, haven’t you made sure of this yet? The graduates of the pharmaceutical department of Rivne Basic Medical College then come to help. After all, who, if not they, know all the intricacies of a complex "pharmacy-science" and are ready to share the "secrets" of trouble-free and comfortable training. Under the direction of the teachers of the pharmaceutical department Phylypiuk O.M. and Matsiuk O.D., the graduates have developed presentations and told the "freshers" who are the pharmacists, about the importance of obtaining a bachelor's education and about the possibilities of employment on the modern labor market.

Competition of professional skills among the graduates of the specialty "Pharmacy" PANACEA

  On the 21st-23rd of February, 2018 the college competition of professional skills was held among the graduates of the specialty "Pharmacy" PANACEA. The competition took place in two stages - the theoretical part in the form of tests and the practical stage. According to the results of the competition the student of the III year of the group B (9) Shustyk Victoriia won the first place. The second place - Petrushyna Mariia; the third place - Hnatiuk Rehina. The winner will represent Rivne state basic medical college at the XVIII All-Ukrainian Professional Competition among graduates of the higher pharmaceutical (medical) educational institutions in the field of “Pharmacy” PANACEA. Good luck to you, Victoriia !!!

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International day of native language

   On the 21st of February all peoples of the Earth celebrate the International Day of native language. For a short time of its existence, it has become traditional, since it is one of the days when everyone has the opportunity to feel part of their great nation.
Mother tongue is a language that is first acquired by a child and remains understandable for the whole life. The language is native when it is the language of the nation, the language of the ancestors, which connects the person with his or her people, with the previous generations, their spiritual heritage.<br>

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Thank you, Ukrainian people

  During the days of commemoration of the Heroes of Heavenly Hundreds, the college held educational events, in particular: information minutes in student groups, the seminar of teachers of social disciplines "The 20th of February – after four years" and the college national-patriotic event "Thank you, Ukrainian people", which was made by the team of students of the "Pharmacy" department under the coordination of teachers Zakharko N.V. and Onyshchuk T.D.
Poetic words, musical compositions, video presentations reminded of the tragic events of 18th-22nd February, 2014, and, having lit candles and lamps, they were honored the dead Heroes of the Maidan with a minute of silence.

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Open meeting of the cyclic committee "Human health and rehabilitation"

  On the 21st of February, 2018, an open meeting of the cyclic committee "Human health and rehabilitation" was held. It was attended by the head of educational-methodical cabinet Khmeliar I.M. and head of the department Palapa V.V. The teachers of the cyclic committee: Ph.D. of Pedagogy Sharapa H.F., Prokopchuk V.Yu. and Horska O.V., on the basis of courses "Emergency Medical Rescuer" conducted by the public organization "Protection of patriots", made a presentation on the topic: " Protection of patriots - education through medicine ", which highlighted the competence of the first on-site event, taking into account the own safety and security of those nearby. The first on the scene is a person who performs basic manipulations to save the life of the victim using the minimum set of equipment or in its complete absence.

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Anniversary of Soviet troops’ withdrawal from Afghanistan

To commemorate the 29th anniversary of Soviet troops’ withdrawal from Afghanistan, on the 16th of February, 2018 the cyclic committee of stomatological disciplines of the dental profile conducted a meeting of college students with the participants of the Afghan war, teachers of Rivne state basic medical college. The following people made their speeches: deputy director on educational work, Ph.D. Bukhalska Svitlana Yevhenivna; head of the cyclic committee Lysytsia Dmytro Leonidovych; Ph.D. Korolchuk Halyna Fedorivna, physician-therapeutist; Nychyk Bohdan Volodymyrovych, obstetrician-gynecologist; Denysevych Mykola Mykolaiovych, doctor of infectious diseases. They shared their memories of the war with the audience and greeted by the head of the union of workers of Rivne state basic medical college, Prokaziuk Serhii Vasyliovych. At the end the students watched a documentary about the Afghan war.

Students regional forum "Formation of the reproductive culture of the student's personality"

Recently, the teachers of the subject committee of Biology Sternik V.M., Herasymenko L. B., Burarych O. Z. and Korolchuk I.B. organized the students regional forum "Formation of the reproductive culture of the student's personality" together with a delegation of invited people led by a candidate of historical sciences, associate professor of the Department of special work and socio-humanitarian disciplines of Rivne Institute of the University "Ukraine" Yurchuk L.V. and partners from Rivne State Humanitarian University candidate of philological sciences, associate professor of the Department of theory and methodics of the primary education Bisovetska L. A. The participants of the discussion were: the head of the department of "Dentistry", candidate of medical sciences Palapa V. V., head of the educational-methodical subdivision, candidate of pedagogical sciences, teacher-methodologist Khmeliar I. M. and methodologist Shchupak O.Yu. The logical final phrase of the forum was: "Reproductive health is the opportunity to conceive, deliver and give birth to a healthy child"; with which all the participants agreed. After the cognitive and useful performances, the participants of the forum were given a minute of relaxation by the quartet of guitarists "Zoretsvit" under the direction of the poet and composer Brzhechko Yu.R. The forum ended with a speech by the director of the medical college, Sabadyshyn Rostyslav Oleksiiovych, who awarded the participants with diplomas and certificates. 


Day to commemorate the military actions’ participants

On the 15th of February it is the Day to commemorate the military actions’ participants on the territories of other states - Memorial Day. “The lesson of memory" was held at Rivne State Basic Medical College on the occasion of the commemoration of combatants in Afghanistan in 1979-1989. The head of the cyclic committee Dmiytro Leonidovych Lysytsia made a speech for the students of the department “Orthopedic dentistry”, who reminded of the causes, course and consequences of the Afghan war. The audience honored the memory of those who perished in the war, among which there are many Ukrainians, in particular our countrymen from Rivne and region.

Educational event to World Day of the Patient

On the 13th of February, 2018, the scientific and cognitive event on the topic "Microbial ecology of a person: modern possibilities of its support and recovery" was held, dedicated to the World Day of Patient, which is annually celebrated on the 11th of February. An introductory speech was made by the deputy director on educational work, Ph.D. Bukhalska Svitlana Yevhenivna, who introduced the participants with the historical preconditions for honouring the World Day of the Patient, recalled the content of the definitions of the disease (disease), the patient, pointed on the social significance of care for patients. The role of microbiotics of a person in maintaining his/her health was told about by the teacher of Microbiology, Ph.D. Antoniuk Mariia Mykolaivna, who pointed on the peculiarities of the formation of protective mechanisms of microbiota in the norm and familiarized with modern studies of a human microbial. The event was attended by a representative of the manufacturer of probiotics of "Prolisok" in Rivne, Samkevych Lidiia Amfonivna and a practicing doctor-therapist of the highest category of the Dispensary of radiation protection of the population in Rivne, Panas Valentyna Ulianivna. The present students-bachelors and college teachers had a unique opportunity to learn about modern probiotic drugs of domestic production, especially their application in the complex therapy of various diseases and for preventive purposes. The high efficiency of probiotic therapy in her medical practice was argumented by the invited physician-therapist Valentyna.


Valentine's Day 

On the 13th of February in the hostel №1 of medical college the entertaining event "Who is a weak half?” was held. The participants Moroz Svitlana, Gorskyi Roman, Klishch Serhii, Kovtunovych Liudmyla, Stovba Vitalii, Semenchuk Olena, Haichuk Yana, Diak Roman, Denusiuk Vlad, Yudko Iryna revealed erudition, wit, creativity during the performance of interesting tasks.    The event was attended by the teachers of the hostel Nataliia Vasylivna and Yuliia Mykolaivna, the head of the hostel Oksana Viktorivna, the deputy director of the college on educational work Svitlana Yevhenivna and college graduates of 2017 Fesovets Olesia and Polishchuk Petro, who objectively identified the winners. It was again confirmed that girls are the best, and at the same time, the "weak half" of humanity.


From the region's championship with awards

  On the 2nd-3rd of February in Sarny, Rivne region in order to popularize the free fighting in Rivne region, to increase the athletic skill, the championship of free fighting was held with the support of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine in Rivne region and the Youth and sports affairs department of Rivne regional state administration. 11 teams participated in the competitions with the total number of 112 participants. The honor of Rivne state basic medical college was defended by the students of the free fighting section, who won three silver and one bronze award. In the weight category (57kg), Domaretska Olexandra won the third place. The real drama unfolded in the weight category (61kg) represented by Stepaniuk Mariia, who, before the finals, gave his rivals three wins, in the final having lost the difference in 2 points to a fairly titled rival of the winner of the recent one of the most prestigious international tournaments in Kharkiv. After the girls' competition ended, the heavy artillery went to the battle, the weight category (92kg) was represented by the student of the first year of the "Curative affair" department, Vovchyk Bohdan, who, due to his physical fitness, brought silver to the treasury of our team. In the weight category (80kg), Prykhodko Samuil won the bronze award. The achievements of athletes multiplied the glorious sports traditions of Rivne medical college. We wish our athletes health and new victories.  

Educational event "St.Valentine's Day"

  Today, on the 14th of February, in the world of love and all the lovers the subject committee of foreign languages held an educational event "To St.Valentine’s Day"(Zubilevych M.I., Finchuk H.V.). The educational event started with the recitation of poetry in English, French and German. The students presented the audience the history and symbols of the holiday, played a drama scene with Romeo and Juliet, recalled the love story of the Titanic, and organized a song quiz. In the end, all the guests were presented with handmade valentine-cards.

The course of emergency medicine from the organization "Protection of patriots"

  Teaching is not only an opportunity to give new skills or knowledge. This is the ability to change consciousness. Each of our courses is an attempt to make changes in the country because of a change in people's consciousness. The latest "Emergency medical rescuer" course, which took place in Rivne, was a new step towards our dreams, with an emphasis on hope and effort. We conducted it for the students and teachers of Rivne basic medical college. We did not just want to convey knowledge and modern protocols to our students. Open communication and new approaches to learning, reforms that start not from ministerial offices, but from every day of our day to day affairs. Care for the health of our citizens begins with our medical education institutions. There are wonderful, incredible people working with them. In our memory, a training course with people whom are not ashamed of. Changes begin with each of us.


Topical issues of the modernization of the educational process at Rivne state basic medical college

  It was the topic of the open meeting of the cyclic committee of pharmaceutical disciplines № 2, which was held on the 8th of February, 2018. We are all excellent specialists in the field of Pharmacy, but since they have decided to connect our life with pedagogical activity, it should become an integral part of our constant development as a personality and self-improvement. Therefore, all teachers of the cyclic committee work on pedagogical problems, the majority reported on the results of their work. The importance of the use of integration and computer technologies for a qualitative educational process was spoken by the Ph.D. Shtrimaitis O. V. Podvorna N.D. prepared an interesting report on the implementation of cross-cutting content lines in Pharmaceutical Chemistry. T.V.Husaruk shared the results of his work on the motivation of students to work independently. T M.Nesteruk acquainted the audience in detail with the technologies and methods of inclusive education. Yurchuk N.V. has prepared an interesting report on the theme: "Using the problematic tasks in the preparation of a medical worker of II - III accreditation levels on the example of teaching Pharmacology". Honorary active guest at our meeting was the candidate of pedagogical sciences, teacher of Biology Bukhalska Svitlana Yevhenivna with a report on the importance of the interdisciplinary connection of Biology with pharmaceutical disciplines.





Scientific-theoretical conference of medical educational institutions’ teachers of Rivne region

  On the 25th of January, 2018 at Roketne medical school there was the scientific-theoretical conference of medical educational institutions’ teachers of Rivne region on a problematic theme: "Modern teacher: ways of solving the problem of adequate assessment of the teachers’ professional activity level". The conference was attended by teachers of medical educational institutions of Rivne region. According to the working plan of Rivne basic medical college the united meeting of the heads of the cyclic committees on the topic: "Project activity as a means of integration of student youth into society" and methodical meeting of teachers of dental disciplines: "Training the specialists of the new generation is the task of high school".

 "Preventive measures and methods of protection against stress"

  During the scientific and methodical month of Rivne medical college the teachers of the subject committee of Biology implemented a meeting-presentation "Preventive measures and methods of protection against stress". During the meeting, the students of the departments "Curative affair" I year - teacher Sternik Vita Mykolaivna, "Nursing affair" II year – teacher Burachyk Olha Zakharivna and "Physical rehabilitation-bachelor" II year - teacher Herasymenko Liudmyla Borysivna, got acquainted with the symptoms of acute and chronic stress , factors that cause them and means of protection against stress. The students got interested with psychodiagnostic methods for studying the stress state with Muzychenko Dariia, head of the Student psychological service of Rivne institute of the University of Ukraine.

To the 80th anniversary of Vasyl Stus’ birthday

We do not die twice. We are creatures once and forever and for the whole life.

V. Stus

  The students of Rivne state basic medical college of the department "Curative affair" took part in the discussion platform: "Fates are not chosen ... They accept it – as it is. And when they do not taken, then it chooses us " V. Stus. Video-lecture "Vasyl Stus is the figure that unites Ukraine" has helped to comprehend the life and creative way of the artist.

  The poet lived in Ukraine, dreamt about it in a foreign land. This all-consuming love was the meaning of his life and was felt in every poetic collection. Poetic living room: "All my expanse - four to four ..." showed the depth of the poet's skill, the strength of the unbroken spirit, patriotism, sacrifice in the struggle for freedom and independence of the Ukrainian state.

Nobel readings: "Interesting facts from the life of the Nobel laureates"

"For the greatest benefit to mankind," Alfred Nobel On the 15th of December, 2017 at the IV building of Rivne medical college the teachers of the subject committee of Foreign Languages (Tsymbala M.O., Netepchuk A.Yu., Liashuk K.V.) held Nobel readings: "Interesting facts from the life of Nobel laureates". The following students took active part in the event: Kuryshko Yulia, Anna Popenko, Lutsuk Kateryna, Markevych Ivanna, Symonets Valentyna, Sirko Olena, Shevchyk Roman, Redko Kateryna, Kozhuh Snizhana, Ivaniuk Anastasiia, Prokopchuk Angelina, Melnyk Nataliia, Partoliuk Maryna, Yakymets Tetiana, Vovchyk Bogdan, Borysova Sofiia. The students reported in English and German. In addition to reports on interesting facts from the life of the Nobel laureates, the students presented materials about women-winners of Nobel Prize, the countries-leaders in the number of Nobel laureates and our compatriots who nominated for the award but did not receive it. The speeches were accompanied by interesting presentations and videos.

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"Nobel Readings" were conducted by the cyclic committee of the therapeutic profile № 2

The cyclic committee of the therapeutic profile №2 on the 4-5th of Decmber, 2017 there were "Nobel Readings" (in the form of a round table for teachers and students). The head of the cyclic committee congratulated all the present and drew attention to Nobel laureates in the field of Medicine and Physiology. The students prepared reports and presented them in the form of presentations and slideshows. All the reports contained interesting information. Teachers were mentors and consultants, the mutual work was at a high level.

Competition of individual researches in the discipline "Fundamentals of Management and Marketing in Pharmacy"

In the context of the events organized for the Nobel Readings, on the 7-8th of December, 2017 the teachers of the discipline "Fundamentals of Management and Marketing in Pharmacy", Shtrymaitis O.V. and Nesteruk T.M. held the competition of individual researches among the students of the third year of the “Pharmacy” department. During the academic semester all students were preparing the individual researches and reported on their work at practical classes, and the best works were delegated to the competition. The winners in the competition were chosen by secret ballot of students and guests of the event and awarded with certificates of the Nobel readings of І, ІІ and ІІІ degrees. Students Myronets Yuliia and Mariia Yeremeichuk were awarded with certificates of the 1st degree; certificates of the II degree - Kozachok Diana and Melnychuk Iryna; certificates of the III degree - Hnatiuk Regina and Sulzhyk Bogdana.

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